Prince Harry Discusses 'Walking With the Wounded' Event

The British royal joins Antarctic hike with service men that were injured in the line of duty.
3:00 | 11/26/13

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Transcript for Prince Harry Discusses 'Walking With the Wounded' Event
This is a special. I'm Dan -- New York -- -- ABC news digital special report prince -- trip to the South Pole might finally be getting off the mark today. After a prolonged delay caused by some nasty weather here is the -- -- -- the group's itinerary. But we're going to be uniform from head finger both six and also -- knowledge of the fuels to -- problems north -- To be potatoes -- -- 2300 Britons who feel like 3300. Since because of -- of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And senator -- as competitive a huge pot moral authority to humans are she sickness tablets as manual that stirred quite Fuzzy -- -- anyone -- -- the -- -- there was once rob essentially could be and hopefully will be amazing and beautiful. The best thing about North -- was those things looked up. And the pressures is coming together. The wind Richland pool -- -- the sort of slumped to voice its different shapes and intimacy obstruction and often threw four days you'll -- still so country swimming. Puts together says -- control the negative points. I think everyone should -- -- to proposal and a going west to think about many -- -- in the -- of his support for me. Speaking -- Dominic West here is the actor now. Ruling on the elements. The goes South Pole which is pretty glorious golden I think when we get there -- be. 300 kilometers -- -- -- -- mesa will be. Intensely euphoric come hoping. It's if we. That's if we're not starkest of their premier -- of the -- -- which case it will be even more. Euphoric than. If it will be that -- brings traffic authentic human rights especially if we get that before Christmas. Always ready with a plan B -- the team did manage to get out for a bit of practice today. Doing some snow -- -- ski training outside -- base camp where they remain. And so we see right there isn't a practice somebody go to London now with ABC's -- -- -- lot Dominic West looking to be at his -- -- there whether we can -- expedition though. We'll get fully under way. Hey Dan I was is gonna say -- -- you think both of them sound like they're suffering from cabin fever but we do know this. -- pay they had their final briefing and then they've been delayed for at least forty -- hours because of bad weather or ask Prince Harry said in this. Candid -- -- into view that we heard him say this morning that he described the weather is quite Bob it should. So they've had snow storms high winds and that's grounded them -- gold. The race from start seeing -- -- their they've been lying low and exercising while they can like he said today they were able to get out and ski a little bit. But the hope is as soon as the weather fears they'll be able to fly. Two that the second base -- his right now there at the first base camp so as you can hear they call waits to actually get out Aaron start this rate. -- so that they can get -- home in time for Christmas because the idea is. Well the hope I think is that this will take three weeks obesity it depends on. How much they continue juror in the day how much tracking how much skiing making. The aim is that they want to do about twelve miles per day but this is -- -- this is unlike anything anyone wants to do like thank. All in the name of charity of course. Which will be about a 208. -- long race. That like I said is supposed to take. Three weeks and it's just harsh conditions. Mean think about -- that you have minus 49 degree temperatures. -- facing ninety mile per hour winds. Prince Harry is broken his -- you city's noise 5% better I can tell you I've broken might might have. Not -- ready to -- just walking can you imagine skiing and tracking to the South Pole in a race no less. Yet no it doesn't exactly sound like a vacation. Four come by hand but the fact of the matter is that -- -- he is very determined and the rest of the team very determined for that. He spoke about his family and fact how they're enjoying his time away I wanna play a little bit about what he says -- -- for. Was an over concerns are towards -- I think since. Try to keep him calm by saying in North Pole was a dangerous form because -- walking on for resolutions -- this time this is this cross has opened going to take us. -- not my brother. -- not from -- he's just question Summers ago -- controlled. I mean that's just frank talk right there -- does that mean that the future king George as a as a troublesome baby do we read into that urges. Having some fun along among Brothers. -- you know uncle -- just being his charming usual quite funny self -- week we have heard actually both. Case and William. Speak -- prince stores in and saying that he has given them. A few sleepless nights shall we say will leave it at that but they have when people balsam when they've been out and about quick meeting people. Of course a fast question is you know how is prince George how's -- -- And -- on -- most of the time is that he's been giving them sleepless nights that's probably wet -- that comes from. It's funny -- when you set out to do 208 miles on a track in fifty below whether you still get asked about the nephew right -- -- impaired. There's always the what that's what every it yeah. What everybody wants to know you know we believe any -- and a couple of times since he was born so of course eighty little tidbit any little -- that wouldn't get our hands on. We'll take it it -- -- very very true and Harry obviously no stranger to the military seen of course having served in Afghanistan and his teammates. Enjoying his company there and here is walking with the wounded co-founder at Parker talking about. The prints. I wish -- wasn't it's there's nothing going commitments. I'm having. I mean Harry there is the patron various commissioners. You know said it before it's -- it's the difference. It's the difference between people. Kind attention to what we're doing in Australia and create the awareness that we do we want to do I'm -- people not paying attention. When what is values that is exactly he's one of the team he's he's no more no less -- -- -- but. It is -- the defining factor asserts is crucial. Just one of the lads a llama. Oh he loves it to anyone you talked to a new war manner ST talk to will always say the same thing. He feels the most comfortable when he's in the army because he is treated. Just like any other guy just one of the last. And that's why this charity is so important to him this walking with the wounded charity or cool that he went to the North Pole for the same charity. -- did this helps. Injured service men and women so this is really important for him in -- it essentially what's spurring him on. So he -- being a soldier prince he loves being the warrior prince. And he feels at home if you -- because that's how people you know he's just treated like any other guide and that's what really he wants to do. And that this charmed the related -- and obviously drives a lot of women crazy as well. Oh of course yes but you know what's really funny he was saying that his brother is probably jealous of him while I can tell you this. Prince William probably hasn't lost -- tonight you know why because he's -- this. Go honest -- -- star studded -- events tonight at Kensington Palace. With the likes of Taylor Swift and Jon Bon -- so I think what we think prince -- the going to be happening yet he's gonna be having the -- law today Lima. Tellme -- you have an invite to this -- A lot of thank you so much from the warm confines of line -- we appreciate your time. Of course you can follow the -- trek right here on ABC news conference on Dan Butler New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":21020083,"title":"Prince Harry Discusses 'Walking With the Wounded' Event","duration":"3:00","description":"The British royal joins Antarctic hike with service men that were injured in the line of duty.","url":"/International/video/prince-harry-discusses-walking-wounded-event-21020083","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}