President Trump delivers remarks at a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of Japan

The President discussed the strong relationship between the United States and Japan, as well as the recent mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas.
10:03 | 11/06/17

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Transcript for President Trump delivers remarks at a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of Japan
Present chunk. Joy is your it's. Well thank you very much and so and this is been. A truly. Enjoyable. Trip and one where were accomplishing a lot and I agree with you that our relationship. Is. Extraordinary. And I agree review also that there has never been such a close. Relationship between the leaders of two countries these two countries Japan and the United States. It's been great to be with you and will be spending a lot of time with you over the years. Money and I deeply. Grateful. For the warm welcome we've received. In your remarkable. Country and that's what it is it is a remarkable. Country. Is a land of incredible history culture tradition and spirit. First let me congratulate you or in your great. Success. In the recent elections. You one. Very big and very easily. And I'm not at all surprise. We really share in common and really a deep loyalty to our citizens and a deep faith. In the destiny. Of people and also people. And our country's working together. I also want to take a moment to continue sending out towards prayers and deepest condolences. To the victims of the horrific assault. On a church. In a beautiful area. So said. Sutherland springs Texas such a beautiful. Wonderful area with the incredible people who would ever think a thing like this could happen. So want to send. My condolences. The condolences of a First Lady. In tragic times Americans always pulled together. We are always stronger is when we are unified. To the wounded and the families of the victims all of America is praying for you. Supporting you and grieving. Alongside of you. Prime minister I want to thank you and the people of Japan for your friendship. We have so many great things that we can accomplish together. And we are in the process. Of accomplishing those things. It was a thrill for my daughter Yvonne good to be able to participate in the world assembly for women. And promote women entrepreneurship side by side. At two nations are advancing policies to empower. Women and harness the full potential. And our great economies. You were the first foreign leader to visit me shortly after my election. And now it is my pleasure to join you in your homeland. To further strengthen the historic ties between. Our two great nations as you know this my for his visit. To the Indo Pacific region as president in here before. Wins president this has been my first and it is my fairest. And I am thrilled that my first up. Was review. Great friend. We're going to. Other countries where I have also. Developed some great friendships and we're going to work two straight to a lot of things out including trade. Including military problems. We have a lot of things to work on. But this is a real honor. To be we've munitions in Japan is a very special place. The Japanese people are thriving your city is a vibrant. And you've built one of the world's most powerful. Economies. I don't know which is good his lawyers I think not. Hopeful. Who would they try to keep it that way but he'll be set. And yet for all of its modern splendor. The people of Japan maintain April found respect. For their rich culture heritage and traditions. Honoring the past. Even as you blaze new trails into the future very. The very strongly looking into the future is Japan. You demonstrate every day that. Respect for history and heritage. Is the true foundation for progress our nations share. An enduring bond. America and Japan and face many challenges. Many opportunities. There are many things we face. But we will be facing them together. In friendship and as allies. Most importantly we're working to counter the dangerous aggressions. Of the regime. In North Korea. The regime continued development of its unlawful weapons programs including its illegal nuclear tests and outrageous launches of ballistic missiles. Directly over Japanese territory. Are a threat to the civilized world and international peace and stability. We will not stand for that. The era of strategic. Patience. Is open. Some people said that my rhetoric. Is very strong. But look what's happened with very weak rhetoric. Over the last. 25 years and look where we are right now. Prime minister. Be. Has also shared with me the tragic stories of Japanese young people. Whom North Korea has abducted over the years. Together. We met with the parents. Of meg oh my your quota. Who was abducted as a young girl in 1977. No child should ever be subjected to such cruelty. No parent should ever have to do or forty years. Of heartbreak. We also. Had a young wonderful man and our country I don't know. Warm beer. We all know the story of it's a horrible story. And stance. And we can't let that happen. Can that let that happen. The United States of America stands in solidarity with the people of Japan against the North Korean manners. History has proven over and over that strong and free nations will always prevail over tyrants. Who oppress their people. Are powerful and enduring US Japan alliance. Includes more than 50000 members. Of the united states military stationed. Right here. In Japan. In addition to that we have 33000. Stationed in South Korea. American and Japanese military personnel trained together worked together and we'll stand together to defend the security and sovereignty. Both of countries. I want to thank the entire Japanese people are acting as such gracious hosts and strong partners. For our men and women. In the armed forces. America is also committed to improving our economic relationship with Japan. As president of the United States I'm committed to achieving a fair. Free. And reciprocal trading relationship. We seek equal and reliable access for American exports to Japan's markets. In order to eliminate. Our chronic trade. Imbalances. And deficits with Japan were working on that. Something we've all been working on very hard from the very beginning of our meeting. As we continue to pursue closer economic ties I believe it will create new and exciting opportunities to achieve greater prosperity. In both of our nations. And to advance new frontiers in science medicine. And technology. The United States respects and honors Japan's heritage. And admires you're in deep. Well of perseverance. I appreciate very much here. Acknowledging them stating the fact. That the United States economy has done so well since our election on November 8. Close to two million jobs. The highest stock market and our history. So many different things are happening. For the better including the cutting of massive amounts of regulation which is one of the reasons. That the market's reacting the way it's reacting. This mutual respect for culture and sovereignty will continue to bring our nations. Closer and closer together. And open up new avenues of cooperation and success. Mr. prime minister thank you again for inviting me today. And for opening the arms of you're majestic. Country. To our. American delegation all of whom are right now in this room. I look forward to working side by side with you in friendship. We will have success. Like rarely seen. Between two countries. Japan. And the United States of America to a very. Very special places thank you for having us thank you very much.

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{"duration":"10:03","description":"The President discussed the strong relationship between the United States and Japan, as well as the recent mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"50956779","title":"President Trump delivers remarks at a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of Japan","url":"/International/video/president-trump-delivers-remarks-joint-press-conference-prime-50956779"}