Seine River reaches peak in flood-affected Paris

ABC News' James Longman reports from the famed and flooded river.
1:05 | 01/29/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Seine River reaches peak in flood-affected Paris
Just look at wet the water has come to you hey in Paris it is. Eighteen foot. Above where it normally is this is a rug just on the side of the San ordinary people will be up to walk and drive down a you can see the signs pointing some of the most. Famous pots of Paris. This is now totally blocked off it comes off the weeks and weeks of the most intense rain is fifty that is seen is that what this winter. For about a hundred EA's game. At 1500. People have been evacuated now times a thousand times without power in fact 200 towns over 200 towns. Up and down the send the Paris region have been affected by this. The river itself well that's empty because officials have banned buddies from going up and down it's too dangerous for them and in Paris on the subways. A reason plays and that it museum one of the most things in the world the most visited museum in the laden fact. And now ground level of that is close to his does as a precaution. At the moment officials as saying that they think the will to level house he wasn't getting behind the myth but nevertheless it is gonna take days if not weeks. To this city to get back to normal.

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{"id":52681959,"title":"Seine River reaches peak in flood-affected Paris","duration":"1:05","description":"ABC News' James Longman reports from the famed and flooded river.","url":"/International/video/seine-river-reaches-peak-flood-affected-paris-52681959","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}