Royal baby, Prince Louis, christened at St. James' Palace

Prince Louis wore a replica of the royal christening robe for the event at St. James' Palace.
1:45 | 07/09/18

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Transcript for Royal baby, Prince Louis, christened at St. James' Palace
This ABC's live tiny bit longer we're here in London at saint James palace for the christening a prince William and -- our child. Lillie you can see the crowds had gathered here outside. For a chance at them glimpse. As part of the royal family today inside we have learned some of them beat up about what happens will be a forty minute long ceremony. Lillie able lire with handmade replica of the royal christening road back was actually made by that. Queen's dress maker herself and Lilly fine and water from the River Jordan. We'll be used as part of the fact is that now. Princely lab sixty god parents those six got parents and their spouses significant others will also be here as well I'm not surprised about who these six people are there all close friend and and Palin are that inner circle are. William and Kate now after this ceremony. All of the friends and ambled back to clearing cap that is where Prince Charles the grandfather. Lives and he will host a reception a team to celebrate the christening. His grandson at that at that party there will also be kiss me Kate and that he actually comes from will add. Kate's wedding cake at several years old and it'll all eat that cake and celebrate the christening of Lillie. What interesting thing to note the queen will not be here today the queen. And Prince Philip will not be here that is not a surprise to willing hit the and then they knew and it aunts and it was a decision that was made because the queen. Has a very busy week ahead of her. And so they were all well aware that this was not something that she would be able to participate. But here today everyone celebrating the christening it. A prince Lilly. I need a pilgrim this is ABC news lives in London.

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{"duration":"1:45","description":"Prince Louis wore a replica of the royal christening robe for the event at St. James' Palace.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"56464437","title":"Royal baby, Prince Louis, christened at St. James' Palace","url":"/International/video/royal-baby-prince-louis-christened-st-james-palace-56464437"}