Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit Edinburgh, Scotland

Cheering crowds welcomed the royal couple on their U.K. tour's third stop.
26:12 | 02/13/18

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Transcript for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit Edinburgh, Scotland
Hands on England England is a positive way. That is the thrust. Content. Hi I'm yeah yeah. Hi yeah. Patty come us justice to see how it. And either. You have a half ton tons of holiday yeah. An inning and he came CNN. My government and her husband. That study excited about being magnetic. Giving to make a wonderful friends. Heather Ellis an. Here it's they're divorcing Prince Harry might mock them. I didn't even see just right and awaited them when they. My puzzle. Favors of this trip is that there is a must going to solve the royal Marines. What you can he's CN hit to save my so that is the royal Marines and some. What they honor welcoming Prince Harry who recently was made the tunnel in chief of the royal Marines. I'm not muzzled and even see. Visit the mascots all the royal Marines that American and Harry Davis I gave me go to an American way got a good car I was. I'm about five minutes ago into the witness. Good. Cleaning up the the banks like products they'll be waiting I expect a call but it's good now they have. Looked at sight yeah. And it's me. A visit to the cost of land. That Harry in Macon they've witnessed. These fired at the monocle got. It's just beyond. The Bachmann system that you might get to see the mountain at its home. While the cause the moved some content. Picking up. Just on the mountain. And one of the things that's is on the agenda as they gain tips the firing of the 1 o'clock gotten. That other some. Tradition that's been happening of the last 115 years and that has been away from mariner news. Off the case to set back gotten and it goes off every single day at 1 o'clock in the office named boss Sundays at Friday. And Christmas Day say they can't get into the console. Public run to meet people meet their it meet the royal Marines ads of the 1 o'clock. Firing the cat and and then they gonna go off to her neighbor's house and meet charities and organizations. To help with. Homelessness. Another initiatives before they'd pots due to be back backed them stop. So it was still bracing for them to come up there is quite some lodged. Large stretch of people hated it a lot of them tourists and residents got to come out for today on the lunch break. Mobile and eyes as I said the it's half time sent to families asking about it. And from what we know they've just come out of the car in the making their way out meeting a well wishes speaking to looks of people coming up. Ferries do not expect we shout get a glimpse of them. Below speculation of course is what wearing ends. Did it you can hit a crowd get to excited about the down. Let's not get past. While waiting for Harry in my didn't see you make their way up. Let's bring in this gave me here is relax that's nice famine how you. It's K Ludwick holds but the fumbles on the. But vivid and very great put this yeah. And what significance you think if that bullet visit Goldman's. Heart and I can't hunt. This is a sort of continuing the total you know Harry and Megan's have been bouts on after the opening gains and united Harry wanted to subsided. Meg in the back support that person has often culturally capital side. Give her an insight into sort of Philanthropic landscape of the country as well outside Boston Herald that we have cultural aspects and bad ember console. Battles to be going to the elites of which is sort of safety initiative C provide speeds for the payments made these cafes says initial fights back across Scotland in numerous locations and of course this is sort of working with. Disadvantage chief and young adults are. And that's something straight plays Harry's hospitals that something of Magnum movie gains today in this she kind of cheeses to pick charities down the line. I'm on that's that was reported today coming out about Megan has apparently beaten visit today things have. But the difference oh. And in London it's used to take some of her and talking. Well off its yield the right behind this is a story that is not the disease would have been an a couple of charities to expect that. In the last few months ahead techies need very important to help a lot it. Yeah I mean I think one of the blessings tonight and we'll be doing when season marries Harry is beginning life as a working world oil on the coast not mean CNET. Picking organizations and charities to kind of be patron off and also some polls. You know the name and unsound that she's meeting with the numbers different charities and organizations in the country. It's a kind of just figure out what she wants to focus on and of course as we learned last night's did spend time. And on two different occasions. Street and span and families affected by the current total how find tragedy. The tristate I haven't lost it and more than seventy people died June lost again. Wait before the news of the royal engagement and not but she didn't publicize this these these visits there quite a difference Heidi what do you would think that's got tells us. I had to think fast he sees it at the moment she's doing a lot of things couldn't. Behind the scenes this is sort of navigate this new wells I think there are a lot of these sort of meetings are happening away from mounds that we kind of hearing amount on the plane but I think he'll such site isn't Macon is someone that has been genuine interest in some humanitarian. And that sort of it is so. Being able to explode outside Tennessee terribly involved we have the UN and world vision and other organizations the poll. He's been meeting carrying and so being able to kind of continue along those lines philanthropy. Now is of course something else would have major interests. It's a that the most pop up behind you wonder if we concede. Could see it coming it's yet. I think that's spending about twenty minutes working through the crowd. Lately Democrats breaking. It is going to be right ankle and it's only supposed to tell us. The latest battery. My note and yes that they'll spend many minutes and went into the ground and one cent in. Because and it's a Scotland playing me. And we can says so the the seven penny that's not the lots of people crowding around ponds and might be the book sale. It's it have a leg. I tenant you can see but the Canadians felt he doesn't have that in the Hudson who brought. Keep it from the coast it's not just. Not just us you. Sitting with Coke this. Then sub yeah he's amassed wealth of live royal regiment of Scotland I think broad content I think business as a he's already met the queen once they say. Familiar with which the royal blue royal family had. I'm not mistake cannot shut and pay me what he did meet the queen lost flights it eats. I'm a big fan communities had been presented wet. That good things at risk. Tourists haven't got a lot of comparisons that on yes it is. You do and exactly. So I think of them and intelligence work their way through the crowd. Outstanding that the hundreds of people on the science. Some of been his since that early ounce of moments. Staking their position that it's it's a good timing for a visit because of Monticello schools on holiday it amendment so it's tough time staple Valentine's Day and says most people. Two. Off couple up in school than entertainment companies such as people leave attaching to Andrea. Come in Alaska the days actually means lands a couple of new things about the attack. Eclectic. So what's The Who 1980 need details abouts about the big day on the nineteenth. Yes we got the time to say the wedding itself taking place and being I'm who has nothing to do this pool in the I think it conveniently sort of like the scene around around that some sort of lot of people across the country could rate sites of the gets kind of I would buy it on television. There's of course that the FA cup final happens on the same day at Prince William. Is equipped he's the president of football association and as part of his duties is to present the trade group at the end of the match and say he's actually sent it. His stake in about this sudden. He's he's he's not sort of clean to us what's how hot it was that he will be in attendance up to the wedding or your comeback for the ceremony. But they will for the wedding is gonna happen it tells Maine and then what will happen often via often time when. Think needs citing needs of the public is that there will actually gets as of seat them counts in the streets of wins they can it is carriage procession. Price talk to the sermon in the full of that kind of wedding reception. But I actually come around and just to you mile. Kind of round trip. The winds leaving the console and answering again and of course apple gave us key chance reference kind of get a look at the dress. And chit a couple of on the sensitive and that does maintenance need you lets fans royal has been mine so be very excellent. Then of course when they get back to see you wince a console. There's actually reception and it's in Georgia school where Suzuki each penguins goal supposed to say perceptions so long. And then we'll Soviet break off to its Prince Charles takes they've just embassies and will be giving Friday evening reception for the couple. Port of their friends and families and so on and that there's no indication that the remains to be broadened our house. On the winds are state which has. Harry Megan she took that unique traits and everything like very much sentiment. And by the way on what kind of musical acts might headline Yeltsin Austrians who have been some speculation whether it might be its parent is different Harry. Some for decides and I believe that. It's. At share and has been conned into. I don't what happened when but yeah. He has and the told dates on the maintenance of the conference figured out that and it Elton John pencil to this. Case performances that's a B and the way things. The interesting thing they I think he might odd that six had gotten prospect of headlining when it sounds like he's. And then of course the titles and I'm home I'm on the storm field yes giving the toddler's story. Playing the royal wedding I've. Imagine he'll be on the plate. Unit negative Harry never really eclectic kind of music mix when it comes out of that excellent have meg and likes a lot of sort of like indie rock. California kind of local bands like kind of stuff. I believe is also a bit of kind of arm. He ended up with miles. News agencies Tennessee had musical influences it's sort of come together on the big thing that's what the fun comes. Nothing got things it's been and let's listen one and see what it does now looks people who have not the Iraq. I think we might be it looks. To see them into the crowd that was. Behind looks boats. Say hi how do you hear that and I can't I. Know I'm yanks. Nice of you the you money and I don't they install them critic and that you'll buses that have taken the health. Take that lets them. The problem what do you think of tying him up. Lovely people got in flattens for the big day. What day you know what's that TV game. Good isn't yet kinda hides it well game walked out of all. Americans apparently wearing toss them days. Like specific. Definitely a game let me cumulative. A lemon and and. Still a good idea. Suppose I'm quite. Potts is the liberal of these noses. Kendall yeah. You visit today yeah yes how you think that puts an. Pakistan. How heavy it took her right. I. You guys that can you see from what you ought. Com feed them. Maloney cat the new leaders. Well you'll you'll you'll I think is nothing if she can't see if you think not. Yeah. My daddy making quite content that's hooked up they've tried this so that you need to him. That's. Had that they can see those good people as hot get a glimpse of the man. Let's it. I'm really critics like it was some people waving I think just behind us just Tennessee we can maybe still 3 o'clock in keeping him. Guess Glenn. That money. I. I don't glimpses. My. Courts continued crowd as he of those housing higher. I think everyone's trying to the consciousness yeah. That is looking to see some of these people let me try and finds amended its they've continued to see what they might is that. It. I did you got money so SA IRA. And we invite you stick it passes leading seeded passions did you reject you and manuals don't hunt yeah not to panic so menu is right this big cash flows. Right Marines blow what else he phasing. Three and half ago you could. You guys are on holiday yeah cases. Martin's paying sit alone like pensioners dominant. Right. This case has gone so yeah. I love it's. Dossier on unrest visit you're here on holiday some. You have to their rights and and we're going home and pack as it did did those of royal visit today though no great surprise their own hands yanks tonight you can tell your friends that you had and that's principally or another daily got handpicked ten you know we have to novels. Nice to do you have you have minus see my goodness whole thing that just going on skyline of the other sides believed to cut back. Since the company is pretty good start and yeah gangs in the thousands remembering. Look it's me yeah that's gonna say. Yeah let's try me a little it's. They. Think it just. These people the crowds at a folding them. And let's get back hair off position with the press pack they didn't try and please stick but you can see you can see it I'm healthy old people places and snaking around planks that. Crowns made intended facility self these sticks waving from the Aaronson IC lots of people and other people's hope that it. The. We now accidents so this beta codes and mallicoat. Broadcom my head back. Didn't see everyone that looks a looks people on. People of people show this trying to get to you. It's quiet my area then lets him get around to. Judge yeah we'll have him come home on long ovation with names vindicated. So let me out right now is the area that's been sectioned off the pad which is kind of an ever run by Obama's is but let's see. If we can get a festive you. But from media. Thinks it may be. Maybe you can keep us. A man. Wonder if if we lift the camera we might be able to see. May be in a gap in the crowds. Some left. Gloomy looking. Should we keep trying to have a look and see if we can hope. Says a they didn't get some sense of the scale of the crowds. How many people do you reckon there his. Heights they were trapped 2000. You the. Good thing. I eat. Yeah yeah. It's. It's. Right now we need to beat. I. We know US. People were there any out we are and the thick of the crowd now. Harry and mechanized just. Musing as many people as they had of the well wishes he had the school field. Nothing on the pause maybe 2000 people are happening on the at them. See people pulling out and then. It the press that the end has been. Taste we have Iran. Which is great concern about the happy faces of those people training to get. A look at the two as. The coming on you can probably see that span of how to handle from the camera showing the Wear and right now. Would I'm. Anthony. Oconee picking the and I. I. A. And and then say oh yeah. And is thought there we haven't. The final. But let's not over the hot a couple of cents faith. Make it waved at the lust of the crowd. And Costello. Just ahead all of that about the basin all of the fight at 1 o'clock. God what happened say next on the agenda that they visit say tired stabilization of violence and look where homeless people in ad right here and this capsule. And lost item on the agenda today think Ainsley holding big house. The initiative that celebrates as good to see you. So of the charts kind of big highs in the events today and lots of things up against David Finnegan and meets today. So NIC from me in its name thank you say much you're watching ABC news live in Edinburgh Prince Harry in Macon on that. That said that that about UK tour Harry and she's saying his bright beam to the different parts of the UK in the country that she's about to join and she's about to become assistant. All of once she gets married in the nineteenth of may. So it doesn't ABC news that an interview all the updates of their future trips come way we think that's going to be one more. Post these NORTHERN IRELAND which has yet to be that's been on sets habits but today. From a hit the very rich cities of Scotland and thank you so much and what Ing and state doesn't ABC news.

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{"id":53043765,"title":"Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit Edinburgh, Scotland","duration":"26:12","description":"Cheering crowds welcomed the royal couple on their U.K. tour's third stop.","url":"/International/video/prince-harry-meghan-markle-visit-edinburgh-scotland-53043765","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}