Royal Family: Then and Now

How traditions have changed throughout the years.
3:00 | 07/01/13

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Transcript for Royal Family: Then and Now
And tradition and protocol ruled the English monarch -- But even the stiffest of upper lips have softened with the times. About -- There have been changes in the royal standard operating procedures including how the monarchy braces a royal air. British historian Robert -- explains that beginning with birth announcement tradition has been tweaked and then turned down -- tradition. For announcing the royal. Takes place. Over that. On the ratings of Buckingham Palace. That the notice gets put out attached to the ratings. That's been the -- Decades. The new protocol for announcing that the -- will be the use all of -- The palace says go to -- Twitter count. It's got FaceBook. So it'll be going out of -- those new social media. Even the delivery itself has evolved over the years Buckingham Palace used a double as a birthing room. The last -- to the -- to be pulled in Buckingham Palace as Prince Charles a room was set up in the palace. Like a hospital ward. That was -- resupplied gave -- in 1948. Prince -- was not present -- the books. He was -- playing squash in the palace books coats I'm pretty sure all the Prince William will want to be physically in the room. Where -- you baby. His -- And what about those adorable first pictures of the littlest air. In the cost is being in the studio sets up in. The palace. Diana broke away from -- -- she was perfectly happy for film festival hospital. Like anyone else and I think within the -- to say we've Catherine the duchess of Cambridge. But perhaps the biggest change of all. The line of succession. Traditionally males were first regardless of record but parliament is changing -- -- and legislation cut costs in the unite. To reform the rules governing the succession to the crowd. If the baby where ago. It would only succeed if there -- -- Brothers. Now the -- is being changed. But the plan is whether the baby as a foil ago that baby will be in keeping with the mobile homes and -- quality. Conquests of equality just one of the changes that will no doubt captured the world's attention. We're fascinated by this. I think what was fascinated about is the mixture of tradition the way it's always been done and the way in which the new parents -- -- -- To reflect their own personality. What they want for the new patriot news center. -- that ABC news New York.

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{"id":19548953,"title":"Royal Family: Then and Now ","duration":"3:00","description":"How traditions have changed throughout the years.","url":"/International/video/royal-family-now-19548953","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}