Russian-Ukrainian Standoff Plays Out Among Naval Ships

Ukrainian naval ships are being blocked by Russians from leaving Sevastopol Bay.
3:00 | 03/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Russian-Ukrainian Standoff Plays Out Among Naval Ships
This is the beautiful -- of Sevastopol you're really know that there's a crisis underway. This is generally uses transportation -- a lot of going container ships over there in that -- -- the reason we're here is because there's a standoff going on between the Russian. -- Ukrainian navy is there are several Ukrainian naval ships that we hear being blocked from leaving today by the Russian -- so we've gotten on this private boats trying to as close as we possibly can -- in the situation. I don't really exciting news. They'll basically she's saying -- -- and dog very close to these ships. Ukrainian naval ships that are staying out to stay on -- centers and because the Russians are blocked him from leaving their report. This -- -- gym has just pulled into the bay says a -- dawn on exits we understand and and expeditionary ship. Thank you see several sailors there on the bow. Wearing orange life jackets -- -- And as -- as well. And there and going right past these two Ukrainian ships behind them. Flying the flag the blue and white flag of the Russian Navy up there. Sevastopol is also home to Russian Black Sea -- -- they really didn't have to go too far to try and block. And -- Ukrainian ships that is a huge Russian Navy cargo ship blocking the narrow -- to the Sevastopol port -- towns. At least three -- Simpson. Now preventing anyone. Coming in are going out. Season into the Ukrainian ships that are refusing to surrender one -- -- a command ship the other anti submarine you can still there's still. Waving the Ukrainian flag and -- -- -- never knew that anything was happening people -- on the boardwalk shopping calling for lunch but those big Russian ships out there -- strong reminder this crisis is far from over.

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{"id":22789727,"title":"Russian-Ukrainian Standoff Plays Out Among Naval Ships","duration":"3:00","description":"Ukrainian naval ships are being blocked by Russians from leaving Sevastopol Bay.","url":"/International/video/russian-ukrainian-standoff-plays-out-among-ships-22789727","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}