'Robin Hood' Donor Helps German Town

An anonymous donor is leaving large sums of money in Braunschweig.
1:57 | 03/05/12

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Transcript for 'Robin Hood' Donor Helps German Town
These people have a lot to sing about it. It's the choir of the hospice for the two -- and you. Last week -- -- discovered an envelope with 101000. Euros. Just left outside the front duel since. Some gifts money for a quick -- -- like cost us -- -- gotten all. -- -- it's something back that -- it put Beazer home and take. And that protects. The hospice -- was found hundred dual Macedonia porch so why did the mystery -- leave it where it might not have been found. In this town this talk about Robin -- somebody read distributing the proceeds of crime to -- cook. But here's the thing with the hospice today should the easiest thing would have been -- just about me in the left evokes all of the street. No risk attached to that. I cut signal from the browns try get site -- news usually included with the money referring to the good coal is. It's their best good news story the papers ever had it's like in a famous. Fairly paid. It's it's it's it's -- -- it's it's secret it's Hinton. And people like to read that at saint Marcus his church the pastor founded envelope with the 101000 euros. Tucked behind him books. So who is -- debt and a -- even more than one somebody. -- Gunes will vote and of a people who think located scored idea I would do -- in the -- And it. Now not -- not currently Gorton not crazy. Just warm. And generous. Stephen Evans BBC news for -- society.

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{"id":15850703,"title":"'Robin Hood' Donor Helps German Town","duration":"1:57","description":"An anonymous donor is leaving large sums of money in Braunschweig.","url":"/International/video/robin-hood-donor-helps-german-town-15850703","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}