President Says, 'I Don't Rule Anything Out' When It Comes to Drones in Iraq

Barack Obama discusses Iraq's request for foreign military assistance.
16:43 | 06/12/14

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Transcript for President Says, 'I Don't Rule Anything Out' When It Comes to Drones in Iraq
You can. Northern Iraq overrun the army taking off their uniforms and conceding defeat. To al-Qaeda affiliated militants the Iraqi Government now asking for -- assistance as the insurgents. March towards Baghdad right now the international hot -- Iraq. Look what I'm -- New York the group known as the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria crisis. Is now just some fifteen. Miles away from the Iraqi capital after taking over the country's second and third largest cities. Iraqi Government asking the US not help the fight Islamist group and -- the topic of possible drone strikes. He's starting to rise. ABC's -- -- court has been on latest developments and has this report. It is a one sided fight militants from -- al-Qaeda inspired group taking city after city. The Iraqi Army and police abandon their posts and fleet. We will not stop the fighter shout calling their campaign the blessed invasion. These radical Islamist fighters come from -- this sort of the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria. They arrived from Syria conquering Mosul Iraq's second largest city -- to -- Saddam Hussein's hometown. Now setting their sights on the capital Baghdad. The -- marched to Baghdad the group -- its fighters do not let -- catch their breath and be sure that the victory comes from god. Around half a million people are believed to have fled their homes. Not just in fear of I says but like this woman a -- that Iraq's military will respond with airstrikes. Air strikes that Iraq is now asking the US to help with. The White House has called the situation grave but has shown no desire to participate in the fighting him. The painful loss of thousands of American lives in Iraq still brash. Particularly for those who thought -- -- like Jason Hanson and. I was starting to some of the guys I I served with in Iraq and and they were are -- as well. Really feeling that a lot of what they had done a lot of what I had done really just didn't matter. Today Iraq's leadership said they were making some progress in pushing the insurgents back. But admitted their forces have been a failure. This could. Forces Iraqi leaders in fact I hope to come together to look out these CDS. More from threat to the country. -- threat that could not only break -- -- apart would destabilize the entire region. Alex Marquardt ABC news Beirut. So right now want to bring an ABC's chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran on the phone in Iraq from the town of mobile. -- -- -- in northern rock is there any place in that part of the country that is still in control of the government. What -- -- Are. Are. Northern Iraq which has been. By the why. Apple. And mark not a war. She -- -- Militants. Apparently it wouldn't want it the court street -- -- -- -- -- right now and the -- For a long -- -- up here in Northern Iraq. Border. Accountable so we deterred Allah god. Was really -- that the lord of the country stranger. A school. -- Like the Iraqi Army the -- militia and troops are America. Very professional. She traditional. Fighting group oh well Aaron Hill right now. The current regents it would. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It you're. Secretary let me ask you about this because -- scenes and pictures coming in online. From these insurgents issuing these public orders. For those that are living in these territories that have now been overrun what are they saying in these orders. It is -- -- rare for. -- -- Muslim war and what really. Share your particular. Sure chemical -- current lot I -- what they are. Welcome. All -- war where there -- -- should be certain what that world wide close. In public -- -- so yeah there. There -- -- will be not sit well alcohol. I know. Drug that any art he -- -- it in order circle. And what. -- -- fight. They're -- -- Got. All will be court. All of the money all public -- areas we control. Now. You are not used by the new law that by. Certain combination of -- zealotry and children. Yeah. In what is happening -- -- are -- And the people who. So Terry with that kind of reality that ugly backdrop. That so many of those Iraqis are now facing how are they viewing. The army that is meant to protect them especially -- the year after many in the army abandoned that their post. You know we talk a lot people who. What both -- their children would work they're ma where. You are actually be important. Fighters and -- -- Artwork. For the Iraqi armed. Conjure. Up gave up and ran away and -- ordered 30000. Uniformed. Soldiers. Here in the Greek border region who portrait of him out. Ran in terror leaving behind. Only. Mark. I uttered what we clocked -- one group called what else. On the ground spoke -- Iraqi soldiers and start with the commanders. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- what you get hurt -- what will hurt some people as they believe one of Britain's new -- certain. It because people here are certainly -- Iraqi Army controlled by the central government in fact that Dominique Archie -- There is what Shiites are looking -- here. You're what not so we'll -- -- network credential. -- -- like most of sectarianism. Reared its ugly head and the -- -- is talk to people if people. Won't -- each -- when your water -- the population. And at the same time though do those young men men are laying down their arms seem ready -- to take up against ices and some other capacity. -- fourteen billion dollars training and -- good equipment now in Arab if you look at all -- there -- all of these. Auditors got our armored American comedy. Aren't -- -- -- Soviet made a working their. Got a very good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So old. Kirk all. Ministry. And intelligence. That started -- a circle are. Emotional system that let in repair. And -- political quote. In conclusion. -- the record for what. It could run away. He is unlikely that the ordered oysters -- Yeah. -- It is not the leadership. Or could get. There. Terry we have been watching these videos and seeing as reports come in and we have been shocked at just how quickly. The Iraqi Government was essentially paralyzed by this but are the Iraqis themselves. Are they shocked by this quick. Turn of tides. You know you'd think that -- -- elaborate years. Are pretty. Civil war. As -- not all are -- -- with talent. That they YouTube. Partner Sarah opened up. But there. Rate and and up here. All of the is that the army mount laurel ward back. -- Get their government -- It. -- -- What every -- in a way that it or somebody like it triggers a disaster and they are. Also here. -- -- there are a million people. Well. Leading vote what is great people that department will just a shell that hit me until -- -- And governor all the schools are bought and barrel -- bought the war in -- Certainly a lot of confidence what -- ability. To coordinate. The response was -- while parent. Spare the cost. -- you're sitting back. Terry you brought up the issue of possible US involvement and the president just a few moments ago made some comments on whether. The US would consider using drone strikes in and here's what he said. Well -- this area. We've been watching room. A lot of concern -- just over the last couple days but over the last several months. And we've been close consultation -- be Iraqi Government. -- over the last year we have been provided. Additional assistance. To try to address the problems they have. The northwestern. Portions of the country as well as the Iraqi and Syrian border. That includes in some cases military equipment whose intelligence. Assistance includes. A whole host of issues but what we've seen over the last couple days indicates the degree to which. If Iraq's going to be more help distribute more help -- -- and it's going to be more help from the international community so my team is working. Around the clock to identify how you can. The most effective assistance through that. I don't rule out anything. But because we do have a -- making sure that. These jihadist. Getting the permanent foothold. -- -- Iraq. Terry I want to ask you about those comments there the president's -- -- as if he is keeping all options on the table with the potential. For the US increasing its assistance to Iraq. Look how partnered -- -- going over there. All. Worried about our. Urgency and emergency -- -- you know. There aren't for Alpert a partner in the country at Berkeley but he was. Lebanese militia they aren't -- orchard -- the block. -- country don't. Either. We're willing to pick a gun fight you know partner was talking about -- secret -- -- -- to be gotten Apollo and feeling here it is an emergency. Achieve their army one victory after her victory -- you know. Law upper air major population. Hundred million dollar freaked out curtains. -- -- -- -- -- There. Certain -- -- irritable and without question -- people here believe. They. Cadet and an. And a -- I'm sure that what the president. Will. Far two legal error and it's been a couple years. And internally they. Compared with what their literature it would that they believe Martin. Grainger major. Terry take -- to the most. Basic level of understanding on this what is the end goal of crisis. -- want to take over it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- covered in clear understanding of -- call a very. -- they're ready to understand -- on the history. Which -- Long -- -- -- what article and the poor are. All its law and -- what. Stay in its new beginning here you know in Syria back door of the jury anger in well it certainly a lot. They're blocking. What was -- all the work we tell our -- Result. And the restoration. Of Islamic great. Empire wild land fire came by. -- emperor -- -- Now -- spotlight but certainly. They're -- -- for Eric Gordon a lot and governor in about strict Islamic. -- that is the question even being asked right now can there ever be a unified Iraq given this heightened sectarianism. Yeah you're a great art and -- -- the a -- That feeling here -- local. Markets. -- -- -- -- -- What he or she older wouldn't fight in the north of -- -- they'll. No call you know -- Or fox -- -- has been seeing here. Ergo there aren't technically -- -- -- click -- or hurt -- -- -- what order. The -- you get -- -- in the wild west. -- are out there are and it yeah -- are there he got it occurred -- -- and -- is different new law -- what he learned a tree. And that. It may be approaching. Land. It lacked adequate -- old. You're sitting there are certain people. Wondered who it it -- Suddenly. -- because they don't feel represented in the government. And the hurt that it altogether he -- some -- Although -- -- -- be. Eastern -- here. ABC's chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran in Northern Iraq Terry thank you for that appreciate it as always. And you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news apps -- the -- for exclusive updates on the go. You've been watching international hot spot -- down Cutler in New York.

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{"id":24110547,"title":"President Says, 'I Don't Rule Anything Out' When It Comes to Drones in Iraq","duration":"16:43","description":"Barack Obama discusses Iraq's request for foreign military assistance.","url":"/International/video/president-rule-drones-iraq-24110547","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}