Questions remain after volcanic eruption in New Zealand

Tourists are still missing as the active volcano is still spewing steam.
3:05 | 12/11/19

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Transcript for Questions remain after volcanic eruption in New Zealand
And as we moved to another tragic story more. They were visiting and lots of questions about why they were allowed there in the first place are Marcus Moore is on the ground and bock a tiny New Zealand with the latest. Market. Kimberly good morning that this is a community incrimination really that that's hurting and we've seen this memorial here and in (%expletive) a tiny continue to grow people leaving. Flowers and then writing messages bumped it to people who've been impacted including Nicole here who writes a sharing of news sadness as we. Think of those love ones we have lost. Sending healing thoughts. Kia compound which means stay strong is the that the native the language here. The body language. So as we watch this grow we you also got a very close look. At sea the volcano that really is the the thriving. The lifeblood for a lot of build the businesses and in people's lives here we took ought to boat. Yesterday and it took us about 45 minutes one hour. Going through choppy waters but we got the closest look yet at the white island volcano that still is spewing. A steam into the year we saw the crater. And that's the area where many of the people who were injured and killed where they were on Monday when this eruption happened in a timber that got to tell you that to see. The of the volcano in person if it truly is captivating and and immediately. You understand why so many people want to be here. And and see it and experience it firsthand. But the but the real tragedy is that something terrible happen there and it continues to unfold is still a dire situation here. Because there's concern that the island could erupt again at any moment and that's why the bodies that are still there at the island I have not been moved because crews can't get on the ground there and that's. That certainly frustrating for for everyone involved here. A to say the very least in the meantime dozens of people are in the hospital recovering from severe burns many of them. Would burns over 30% of their bodies and we have heard our report from local media. And quotes from first responders in who describes. Just how severe the the injuries were available to skin. And it being a burned and there's skin as being brought in from Australia and the United States to help people recover. And doctors here have said that the number of people Kimberly being treated. At the scene time. Is unprecedented for this country and it gives you a sense. How big of a situation this is and it's gonna take some time. For the community to heal. Along with the people who survive this for them to heal as well doctors said that many of them. Face months of Recovery Act. Kimberly. While completely Saddam sending. Lots of love to everyone affected their thank you Marcus.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"Tourists are still missing as the active volcano is still spewing steam.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"67658619","title":"Questions remain after volcanic eruption in New Zealand","url":"/International/video/questions-remain-volcanic-eruption-zealand-67658619"}