Russia accuses Ukraine of provocation after seizing ships near Crimea

U.N. Security Council holding emergency session after ships seized
3:44 | 11/26/18

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Transcript for Russia accuses Ukraine of provocation after seizing ships near Crimea
The talk about with you guys next is what's going on in Russia and wonder bring in a Martha Raddatz 'cause she knows everything when it comes to foreign affairs and Martha we need help breaking this one down because. This summer I understand you know. He's years ago first Russia took a part of Ukraine away now flash forward to today and it's almost like. A real life game of battleship happening between the two countries where we now they're they've taken three now this seems. Like such an aggressive move by rush but what's actually going on that right now. Well I think it actually is an aggressive were a move by Russia as far as we can tell our right now they are holding. Three Ukrainian ships three Ukrainian vessels. They and Russia said they didn't want him to pass through this straight. If if you look at the pictures the bridge there. Russian built that bridge and you see those warplanes behind their. Russia build a blue ridge. From Crimea. Which they annexed an annex sounds like a very passive term they went in there with tanks and 2014. And took at that picture right there. You see a Russian. Vessel. Ramming that Ukrainian Tug boat now this area by treaty Ukraine can use and Russia can use. Russia claims the Ukrainian vessels were acting erratically. Ukraine denies that saying they just wanted free passage through there instead. Russia fired. On those Ukrainian vessels and injured. About six sailors none of them seriously they say they're holding a ships now but they have opened those lanes. To shipping traffic. Martha's he's they were gonna keep talking about this because as you said is just getting more and more aggressive right now and I want to also bring in our friend now Karen's at the White House because. Karen I need help not breaking down what this means for us here in the US obviously president trump and Russia and those are two words we've all been here together in conversation so. What heaven is now Russia as Martha just said see is being super aggressive so does the White House respond to this they have an obligation to respond when things can happen. Adamant statement yet from the administration Maggie the US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley says that there will be an emergency meeting of the Security Council today but I think the and that there has not been eight policy response or any statement from the administration we of course have asked the president later this week is traveling to Argentina for a world leaders summit and he is scheduled to meet on the sidelines of Russian president Vladimir Putin which is already going to be very interesting meeting. Of course because of the Russian probe and that relationship that he is bill. With President Clinton now this of course could be a very big topic for that conversation but so far. No response yet from the administration. Home. No response and what about the will be hearing more of Karen Morris I'm also curious from your perspective but what do you think this means for the world stage and obviously people are looking to president trump right now but what about food well. I think President Putin is gonna handle this have to handle this very very carefully in the coming days because this could explode. In to a larger conflict and certainly the world wants to avoid any kind of larger content. Conflict but what you've seen President Putin do over and over. It's just kind of push. Those limits go as far as he can but those images today of those warplanes. And that ship ramming the other one I have the world concerned and NATO is calling for every one. To restrain themselves. Martha thank you again kind of a confusing situation to be covered especially when it's like we haven't talked about in a couple years so appreciate the the debrief in there and I'm Islip talking again. Thanks Martha.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"U.N. Security Council holding emergency session after ships seized","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"59422129","title":"Russia accuses Ukraine of provocation after seizing ships near Crimea","url":"/International/video/russia-accuses-ukraine-provocation-seizing-ships-crimea-59422129"}