Royal Baby Makes First Appearance

Kate Middleton, Prince William show off their baby boy to the world for the first time.
25:48 | 07/23/13

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Transcript for Royal Baby Makes First Appearance
Look when -- damn clever New York with this ABC news digital special reports. And you're looking at a live picture of Saint Mary's hospital in London specifically. -- -- -- Inside the duke and duchess of Cambridge and little royal baby. Are expected to. The hospital at some point all eyes have been focusing very intently on those stories all day long. Apparently did have some visitors earlier in the day. Militants -- Carole Middleton visited earlier this morning -- about an hour. Way to the crowds and then they left and then just a short time after that Prince Charles his wife Camilla. Also. Seen outside there is her way into the crowds. Offering few words. Saying when they left the grandson of quote marvelous. -- words for them. Way back but we are waiting just to see we got word from Kensington for the press office there that. Dutchess. -- you are expected to leave Saint Mary's hospital. Way Rick and Alice and see there. Very tight shot of the doors. And Democrats and building outside photographers just growing in -- past couple. Weeks. There and it Buckingham Palace as well. Yesterday there was a huge celebrations. When that announcement was put on that he's outside the gates outside the palace there. And now the whole world waiting and watching. To get the first glimpse of me. An iconic setting where Princess Diana and Prince Charles thirty -- years ago. Brought out prince William. And now the torch has been paso -- As -- -- That's expected out. In just a short time. With his son. The duchess expected as well obviously. For the networks and all of the journalists covering this course any kind of movement at the door is. Right there's all kinds of attention cameras get a little tighter shots. -- get a little more clearly focused. Just to see. Will be the first to make their way those stories. And no name just yes. Still no announcement. On a name. And it could in fact be some time it was a full seven days. Before Prince William listening. Have to wait and see if that tradition of the -- announcement will be carry on. Yesterday's announcement of the birth something very well coordinated by Kensington Palace. And by the duke and duchess. That just giving birth just before 430. Local time. And the press not notified. Until about four hours after that -- Well coordinated efforts. Released by email. By Twitter FaceBook. And then of course that ceremony its recession. Of the birth announcement being carried from the hospital over to Buckingham Palace and then put out its. Earlier this morning it was a 62 gun salute. Held in London to separate locations. -- -- Please announcement. And bells toll at Westminster -- also in celebration. At the bottom of your screen. Well wishes that have been posted. Increasing dot com that we -- out -- book where you can. Which the royal family. Your congratulations. And best wishes -- -- Seen. Congratulatory messages from Saudi Arabia and Jamaica from all over the world truly an internationally. Recognized events and the attention has been focusing now solely on those two doors. Scene we'll come up. First. There have to spend crowds growing outside saint. And on the right you can see prince trousers a couple of hours earlier. He and wife Camilla duchess of Cornwall. Are making their way in. A few nods to the crowd you know the jaguar. Waves. And then inside. And the principal duchess will spend about 25 minutes. Inside. And then afterwards. -- -- some of the reporters saying his grandson. Looks marvelous. As any doting grandfather was no -- say this grandson. A few more eyes. But a few more. Attention little bit more attention -- several grandchildren. Born yesterday. And on the right you can see the militants -- Carole Middleton coming out. Just before the Prince Charles that is their business -- -- you can -- Cambridge. The militants not revealing much. Not talking about hair -- not talking about anything not giving any kind of indication of -- name announcement. Really very little. I think obviously the royal family take the lead on -- that kind of information. Few words to the press that were gathered outside there and and -- plans. Celebration of the excitement. Really. Taking full force yesterday when that announcement was made. -- -- -- square in London. -- in blue Niagara Falls also with a shade of blue. London Bridge -- decked out in blue all in celebration. Of the little royal baby Cambridge. -- been a few people coming and going inside of those stories aside from the militants. Prince Charles and Camilla. But not to Manning it is an exclusive wing Saint Mary's hospital it's not the main entrance of the hospital. In last night we saw -- from a different vantage point we saw some pizza being the some of the hospital staffers in. Prince William. Sending out here Kensington Palace. Is thanks to the staff team. It helped in the delivery. Make that show us what looks like it. Tops of a couple of gentleman's heads. -- -- -- -- It's interesting news you can see sound in the reflection of those stories you can see just sound of the press. That have been gathered outside there. Sitting at -- for the past several weeks. Waiting for the big -- not only. With the duchess -- headed into the hospital. And then of course waiting outside work it was nearly eleven hours of flavor but then of course the big announcements. We've brought out. From those stores -- today. Now to actually see me. It's interesting to note as. At some point today. All three heirs to the room. -- -- One -- spot first time. That that has happened. Of course Prince Charles first of mind it was a -- William. And that iconic video Prince Charles. Stein and carrying Prince. William. Those steps. The first time that a royal air was born in a hospital. Prince Charles. There's going in Buckingham Palace. And up until that point that had been the protocol. -- nursing board delivery room had been traditionally set up inside of Buckingham Palace that was where the air. Would be born and unlike this video that we see here on the right and unlike those first couple of pictures that we saw. It was heavily station very choreographed. How times have changed. Area. Roar of the crowd -- -- -- the side that remain minute countdown almost. Certain take place. I. -- -- Guy. -- -- -- Outside. That first glimpse. -- -- These guys big boys by heavy and was still working on a name -- when I -- season -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anything. They want the -- Reminding his tardiness we've been -- And I don't movies -- -- -- -- -- because you'll get arsenal now we couldn't in the coffins. Name. -- Here for the moment -- -- hospital. But not before getting that first glimpse. Of the being. And Prince William. Sheridan few words with the crowd there. Saying at first to reporters he's got a good pair of lungs on -- -- a little bit of humor. Little bit of little bit of character traits some of the baby and as far as the name goes well he said they're still working on -- back side. Prince William commenting. Is a big boy with a heavy boy. And that fact. And the -- Saying it's a very emotional moment. Something that. Q excuse me that -- -- it says that he will remind his son. Later on in life his tardiness. -- -- remark the president and camp out for weeks now. -- a little bit of -- Perhaps a little bit later than expected. The couple dressed in blue. Remarkable to think. However you may feel about the royals -- when remarkable thing. That in less than 24 hours behind. The -- gave birth and has now addressed the world with her son. -- when they become king. -- Expressing. Gratitude for the staff that helped in the delivery. And for the excitement that her in the -- half. The welcoming. -- We don't yet know. It's happened when they will be discharged you know at Kensington Palace that -- leaving the hospital. Back to Kensington Palace. And standing right there just steps away from what we witnessed is ABC's. Robot and Amy father. I can tell you finish. -- airlines there was that a lot of excitement watching from here I can only imagine electricity in the crowd there. That's right and I mean this is electorate. And certainly we are still waiting for the royal family to come back -- those stories because we understand. They're -- green baby Cambridge who has yet to be named are still working on that name. Back out into one of these black cars behind this they just purchase date car's -- we saw that car seat. Ushered in back to -- earlier today about ninety pounds -- 150 dollars. And what a beautiful family as they walked out we got to hear from Prince William. And from that duchess for the first time today and see that beautiful boy. They said that he -- a good pair of lungs -- -- -- a little more hair than his father and thankfully hat the look at his -- so very gracious and they just had such and spirit of happiness around them it was truly a joy to see them walk out and to see their beautiful smiles we can't wait to watch them. Walked back out we've been told they were gonna come on -- speak to us. Jodi McCarthy put the baby in the currency and come back out but of course everyone shouting out questions it was quite a mad scene. As they were coming in it looks like they're they are coming back out again. -- -- -- Is there. All making their way out like -- -- -- No thanks. Very -- -- out Williams trying to make sure it's in their -- played the game sitting behind his. -- OK mom now. Then they. And there are still. Many -- midwest yeah. Okay. Yeah. McDonald's moment that everyone in. The main floor for three and a half weeks here is so many people have been. Braving the elements of London from the heat CV. Torrential downpours. For that moment right there what -- happy occasion for this country and for the world frankly. A new baby boy third in line to the thrown -- very healthy big baby boy the biggest in over a hundred years eight pounds six ounces. But we still have to wait one ripping families. That may even there. Apparently going to make -- -- a little bit longer they were in the hospital for 37 hours I believe Prince Harry was named within 24 hours so it looks like. We'll see how Long Will have to wait for the name of this -- -- heir to the throne but what an amazing moment we just witnessed. And threw him from what I understand Chris when was not named but seven days after he was boards and I would that a time from a 36 hours to seven days. So you know what -- and fortunately for you might be on that rough assignment for a little bit longer in London. -- Some time and that -- good things such an incredible. Opportunity to witness history right now intends to see how many people put in so many hours to CNN news -- the -- it is hospitals up there behind me. They know is also something pretty remarkable that they they mind the sky -- They've been hanging up the windows of the hospital and here and they lined the streets and we know the did you conduct just thanked profusely the staff for all of their help and all of their care. While they stay there in Saint Mary's and there was a tremendous amount of security and and a tremendous amount of care I'm sure to making sure. They all arrived safely and had the best experience possible given all the late reports that we know now that Kate had to go through ten hours himself back you down. I think it's absolutely fascinating absolutely. -- -- Haney wrote -- thank you so much outside of Saint Mary's hospital I wanna go now to llamas on outside of Buckingham Palace and llama I imagine the excitement actually Kensington Palace there. -- is on its way. Yes exactly that not exactly what I was going to say to you know I'm watching. The -- coming here we just sold them get into their car they are making their way here. To Kensington Palace Britney and K -- baby Cambridge because this is off to roll that William and -- And -- when they are in London. They stay in what is -- -- not seeing him hostage on the ground here at Kensington Palace but that is not where there will eventually move in. And start a happy. You want. And they will be moving in two what schools apartment one -- that was Princess Margaret. Old apartment mrs. Margaret what's being the queen's sister but. They they've been spending so much money on it reported the spending one point five million dollars. In renovations trying to refurbish -- repairing the roof since morning. He heating systems that electricity water -- that truck. And not work isn't going to be done until before so that is ready when they will be moving into their new apartment but don't let the apartments that. Fool you because of it is of -- story twenty. -- in the house wounded and mastery of course at a private garden but yes this is where they will be making. That way any moment now it just depends on traffic I guess. Right exactly get the first thing that we come up with the Wii -- the -- apartment we think maybe 600 square feet and some kind of compromise that is based at Kensington Palace servant. In like that. Get jurors to see they're -- -- there -- -- crowds outside their but it still accessible to the public can see people running back behind you and. Vikings back there. Yes. Yeah it's just a normal day here. On the ground so and I think it because it's just happened not many people know that they are making their way of course. Me being the media did get a warning but we'll sort of average well fat if you -- Doesn't know judge yes but they will of course I expect that there will be people once they find doubts that the royal couple and they -- -- will be here. I expect that to happen. And you know you were talking to a year earlier about visitors today of course the -- parents went to visit their new -- -- Now let me tell you Prince Harry uncle Harry ice to save lives about a 150 yards from here so. I am sure he'll be making time to pump every here to meet his nephew because -- he has been saying that he's. Really excited. About becoming an uncle he's always talked about how phones he is case he would say that -- is his sister he's never had so. I bet he'll be making his way here I'm. Also gonna bet that Prince Harry is going to be the uncle. And that brings over all of the loud toys all of the toys that makes a lot of mess up bright kids get a meter wide. To help that little royal baby. The duke and duchess on their toes and now -- Yet that I think that's a pretty dead accurate assessment in fact. When you -- -- royal watchers and world report says they always say you know uncle Harry is going to be the war on -- -- do you sing. Little baby -- -- to nightclubs for example says he's going to be the cool uncle they hit uncle. That they're given -- a few years but yes good to get the -- -- and well -- -- outside of Kensington Palace while. We -- want to take one more look at this. Video this. Waiting for it. First glimpse. Outside. -- guides all the paparazzi in the press fans have been waiting outside the stretches his hand that stretches his fingers -- a little. -- -- duke and duchess. -- -- and a couple of insights. With the rest of the press. And I think we also a side by side comparison shot. On the left there that was the scene 31 years ago. When years ago when prince Williams carried out at Saint Mary's hospital and now. It is his. Side by side shots. It's Diana. First to break with tradition to have a child in a hospital not about him. It's gonna depend on -- -- He's the big boys by heavy -- was still working on a name to a lot of guys who had been working best -- -- your brother Justin can jump. -- working on and of course that we. That next big -- and -- Courts have -- -- on And we will break in when a name has announced. For now I'm Dan -- in New York. But -- -- -- special report.

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