President of Honduras denies being involved in drug conspiracy

The office of President Juan Orlando Hernández issued a statement that "categorically denies the false and misleading statements" of his involvement in a drug conspiracy.
3:00 | 08/09/19

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Transcript for President of Honduras denies being involved in drug conspiracy
The president of Honduras has just been implicated. In a drug trafficking scandal a case that's being prosecuted. Here in New York and we're going to speak first of Jeff Ernst of freelance journalist on the ground in Honduras he's been following all this. What happened just. Well us. Yeah reported that eight document. Released but it you're a record of New York created through. That trial. President Brothers Hernandez based in earns her. Up again and related what insert it. It document. Dated. The president creditors into its third degree burn your. I was ordered oh or or or art. And they're cremation and and and indictment made it very clear regret her and it's. Any neighbors or children or what but. It. Aren't so this document. Outlines. A series repetitions. Arm made prosecutors. There are a thunderous. Received. Bribes for. And and look Arab and financed and I'm Robert Rivera ordered were in the country and conduct what brought. A suit and Jeff while he is an unindicted. Co conspirator according to prosecutors here in New York it's still not a great look what's been the reaction. Or regret that venture Mendez. Many in Honduras. It says it earned. What's been rumored Kirk Earl a lot of time. Two months or another document related to Trout came out that. Did the president is this dirt. And Roberts administered the artists over the year investigate and since records being. And then now this document amount which. Those Bernard was evident co conspirators and and his corrupt. Spirits beer. Urban roads are under. It. It's it's very significant. And resulted in renewed growth. All. Jeff turns on the ground and Honduras have freelance journalist talking about one Orlando Hernandez the president of Honduras who denies the allegations but we're joined now by. Our own produce security BC news drivel Ramirez who spent some time recently in Honduras. This has gotten to the point though where the government is really trying to control the message in telling politicians. Don't go against the president on this one. It dropped its not only politicians they're also telling. Public employees government employees I'm in some of the conversations I've had. Over the last few days I was told by some public employees that there are put on notice on Monday he cannot bash the party cannot bash the president. The president consider yourself lucky and blast a blast was a word they use that you have a job because there's a lot of unemployed people here and under some and and all of this has sent protesters into the streets yet there's an ongoing protests against one or mountain Etna is and this hold the ball all throughout the week. They're being encouraged by ousted president meant that I act and they're going to continue today people are definitely fired and they're not they're being pretty relentless. With what does it mean on the ground to have your president implicated in a drug conspiracy that's being charged in the United States. That involves the president's brother it's kind of a mess. It's a mass. But it's a mess up they're not surprised by when I was on the ground eight people were telling me if his brother is dirty he's probably dirty too. For the record while her mother and on this has the night he has that he is categorically denies. All the allegations but it's just not a good luck especially since it's not the first time that his presidential campaigns are involved with corruption and that donation. We know you'll be following a Forester Carrillo Ramirez and from ABC news on. The latest out of Honduras.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The office of President Juan Orlando Hernández issued a statement that \"categorically denies the false and misleading statements\" of his involvement in a drug conspiracy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64884214","title":"President of Honduras denies being involved in drug conspiracy","url":"/International/video/president-honduras-denies-involved-drug-conspiracy-64884214"}