Across the Pond: Russian nuclear mystery deepens

Plus: Rohingya refugees refuse to return to Myanmar, and a 70-year-old American man wins the world's longest horse race.
4:51 | 08/23/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Russian nuclear mystery deepens
Welcome back out through that they're mystery in Russia after an explosion at a weapons site where lady radiation levels spike in conflict airport from the government. Now there are you concerned over eighty patients let's go across father Marcus Moore in the London bureau for more Marcus good morning. Hey good morning judge and they Trevor happy Friday to you and get this this new information this a startling reporting coming from the BBC were too. I'm medics who treated some of the injured from that that mysterious nuclear missile explosion of the test. They have broken their silence and say that they fear that they were exposed two radiation and it's because. Of the secrecy surrounding the circumstances. Of this accident when the first three patients showed up at the arcane Dell's. Regional hospital there in northern Russia. That the information from the officials. Did not include full details about that the potential for. A radiation and in fact. Even after it became clear that the patients had been exposed to high levels of radiation the BBC reports. According to these these medics that they continue to treat the patients. Even at one point seeming to to improvise. Their personal protection by. The BBC reported bait they took up a face masks from a helicopter. Cruise emergency kit. To try to protect themselves and so their fear is that they were exposed and one of the things that they are are angry about. Or concerned a product I should say. Is is the fact that found that the information always with help from them about the Jim AM and Trevor just kind of goes to the I'll leave the worldwide criticism that Russia has faced recently and in the past about when these types of accidents happen that they are not forthcoming when all of the details. Especially the Chernobyl officers as they think markets we know ray he's a Muslim refugees living in Bangladesh they're refusing to go back to Myanmar saying. That they still have fears of violence what's the latest there. You have this something we've watched unfold for for quite some time as you know on the moon who more than 700000. Are Rahim the refugees that fled. The country in the midst of a violent crisis. And this week. Myanmar. You had had approved the repatriation of some low 3000. A ruehe the refugees but believe they were supposed to board buses that would take them back from Bangladesh to Myanmar. But nobody boarded the buses. They are afraid for the safety and they want to guarantee that they all also be. Makes citizens of of the MR. And so until that happens. These these families again thousands of them are refusing to go back to Myanmar and as you know. The the government there has faced criticism from from a rule across the globe. Four what has been called ethnic cleansing in that conflict that really reached. A terrible state to 2017 when villages were burned in their reports. Both of alleged rapes by government soldiers there. And Marcus will lighten it up far yes seven year old American man right I know one that had. The Guinness book of world records what they called the longest course race in the world just how astounding is this the. I did as you know everybody starts the week in their own special way I want to read into the weekend. On route along of Idaho. The oldest person ever to win the mongol dirty look at this video. Seventy years old and apparently broke the Guinness. World record quote missed the speed on August 15 this is. A 621. Mile race. In the covers a lot of ground and the participants every twenty or forty kilometers or so they 12 another semi wild horse and continue to track. He won he said hey I'm seventy years old but age is just the number and he said he felt. Very good and look at that meeting. Look at his movie that video especially as we're hearing that old time Rhodes finally have ended at. Number one that's exactly what we needed march. I'm absolutely yes and you wrote a horse once in Mexico had a mind of its own limits their it was dramatic it was not a good experience my friend. The video ads out what is Sammy yeah. Boris it. Mountain might have believed to be deleted it and it exists oh wow where we don't know why there aren't your department in yeah we've had a blast having you with us ask a couple of days enjoy your time and we try to go gain. Pint. Our gas lot of reference I'll get. On tap water and hey I'm just a few hours from the weekend starting you know you guys have looked a little ways to go but. But the reds and yeah a little bit haven't got what market hey thanks a lot guys over the weekend.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"Plus: Rohingya refugees refuse to return to Myanmar, and a 70-year-old American man wins the world's longest horse race.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65145126","title":"Across the Pond: Russian nuclear mystery deepens","url":"/International/video/pond-russian-nuclear-mystery-deepens-65145126"}