Across the Pond: Turkey and Russia cement power in Syria

Plus: Deadly protests in Chile, bodies found in truck in England, and rumors swirl around the royal family.
7:55 | 10/23/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Turkey and Russia cement power in Syria
Moving on now to Turkey and Russia cementing their power in Syria as that fragile cease fire expires. And Syrian Kurds are being forced to give up more territory. There quarter reached by Vladimir Putin and president herta want comes after president trumps abrupt decision to withdraw US troops leaving a vacuum in the war torn country so let's go across the pond now to do McFarlin. And the London bureau for more Juliet good morning. What does this deal mean for the region. So I do say the package president two on met with the Russian president. Vladimir Putin on that the Black Sea resorts aren't so she and it took them six I was. To flush shot an agreement on the situation and northeast serie a I'm the and the signing they came to essentially was that techie debts. Pretty much what it ones under the deal. Touch his chips get to stay in the areas they have taken control labor and no big. Joined technician on Russian forces patrolling. On the dot area it's about a hundred mile strip of land in between tear key. Tell addition boy the town's now there's been no wed from the cuts. But towards the end of this out of the cease fire agreed with the US that heads did start withdrawing from. Days towns under dot agreement. Now this announcements all of the Turkish Russian on the signing came. Just hours before a senate majority leader Mitch McConnell warned we do not want to be driving a fad that NATO ally into the arms of Russia. Guys at. The dots more or less exactly what happens and. Term while they're in Syria but also in Chile for very different reasons there at least fifteen people are dead after nearly a week of violent protests. Much a nation is now under a state of emergency. Explain just what started these protests have we get here. Exactly say fifteen people have died so far as news say and 5000 people have been detained the loss few days we've seen quite. A lot. All but violence. From should be non vessel sauces. There at the protest was stuck spot by a rise in metric prices up high school kids with scene where. Dumping tons styles. Unloads about this they just couldn't afford to get around. This city. Now what the president Sebastian Pinera he has tried spin this he said we want to use this. Instability as an opportunity to reset and to implement some reforms that we really should have done before not try. And a prevent these protests from breaking out he is introduced a number of things like lowering energy prices. And raising pensions. So now the whole country is waiting to see about say today's the contestants to bonds but has been a lot of by violent clashes over the last few days now. I'm guys just before you get we have some breaking news that has just come and police and at six and England they've discovered. A truck adding this morning which they believe and to the UK on Saturday inside very very grim discovery that discovered Fet teen nine. Bodies inside all idols apart from. One teenage the hand secretary. Just responding that very shortly off Japanese press conference announced the good the grisly findings saying that she was shocked and saddened. A 25 year old man from NORTHERN IRELAND has been arrested and there is an investigation on getting. Now police say about the truck came from Bulgaria but because of course there is free movement while CUK is still within the EU. One can expects that the bodies of those inside are believed to be migrants from that a field. But we will of course to bring you the latest news when a police make more headway on that investigation. Less about the royals Syria last night duchess Megan Markell made her first public appearance since returning from Africa amid swirling rumors she and Harry may be considering. Stepping out of the limelight. Yeah so then there's been as they come from a Sunday Times story of the weekend that high in my gonna wanting to take some past no time they've got a number of engagements on in November. An and then they'll be taking a little bit of a break. And there's been some speculation as to whether they might actually gay to the US. The parents how I met now are oak was keen to Od TT get in touch with his mom's rips. November is of course Thanksgiving month say you'll. A wait and see if they decide to go to. David to the yet you asked for that. On the but their Ben all of these dramas like they didn't about a rift between the Sussex is and the Cambridge is does because dot documentary. On Harry and Maggie and got as it here in the UK and do over the weekend. And another borrowed and Najibullah reactions particularly from Prince William. You off there watching the document she whack Harry admitted that. As of as did the two Brothers they have good days. And not days. The Kensington Palace SOS and Kensington Palace saying that Prince William was concerned for his brother has so. A lot of interest staying. You know reactions from a documentary which is actually coming out. Today on ABC it's on that's ten Easton minds until you can watch shed guys I've seen the documentary and it is high in Megan. As you've never seen them before they are incredibly candid speaking rid Imation Lee not just about that trip to Africa where it was found. But also how they are adjusting to life in the limelight particularly my again especially in the festive months often iTunes loud. You'll Julie's you know I mean we. I thought we grew up watching these for use grow up. We feel for them weather and it's continue to go for them as best after the death of the mothers so long ago but still touches all of us. It's at a C that you know obviously they were having quarter quote issues. I think a lot of people probably also thought I mean this is what families go through and even the royal family can go through. What so many families across the globe go through and so. And curious I mean it's. I and I also heard an. That William. Was trying to say you know I am I'm its admits I'm worried about him but I'm going to keep an eye on him essentially as well that Big Brother mentality one. I think it was interesting when Harry said Ian he and William Ron different paths. Right now. I was waiting for that follow up question will what's your path what's his pat yeah what what is that difference when they're both now. Fathers and husbands and obviously William is different duties ahead of him but I wanted a little little bit more yeah. Yeah how areas. Always kind of struggled with the identity of being V that at that this spat as a as we say here in the UK you have the patent is William and then you have this bad news. Who is Harry and it's clear that marrying a woman might Megan. Here is independent. She's cauldron pots and life and made a name because of way before she Matt howry and became integrated into the world economy. And commanding that rolled may be a unit may be shaped and they may take there and pop. An in no way that how William and Kate really cannot die badge from. That conditions on the road that is expected though that's the but it's an interesting about that these two Honda that fat. The Sussex as McCain would just. They seem to be doing a lot of communication through the media and a sense you know release. Is yeah together for dinner like. Apparently not yeah now and haven't. Bobby king and you know some big is somehow the problem and think yeah. Shula that begins what can I. That's what really good right gotta let but that is what Brothers do what we're rooting for them. They are the Brothers who we've been watching for a long time and so we hope that. All of it works out for them Juliet thing I don't miss a documentary tonight at you guys election. I'm the bosses will be very glad that you said that you know great high car thank you do if I would aesthetic and an advocate love it.

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{"duration":"7:55","description":"Plus: Deadly protests in Chile, bodies found in truck in England, and rumors swirl around the royal family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66465676","title":"Across the Pond: Turkey and Russia cement power in Syria","url":"/International/video/pond-turkey-russia-cement-power-syria-66465676"}