Across the Pond: US to step aside for Turkey offensive in northern Syria

Plus: Ukrainians protest plan for new elections in the rebel-held east, and Elton John spills some royal tea.
6:08 | 10/07/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: US to step aside for Turkey offensive in northern Syria
Well a statement for the White House came in late last night saying the United States is gonna step aside and allow Turkey to begin a military operation in northern Syria where they'll be responsible for all captured ices fighters in the area that's a move that targeted criticized. Believing key US allies out in the cold so what let's go across the pond now Julie MacFarlane in our London bureau for more Juliet good morning. Morning traffic yeah we're just getting and reports that US troops are beginning at two withdrawal from northern Syria and that statement as you say last night from the White House taking. A lot of American allies by surprise that statement coming in saying techie will soon be meeting Floyd when this long planned operation. Into northern Syria the US armed forces will not support will be involved in the operation. And the US forces having defeats of iasis territorial kind of fate well no longer be. In the immediate area now this morning we've hides. Some reaction from the Syrian democratic forces those. The cut issue lad forces. In northern Syria who have been occupying. A lot of that area dot is on the boards. 27 tacky and that northern Syria they are not happy about this I'm told they have set. That recently they complied with the US request to withdraw from key strategic areas in northern Syria. In exchange for security. Guarantees not they say that this means that thick heads in northern Syria they have basically defenseless. And that this green light for that that Turkish forces to me then basically amounts to death. And of course the cuts they were key. Key upon his of the US for defusing crisis and they awarded that a lot of the ices leadership hiding in the desert are likely to come back. And Jillian Ellis talk about Ukraine again in the news. Time about the president's plan to hold local elections in the nation's east which is actually held by Russia backed separate tests. Which is under fire by protesters who see them live as a major concession to Russia a lot of people not happy about this. Actress precisely Elizabeth the president is a landscape the new president of Ukraine he's a very difficult. Position hip because this situation in east in Ukraine is a conflict that's been going on. Full flying he is on its coolest at least 191000. Deaths in that region basically ukrainians. All fighting Russian backed separatists. In this simmering conflict has been gang on since 2014. Now presents a Lansky he said that's he has agreed to four dot restive region to hold. Elections he's trying to work. To death with with the separatists. With Russia and France and Germany on an upcoming peace summit in he says that his priority is to it is for the region to. To to cease the fighting in to come some sort of an agreement and that these elections are key however it tens of thousands around 151000 people officials and who said. What got hugged have gathered in Kiev protesting this may have a lot of them. Mop on military veterans from that conflict and they say as he said. That this is kowtowing to the Russians who have basically heading to onyx up part of Ukraine just like they did with Crimea back and when he fourteen well. Listen Julian you know we know these are complicated geopolitical relationships and we appreciate you going through all the effort to present form because it's a lot to juggle but we do like to get a little salacious of course while we hat. I know some royalties that has been spilled this morning from sir Elton John. Who says the queen and slapped her nephew in front of him what's what's gone wrong it's. Yeah this this stories that probably gonna raise a few high rise and the husband sir Elton John sort of let's let's say so bobbing about those of private. You know is and it's musings oh. The well. A little Ponte basically with the queen and viscount Linley who is the doors here is a son. Princess Margaret the greens young gas assist now. He has got this new or to bugs me coming out and she's from Intel is still little do you tell that he's had with spending some time with the world coming. He claims that he saw the queen scolding have nephew saying did argue with me I am the queen. In his autobiography and accept who grieves. I saw her courage by company announced Republican on his system he'd been taken ill when he repeatedly tried to fob her off the queen lightly slapped him across the face. Saying that doesn't slap onto you slap swift slap me slap idea slap alma slap. The queen now. He said that that seems data trick as he left she saw me staring at half. Didn't give me a wink and then walked off that would work. Meanwhile allows you that story put all your reenactment. Yeah. And that basin yeah neither would. You try to president imagine the greens and and I mean always say that we'll finally have found me and that their very. Yet there tighten it found me you know it's not like they can gotten abnormal from the activities after public eyes served. But I think it's a mistake and you know lost three cats should be Scotland where the of the queen's founding from west mothers from they have not just happens. Smacking children it's now illegal a slap in the trial in the and Scotland's Sam it's it could quite an interesting timing of this and a lot supplied the queen that's as my ignorant American my Saturday then and Atlanta's not applies degree is above the law because she is the law and that's. That's in her Angola. There you have it I think that's on the formal crest I have I. Julie MacFarlane over forests are what the bureau Juliet thank you have a great day thank you think you.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"Plus: Ukrainians protest plan for new elections in the rebel-held east, and Elton John spills some royal tea.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66107962","title":"Across the Pond: US to step aside for Turkey offensive in northern Syria","url":"/International/video/pond-us-step-turkey-offensive-northern-syria-66107962"}