Across the Pond: Suicide bombing near U.S. base in Afghanistan

Plus: Pakistan newspaper under siege from protesters, and Christian leaders in Iraq cancel Christmas ceremonies amid protests.
4:45 | 12/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Suicide bombing near U.S. base in Afghanistan
Welcome back now to sound and news breaking overnight a suicide bombing near a US military base in Afghanistan a blast targeted a medical facility being built near Bagram air base north of rule. As a across Fonda Julie McFarland and the London bureau for more Juliet good morning. Mourning today that news is just come out by ground base is being may an American apace. In the country and it's just north of the capsule. As you say and the suicide bombing it's hug it's at this under construction medical facility that was being built. To help support Afghans in the medical area five Afghans. I reported a two you have been in sheds I had no casualties say five but stay ahead of the provincial hostile says they're receiving treatment. And he adds that net coalition forces. What injured in the attack it's not clear that we're any Florida's inside the hospital there are some international aid organizations he'd been. But net whacking them by but some parts of the hostile. Well on a fire as a result of that bombing. But no one has immediately claimed responsibility for the attack yet old so. Benefits hollowed by an on ice is Afghanistan have been staging nearly daily attacks in Kabul in the capital and elsewhere in the country. Let's move on to Pakistan elderly where protesters stormed the offices of the country's leading independent newspaper threatening violence and even calling for the paper's editor to beat legs. So Julie have you spoke get a with some of the journalists there what do they say. Canada's is already really important story just to let little background at the door newspaper in pockets on its one of the Amy really free. Media outlets in the country it's it publishes. The news arts goes back can be critical. All of the government on is still some now free to do so but they've come under increasing pressure both from pressure groups. And from the authorities amid a tree recently. Issued a clamp down under me of many of its newspapers from news dimes. In cities across the country. But these protests recently have been a really really worrying so they started off to the newspaper that correctly identified the origins of the recent London Bridge terror attack as Pakistani. And this angered a lot of people in the country there was this but I really angry violent crowd that lay siege to the offices preventing generous. From leaving they had pettis says and quoting for the pundit newspaper to be dismantled. And they also have identified journalists who lack of that newspaper with their names. And their addresses according for the death penalty for all of them. The newspaper ad attends a far Abbas he is an incredibly generous to his recently in New York being honest. By eight an award from the Committee to Protect Journalists the Granite Hills fill press. Freedom awards now he's been unable to leave the country recently because his stuff. They say four that lives. A lot of these deaths that's a second Layton on social media not quite widespread. Pakistani authorities house said that they gave to look into that sees. But the CB jazz quarreling with the more protection for these Judd was on to protect press freedom and that country. And I fall very notable journalists here in the US and Christian leaders and a rock have called off all Christmas celebrations in solidarity with the protest movement. Tennessee at least 400 people killed by security forces over the past ten weeks how did they come to this decision. Right so Christians and Iraq have been gains here a really really all foot number of the year is remember when crisis ever run made so they carried out. They hear a horrific campaign. Against Christians. In of the country many of them had to sleep. But that that him lions in the north of the country. And with recent protests the Christians. Decided to cool off festive celebrations in solidarity with the loss of life in the recent violent protests that. The patriarch of the Tolkien chats in Iraq he said morally and spiritually. We cannot celebrate in an atmosphere of tension does not know what's celebrate tie joy and happiness while others dying. That's just doesn't. Whack now what's happened is in a central Baghdad closet which has become. But very associated with the protest movement the has been a big Christmas tree erected that but instead of tinsel and lights is being decorated with portraits of the four that that is being done by princess organizes. And Baghdad residents in solidarity with the Christian science to respect and drew attention to the recent bloodshed. And it it's a really poignant symbol. All of what the country is going through right now. All right to a MacFarlane across the pond thank you.

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{"duration":"4:45","description":"Plus: Pakistan newspaper under siege from protesters, and Christian leaders in Iraq cancel Christmas ceremonies amid protests.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"67649633","title":"Across the Pond: Suicide bombing near U.S. base in Afghanistan","url":"/International/video/pond-suicide-bombing-us-base-afghanistan-67649633"}