President Obama Pushes for Syria Resolution

The president will meet with Congress, world leaders to gain support for strikes against Syria.
3:24 | 09/03/13

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Transcript for President Obama Pushes for Syria Resolution
Americans returned to work today the president ramps up his push for congress to approve a military strike in Syria. He meets face to face today with lawmakers but a bigger test could come hours later we have team coverage this morning we'll get to the Middle East in just a moment. Let's begin on Washington with ABC's -- Bradley good morning to mind. Good morning you Diana good morning John tonight President Obama heads overseas or -- court international support for a military strike in Syria. Before leaving -- try to win. -- members of congress. Before departing tonight for Sweden President Obama will push members of congress to back military action in Syria. The president has invited a number of lawmakers including house speaker John Boehner and democratic leader Nancy Pelosi. Over to the White House this morning for candid talk. Mr. Obama appears to have already won tentative support from two Republicans senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain I think we have found some areas that we can work together. But we have a long way to go McCain says he isn't sure a vote authorizing a military strike on Syria with past. Ideas I think a lot of people that made it. It's some lawmakers who received -- classified briefing on Syria by the president's national security team remains skeptical I don't see where the Asad regime has posed a direct threat. -- to America or its allies and others think the US should take action against Bashar Al Assad regime but need further explanation about the president. Call for a limited strike what's missing right now is the -- Plan of action. About what would happen in the event that the United States did. Use some type of force against Syria in Syria rebels battling the Asad regime are furious that President Obama delayed military action for the congress to vote. -- We -- on them. These kids held signs urging the US intervention saved the children of Syria one said. According to the UN more than two million refugees have -- serious violence. The country is losing almost 5000 citizens that day -- and yeah. It's -- Bradley live in Washington thank you. And now let's turn to ABC's Molly hunter -- in Jerusalem. Let's start here Syria's leader Bashar Al Assad has given a new interview what was his message. Diana he was defiant he was confident he had it threatening words for the US. President -- side said the Middle East is like a powder keg. And the fuse is getting shorter he -- any western strike on Syria could send the region into chaos. Raising the prospect -- a regional war but he called Obama a weak leader and he said it's too late. For dialogue. I'm Molly lot of posturing going on clearly but how -- this talk of a regional war going over with Syria's neighbors right now. Not that it exactly what Syria's neighbor -- and US allies in the region are worried about. Israel is on alert and -- -- -- Israeli officials. Aren't saying much luck baby would like at side gone but they're most worried about a post -- -- here yet they don't know what that's gonna look like. Either US ally Saudi Arabia Jordan and Turkey have been much more vocal urging the US -- and -- right now. But no US ally really wants to be directly involved. ABC's -- hunter live for us in Jerusalem thank you.

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{"id":20143044,"title":"President Obama Pushes for Syria Resolution","duration":"3:24","description":"The president will meet with Congress, world leaders to gain support for strikes against Syria.","url":"/International/video/president-obama-pushes-syria-resolution-20143044","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}