Russia nuclear mystery deepens

Concerns deepen after Russia appears to have concealed explosions at missile test sites.
3:16 | 08/20/19

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Transcript for Russia nuclear mystery deepens
Information surrounding that mysterious nuclear explosion that killed seven people off the northern coast has largely been secret now. For Russian nuclear monitoring stations have gone silence I want to bring in James Longman and our London bureau to explain this hey James good to see you. So the the monitoring station that I understand. Detect nuclear radiation so why would they all of a sudden go quiet. Good question to candidate as so far the an international nuclear watchdog has been in touch of these full stations to a mosque why exactly they've gone offline. They in turn have responded to say that having. Quite communication and network issues. And but it's not in tiny clay that that is the case especially since this is happened so soon off to that nuclear blast. In the north all of Russia the Kremlin has said they know nothing about it because. You know nuclear radiation detection stations according to the Kremlin on not in that 'cause he's. Which I think most Russia watches would say they found that. And hard to believe I actually today even speaking with a Greenpeace activist who in Moscow alignment when I was that last week both came when he thinks about this. And he Sicily insisting he said that they they're two stations which are relatively close to the blast site which. Probably could detect radiation particles Indiana if the wind was going in the right direction say looks like a cover up if those two have been turned off. But the other two Arnold further away and cut one of them is actually out in Siberia so be very unlikely full. Radiation and nuclear particles to travel that Fossett begs a question why would they be turned off. Well then we all school could Russia be testing other stuff in the coming. Days weeks and months and that's why they've tons of these particular radiation stations off. So look I think at the moment webos still sightseeing. Full Auld says that it won't just feeds into this bigger issue which is the total lack of information over the whole thing you know when I was up that. It was actually be radiation that worried people in the long time that went up by four to sixteen times it sounds a lot actually. As we kept repeating nothing compared to previous dissolves as election noble what many thousands of times over safe dosage of radiation. But the idea that Russia would keep the whole thing so quiet be so secretive about it issue what does of people to evacuate and then rescind those orders. And I think not put people send me on edge and for these full stations to have gone doc I think about worries people a little bit as well. So just before we go James what happens next. Well how we will continue to watch whether or not the Russians couldn't be united continue some of that nuclear testing I think Kimberly. A really interesting context ruled this is the and all of a new can be a treaty between the United States and Russia. It kind of had a pulse earlier this month has been in place since 1987 in the whole reason exists. Is to stop the proliferation all of these sorts of weapons the fact that backs treats he fell apart so soon off street now the United States is testing. Missile systems that we haven't seen being tested since the Cold War albeit not need Korea but nevertheless. Similar systems to daisies in the Cold War and now we're seeing these extraordinarily. Complicated and dangerous technology. Being tested and failing in rough set it all adds up. Two I think can son who are now entering a no arms race committee.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Concerns deepen after Russia appears to have concealed explosions at missile test sites.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65078165","title":"Russia nuclear mystery deepens","url":"/International/video/russia-nuclear-mystery-deepens-65078165"}