Prince Harry Plays Polo in Connecticut for Charity

Prince Harry wraps up his U.S. tour at the Greenwich Polo Club, raising money for orphans in Lesotho.
8:46 | 05/15/13

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Transcript for Prince Harry Plays Polo in Connecticut for Charity
This is a special report from ABC news. I'm Dan company orbit and ABC news digital special reports Prince Harry will close out his 2013 America tour with a spot -- in Greenwich Connecticut this afternoon. The prince on horseback to match being held to raise money for his sense of all the charity for aids orphans in the -- -- a small African country. It is an exclusive -- crowd on hand about 400 people in all the -- -- -- sandwich scene remarks at. Pretty swift turn from the prince's affairs on Tuesday that included a trip to super storm sandy ravaged parts of New Jersey. And want to bring in ABC's lot of Zack who's with -- in Connecticut kids have a lot of tough assignment diagnosed so who -- the prison -- know -- today. Well he's playing for the send a volley team as he mentioned that's the charity that is dearest to his heart. He created it in memory of his late departed mother Princess Diana. And and he said at the lunch today that if only people would visit Lesotho they would fall in love immediately. Column that is of course in at ten tell until have everybody open their checkbook and make some donations today. Well absolutely and it's not everyday that you get to see a role well on horseback hitting -- ball around -- them out a little bit so. I know a big change from yesterday when he was down the Jersey Shore you and there as well. On being toward around my New Jersey governor Chris Christie looking at some parts of the Jersey -- that are still obviously recovering and rebuilding when super storm. Sandy had moved through. But what was his reaction when he saw some of the devastation down there -- I think he was deeply moved he of course thought that it was the best of the American spirit he talked about. How wonderful -- like to see everybody coming together rebuilding that American passion. That no nothing was gonna hold down New Jersey and and he really took something away from that he -- conspired to -- to go there. In part by an American serviceman that he met in Afghanistan. Who supposedly lost his home as well during super storm sandy so it was it was I think a very moving experience for everybody involved. And then after that he picked up for a baseball -- testing out his swing a little different. Tool in hand today the poem out mallet. But -- do -- do yesterday swing at home play. Well I gotta think and I think you a lot more comfortable with the polo -- that he was with the baseball -- But luckily some kids in Harlem gave -- print a little less than. Though that's confident like other royal experts around here they felt like he hit the ball the more like it -- that cricket mallet and a baseball bat but you know he's doing a great job right now his team is is tied one to one. And he's out there riding on horseback and that's his natural sport much more so than baseball. Well it also on this tour he caught up with British prime minister David Cameron. They -- -- photo opportunities Wellington today. But they had a couple of Monday they got out of a double Decker bus that was almost designed to mimic that. Of their beloved London but. Here in New York City and then and then they also -- a little dolls that were supposed to look like them. It -- seem less than impressed though he thought that the beret on and not hearing -- -- looked a little front -- that wow. In the video right injections either well you can camps aren't you know you're busy watching Oklahoma has so good that video there are some -- the look exactly like the prince to speak unable going on May be high -- -- Body double right behind him. What is the crowd like down there -- -- -- because obviously this is a crowd that's a very used to seeing a lot of celebrities. A lot of high profile people down there but I imagine when the prince comes in the town even in their eyes a little bit bigger. Yes there supermodels. And there are -- -- and business people aplenty here in the audience. But still there's something special about hearing the announcer say and Prince Harry have the ball. I think about something that not even -- Tony crowd hears every day -- I think I'm sure not even when that product 400 people that hear a lot see a lot -- lot -- -- and -- lot of good as well we don't point out. Certainly something they don't have experience on a regular basis but as saying the prince is wrapping obvious he is -- Is that analysis. -- -- this is that was very much on diplomatic purpose. The last time he was in the United States he was -- Los Vegas there were a couple of pictures that were taken that we're a little less than. Pleasing to the royal palace and he himself even in many -- went a little too far this party bomb that did this make up for that. Well I think every person -- -- -- their own judge of Prince Harry and and you'll have -- of people deciding what they think this tour is about. What is obvious is that he's presenting a much more mature image of himself on this -- then on his infamous Vegas trip. Raising money for them the causes that our dearest in his heart for meeting with veterans. Going to Arlington national cemetery. And and then even here today even though its eat a you know it's at the polo match and it seems like Fineman and there's a lot of deep pockets here I -- -- should say but it's all for a good cause that explore export -- Aids and orphans in Lesotho. Percent of -- and and those -- the things that are most dear to the prince and that's why I think everybody thinking that this is a more mature Prince Harry. Yeah I know that you've been fine if prance around for the past couple of days throughout each of the south and he's been making in New Jersey and Washington DC. Out in Colorado and now -- in Connecticut. Have -- -- -- -- sort of candid moments that we the camera might have missed as you've been watching him interact with people. -- -- and it appears that we've loss lot of -- maybe she is officer getting rid of called next shot. As they will resume play at the polo match up in Greenwich Connecticut where Prince Harry is raising money for his sent -- volley charity. To help out those that are in needn't. 400 people. On board as well hoping to make some positive contributions and lot of actually you have you back on it -- wanted to ask you again. Or the candid moments that you've seen in the past couple of days as -- as you've been toured around with a print that the cameras might -- might mean. Next up. -- one of my favorite moments with yesterday out on the boardwalk. Heat won a little little. Stuffed elephant for a an eleven year old girl named Taylor and she decided that the prince is very handsome and she would name her Allison -- And did he blood from that because he seems as if he would be a very modest guy that -- every college knowing that hasn't paid towards. He would take -- in stride. He he actually received the the adoration of many a young girl. Here in the United States so I don't think -- that was anything particularly new to the. On time and Lana have to we have the exclusive yet to have police got the one on one sit down with him before he heads back overseas. I'm still working on that that there. All right -- please keep us updated on that we will obviously be rooting for you and -- any kind of strings he possibly can. To make that happen -- -- -- thank you so much obviously for your time for reporting up in Greenwich Connecticut today as -- has been saying the prince is wrapping up his six state tour of the United States up in Greenwich Connecticut. -- of course coming here to the United States wrapping up with a polo match starting off. In Washington DC paying tribute to an organization halo trust recognizing 25 years of its service to clear land mines throughout the world. A service and an organization that was so near and dear to his mother's heart the late Princess Diana. And from that starts of this trip it has spent a lot of public service it has been a lot of public opportunity for photos and to meet with officials but also to meet with everyday Americans those that work. Hit hardest by -- -- sandy those that suffered injuries from wars certainly a diplomatic tour coming to. -- -- For the -- we of course have a complete recap and write up on Of the prince's visit for now. I'm Dan Cutler New York with his ABC news special report. This has been a special report from ABC news did --

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{"id":19187414,"title":"Prince Harry Plays Polo in Connecticut for Charity","duration":"8:46","description":"Prince Harry wraps up his U.S. tour at the Greenwich Polo Club, raising money for orphans in Lesotho.","url":"/International/video/prince-harry-plays-polo-greenwich-connecticut-charity-sentebale-19187414","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}