Russia frees journalist after exceptional outcry

Russian police have dropped charges against Ivan Golunov, the investigative journalist whose arrest last week has prompted an unusual outcry.
1:59 | 06/12/19

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Transcript for Russia frees journalist after exceptional outcry
I'm a Julian overnight Russia was who has released a journalist being held on drug charges. And Alba dropped after quite a public outcry so what's the latest there. Tenet this isn't ready really extraordinary story from Russia nicely because it's kind of a really strong and one of the finest real. This sort of exams we've seen of civil. Society of civil action being taken on the government responding to pressure on this remember Russia is ranks around AT set out to the hundreds. On the world press freedom index a hundred being the absolute last say of course Russia pretty far down on that list. Festival this story even golden of he is now an independent freelance investigative reports. 48 Latvian based Russian. Outlets and he'd he'd done Alatas investment stories on Mike Lynch business corruption. All of these sorts of things and last week he was detained by police. On drug charges now it there was a huge international outcry about as I'm ticket very very much domestic outcry. Hey this same of these charges for falls. That pictures that. A pitch to shave stashes of method drive in his apartment what I see pictures of his apartment. A lot of campaign is saying this was sound and this was growing into a real embarrassment. For the crime let. Now one of my colleagues has just points out that today actually is a Russian. Public holidays it's an interesting timing for the Russians two the release him from prison. And drop the charges against him and Interior Minister today. Saying he's gained Oscar Vladimir Putin Russian president. 252. Officials. Who are bold. In this in this whole debacle. But this is really quite an extraordinary example of Russian civil society. Sort of standing up for press freedom and the authorities actually taking names that stick and interesting timing on that release and interesting details they are Julio.

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{"duration":"1:59","description":"Russian police have dropped charges against Ivan Golunov, the investigative journalist whose arrest last week has prompted an unusual outcry.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63654493","title":"Russia frees journalist after exceptional outcry","url":"/International/video/russia-frees-journalist-exceptional-outcry-63654493"}