Rockets Fired Toward Israel Only Two Hours Before Scheduled Ceasefire End

Israeli police say militants in Gaza launched 2 rockets just 2 hours before the ceasefire was scheduled to end.
6:59 | 08/13/14

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Transcript for Rockets Fired Toward Israel Only Two Hours Before Scheduled Ceasefire End
I'm -- company -- some breaking news at this hour Israeli police say militants in Gaza. Launch two rockets toward Israel just two hours before this latest three day cease fire was set to expire. One of these rockets landing in a southern town of two wrote the other intercepted by Israeli iron dome air defenses the IDF. Saying the attack was carried out not by Hamas but by the Islamic Jihad militant group all of this of course. As mediators in Egypt are working through the night trying to secure more talks and extended cease fire. So the latest now I want to bring on the phone from Jerusalem ABC's -- -- nine in. Read I want to ask about this with a list we're hearing from Israeli and Palestinian leaders about this. Again and it was amazing today -- eerily quiet with really not that -- seem to be some sort of progress optically on the -- -- topped both the Palestinians and the Israelis weren't letting out -- speak out how much progress we're making. Maybe here on the ground that it is a good side. I think somewhat -- surprise that Cuba -- It what they -- fire would expire at the rocket began that you mention -- those rocket. Weren't launched -- its alternate route one intercepted by the iron -- it would be -- and wrote. The -- -- I -- app called red alert that all the went off indicate that these. It required in giving people little -- -- the coming. Repeat surprised many people because they believed that this was going to be the breakthrough -- all -- these talk. So the fact that -- while we're -- what is he buyer and did. Rocket a lot and I guarantee you these really administration that incredibly seriously and this may be the -- completely be rail. The congress that he had been made to. Given that preemptive statement then made by Israel and now these developments of these two rockets what have we seen what have we heard about it for -- possible retaliation. What we believe it believed largely right point that it Islamic Jihad another group. But actually inside Gaza Strip that likely buyer these -- they're not just -- internal -- and back are out -- Hamas. -- to abide by -- on the hot has an agenda they're old. But you really government has said they don't care aren't -- it easier going to disturb the peace and quiet southern -- -- They're going to be met with fire. The quiet will be that would quite would be backward when Israeli officials will meet today and buyer will be met with fire. The entire Gaza Strip had been leveled in I tell you like covered the conflicts over many many years that you board. I have not that the epidemic were yapping got -- strict neighbor went completely pulverized. We showed different from the last war that IE NDP but -- I do think there's a good chance it's really the outlook grew at a very hard now to lock -- -- -- -- -- And read as were looking right now as a live shot of Gaza City there are not far from where those rockets were reported to a fallen. What was the sense of optimism and leading in those last hours of that peace talk of those -- is far as the possibility that in fact an extended cease fire or peace talks. Might in fact emerged from Egypt. The truth is -- pretty amazing usually you get certainly something. -- -- so many different reports and the Israeli officials and talking to elect a -- nobody. It's willing to repeal a -- count of exactly what the proper. One Israeli excellent acting minister intelligent about I -- it will -- today. The believed that there -- some legitimate concern that the Palestinian -- and -- particularly with humanitarian aid. There are certain number they'll allow it to god. Ort supply -- food. -- -- -- -- -- The amount going into Gaza Strip there are certain things that they that they typically you -- -- -- -- -- -- wanna eat. On the light of the Palestinian people and got that they did want help. But I gotta tell you -- think you rocketing it just seems like -- going to be incredibly -- progress report. But the front this morning with that -- -- very eagerly wanting to reach some sort of a deal and -- in the capital. In an of course now this obviously is a breaking situation -- here which. Throws into chaos any kind of plans for -- negotiation or any kind of further talks but how does that change the landscape for Egypt. It always appeared content back in that situation -- the mediator between both Israelis and Palestinians would change in this particular war is that there -- credited. EPA. He really had been. It incurred squeezing Hamas as much to pop the colonel -- rocket come into groups. From Egypt into the got restricting your -- under previous administration. -- if there in my pocket rocket had been able to come underneath tunnel but the fact that it's time. A CC has there has been very adamant about -- in shutting down those tunnel. It becomes much more difficult for Hamas smuggle in these rocket impacted will be how about 13 of their arsenal -- media got the -- out of the rocket are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So there equipment and other conflict happened. I think one -- to insert stock pilot rocket and their interest to optically and this conflict in the optical but the fact that the block he has begun. It seems to really he in the -- and -- at a meet the mom and -- -- kind of suggestions in fact that there is still room for a deal. It's still hard to tell exactly -- based on what the vote on the pact and the right that the people. In the Israeli Cabinet who may be deficient as to whether -- at its peak fire not what struck me today -- to people what the more moderate earthquake -- That came out today -- rocketing it -- continued. See your connect -- it even more destruction in the got stripped from the Israeli. Military. -- with the fact that it is continuing I think that -- -- on the situation that we're gonna have quite the next few days. What really -- Sort of the only sort of silver lining opposite -- I truly worked at that the trend that ligament comes with that they get -- -- -- them toward an agreement but. He's really into like -- today but it didn't care what look at I got caught the strip if it is to scrapping the quiet. Anywhere in Israel that would that they they were walking -- -- negotiating table. ABC's -- nine and in Jerusalem for -- -- -- thank you so much for safety obviously first and foremost on our minds and reporting always appreciated. Of course you can keep up with the very latest on this story by downloading ABC news App Store and -- for exclusive updates on ago. -- on -- -- New York.

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{"id":24969896,"title":"Rockets Fired Toward Israel Only Two Hours Before Scheduled Ceasefire End","duration":"6:59","description":"Israeli police say militants in Gaza launched 2 rockets just 2 hours before the ceasefire was scheduled to end. ","url":"/International/video/rockets-fired-israel-hours-scheduled-ceasefire-end-24969896","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}