New Questions Surround Reported Germanwings Plane Crash Video, Co-Pilot's Mental Health

ABC News' Alex Marquardt has the latest details on the investigation from Cologne, Germany.
9:32 | 04/01/15

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Transcript for New Questions Surround Reported Germanwings Plane Crash Video, Co-Pilot's Mental Health
Ms. Siegel cool. Yes. Certainly it's easy to find ended 2009. Email from movement is what I'm sorry I'm the I'm sorry I still think he's so long to publish there's no his course did not tell us. I'm glad I cry like the sun and the idea what they know what you think guaranteed making them much. Start your boy crashed the plane why are you refusing to take questions. Refusing to answer look at this CEO visiting the German wings crash site in the French Alps today. As new questions emerge surrounding the plane crashed. The airline know about on drift little bits mental health problems and is their cell phone video of that flight's final moments editor of French magazine tells us he has seen the video. Hello everyone I'm tired Hernandez in New York joining us now from Cologne Germany ABC's Alex Moore quark. Alex it's been one week since that fatal crash in the French Alps today we have let's times as CEO visiting the crash area. We saw that he didn't take questions at the end of his comments but what did he today. An insult that point in a press conference it was relatively bland and they CEOs from La. Let's times the parent company of German wings which was be airliner that crashed and the CEO journal he's both there. Essentially going their exit pay their respects laying a Reese. And bears just say thank you pseudo rescuers are the investigators. Are the volunteers. Though that local residents and this tiny town and in the French house Colson is outrageous and it's becoming media circus the world's media has descended on their become a senator potential it's clearly it's not used Jews are these men were there. Ought to say thank you did did apologize for what they call a horrible accident and said there's not a single hour. That we don't think about these victims. Over the course of the past week you've had hundreds of Stanley members and dignitaries passing through town. And it would be the residents even opening up their own homes I saw yesterday a report saying that some 2000 beds in any humble home scattered across the town of Russia were opened up. Our two visitors that this was a chance for. This company sued to say thank you but as you can tell that's that's not satisfying. Most people everyone still wants a lot of answers we will wanna know when that Luke Thompson knew what about loudest a lot of questions that still needs be answered. We're getting a few more details here and there but but a lot of questions at both the German and French authorities as well look Lufthansa. Are awaiting an end to reveal. In the meantime there have been reports about cell phone video that captured the final moments of that plane what do we know about such a video and whether it really exists. Yeah this is one of the most chilling developments that we've seen over the course the past few days this plane crashed it came down so quickly that. Use the word senior Lufthansa official it was pulverized and then yesterday we got word. That there was possibly a video the film is by someone on that plane a prosecutor who was sitting at the back of the plane. And it's been seen by the German Bild newspaper which is a tabloid here and that's French party matched. Magazine now they say they do not have it that they've only seen it and their variances candidates you know we ourselves have. Are spoken to the editor in chief of Perry match she says but it's the worst thing he's ever seen and what we understand it to be as. 152 shot in the back of the plane. Blurry but the audio is clear you and hear the screams as the plane goes down. Now. Did bodies. They're essentially were nobody out when this plane crash speak as it came down with such force but. Beef French prosecutors acknowledged that there have been a number of cell phones were recovered they haven't released any details or what may have been. Found on the cell phone and it is possible and speaking to experts that the flash drive and memory on and on your own on everyone's don't. Could possibly have survived if French and German authorities saying they don't know about this video they haven't seen this video if it exists they want to see it. One French police officials saying that it's a state video but be the editor in chief and and his staff at Perry Matt insistent that this video exists. Date don't have a date date don't know if they're going they'd. Say that data can't post it because it's not their possessions we don't know if we'll ever actually see it but they are Adam undated that it is out. And as you were saying earlier Alex. We are learning more about little bits mental health issues his desire to become a pilot. And and the timing of all that so what is the thinking as to how he might have cleared his medical exams. If he would indeed suffered from this severe mental illness or depression. Before. He became a pilot. Well what you heard in that clip that you played at the top was a lot of reporters shouting at the CEO Lufthansa about emails. And essentially what happened wasn't 2008. A little bit started on this. This is suing a lifelong dream of becoming a pilot joined the procedures the -- a pilot training school during that training which lasts almost three years sometimes more than three years. And he's ago out of the beaver bass and when he returned. He sends emails with medical records to deliver to the airline which acknowledged that he is and suffered what was called a severe depressive episode. And the airline allowed to continue with the training program date they. Deemed him fit to continue to keep up is training ski qualified you passed it there were no other positions open and became a flight attendant. And then finally in one week thirteen. He became a pilot now German authorities are saying that ordered him while forty got his license. That he had so bird. As you got treatment I should say or suicidal tendencies and he was still allowed. To keep flying. He kept getting treatment we don't know what it was psychological treatment or visit treatment for our physical ailments over the course of the next two years up until the day of the crash. Getting notes from doctors that would examines your news from work. Arms so he was suffering arms thing psychological. Likely but also we know that he had problems with his vision I think what are the major questions that were trying to answer now is what it what kind of a mental illness you possibly have when he was growing up before he joined at a pilot training program because the very first stat that you have to undertake when you want to become a pilot is just a lot of question Aaron there's a very simple question. Have you ever suffered for any kind. A psychological or psychiatric trouble and if you answer yes your immediately to school all so either he lied on that questionnaire. Or he hadn't really suffered up until that point. Now another important point to make is that when you were observed by the aviation. Agencies here and Germany. It's only for the course over the course of three to five days and psychologists will tell you that's not enough to really assess someone at cycle locks they can take weeks. Or it can take months and in fact someone who has a history of mental illness. Op someone as determined as as limits wants to become a pilot could possibly have hidden it. I knew you touched upon his vision problems what do we know about. Not too much more common to only that he saw treatment four vision problems speak speaking it is. A an aviation psychologist earlier said that it was just. Of one factored in the end in a basket. It factors so there's speculation that emphasize it is speculation that if he was suffering. From vision problems it couldn't. If you get any worse it couldn't really jeopardized his. So if this was threatening his career. And it's something that could have in blamed or or fueled any sort of mental illness. That he had this is all speculation again I'm but we do know that he did suffer from some kind of vision problems that he had sought treatment for. And finally Alex in terms of the crash site you had told us the goal was to remove all of the victims from the crash site by weeks and weird as that recovery process stand now. Well the French authorities said yesterday that other all the remains a balance have been recovered and takes it. Went. The crash site they're still looking for our personal effects to returns of the Stanley French president also Arnold saying it now that they've got all the remains are that they hope to identify all of the victim all the victims by week's end. Your journey authorities are saying it could take. A while longer her but. But at least they are making some sort of progress in terms of getting the remains of the victims identified him and hopefully giving some measure eastern. Thank you Alex ABC's Alex Moore park with us from Cologne Germany. You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news happen starting this story for exclusive updates on the go. I'm tie Hernandez at New York.

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