Putin Assassination Plot Foiled: Russian Officials

Two suspects are shown admitting their involvement on Russia's state-owned TV.
1:31 | 02/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Putin Assassination Plot Foiled: Russian Officials
This is the off the -- that the appalled that explosion which started this investigation. It took place in Ukrainian port of Odessa. And in the rubble the security service found evidence of homemade explosives. One -- -- another was detained at the scene. But led to the dramatic arrest in early February of a Chechen. Identified as are the most money. Who today appeared on one of Russia's stations channels apparently confessing in a television into. That he was involved in a plot to kill Russia's most powerful politician. We -- who we were off to go to Moscow to carry out an attack on prime minister Vladimir Putin he told the Russian channel. Intent upon was to be executed often next Sunday's presidential election. The timing of the Russian TV report was attacked by opposition leaders. He said that Vladimir Putin was trying to gain cynical electoral advantage just six days before the polls. The report even contained footage that appeared to showed the interrogation. Of another suspects -- -- India. Who said they were learning to use explosives in Odessa before going to Moscow to carry out a series -- -- -- you know -- Russian television said the men in custody had been ordered to carry out the next to Todd Boyd a -- model. An infamous Chechen warlords still fighting against Russian -- Last year he claims history carried out the attack on Moscow is -- -- -- ago -- reports. Which killed 57 people.

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{"id":15799853,"title":"Putin Assassination Plot Foiled: Russian Officials","duration":"1:31","description":"Two suspects are shown admitting their involvement on Russia's state-owned TV.","url":"/International/video/putin-assassination-plot-foiled-according-to-russian-officials-15799853","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}