Sobbing Oscar Pistorius Describes Shooting Reeva Steenkamp

Court was adjourned as Pistorius broke down on the witness stand describing the events of that night.
10:15 | 04/08/14

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Transcript for Sobbing Oscar Pistorius Describes Shooting Reeva Steenkamp
This is a special group. It's. That. Treatment. -- -- Those -- jobs you just heard from the man known as the blade runner breaking down in court today as he described. That night when he shot through a bathroom door. Killing girlfriend -- -- camp. So emotional the judge ending his testimony and the journey in the court for the day many wondered if the story -- would be able to handle the pressure. On the stand. Today he could not hello everyone I'm Michelle president New York -- breaking headline today court adjourned and ABC's -- governor was there in the Pretoria courtroom and has more Matt. -- long ago. But it's a small consortium. It was -- moment in court. These stories begin -- to describe the mold keep down -- -- camps bloody body in his bathroom. And -- it's a really good nonprofit. And along. Those who sit well. Those were his last words in court today themselves rolling into waves of agonized whales. Rather abruptly -- -- -- -- -- but stood up. Walking out of the court. Trying to get these stories the chance to compose himself these stories would come back into court. I cannot responsibly obstacle -- Depending on today earlier he had described the moments before the shooting hearing what he thought where intruders. But perceived to be somebody coming took the toilets. He -- he called out for his reality star girlfriend that night three times but was never answer and when he thought someone was coming out of the toilet cubicle. Before and it's not -- -- -- that the total. Why is Maria couldn't say anything. So shots at a pistol shots and prevented -- -- the convinced. Matt -- in Pretoria South Africa we have a lot of questions on this dramatic testimony today of one -- Korean defense attorney Karen DeSoto. Via Skype -- thanks for joining us first of all was this a risky move for the defense to put the story us on the stand. Oh gosh Michelle this was such a risky move I mean this is a question and that attorney struggle with and I can tell you that the rule of thumb that is more often -- to your client on the stand than it is. Yes so obviously the elements and the factors that you consider is how good is your client. Are they going to you make a good impression but the biggest question in this case is the fact that you're playing. Or doing your testimony for Ajax -- jury makes that big strategic difference and of course there's been a concern. All along that the whether or not he would be able to handle the pressure. Of testifying now apparently. Today that was not the case is not come -- said the story as was so emotional the trial was adjourned for this day. Is this unusual in a stunning move by a judge to take this -- to the stand. Now oh now in fact Michelle I have that client and witnesses state Rell believe. -- out. -- -- -- uncontrollably that we had to call medics say no it is not unusual at all and back more often than not when you have a case that's very emotional. This is what when of the things that you gear up for and and that you know may be happening especially your client is medicated. Especially if the only members are dedicated this is just something and what are the questions I always ask -- like this. My first question is are you on any medication. And of course with the case being adjourned today does this work for one side or the other it's obviously a judge that takes this all into account. Right now not necessarily you want to give. The person he's breaking down in this case basket the story at the time to regain their control. I've spent some time with their attorneys thing -- and let's go over what I'm gonna ask you try to compose yourself. But more often than not Michelle you know clients we'll do what clients want to do. And you have no control over their emotions how ever you do you spend an enormous amount of prep time and this is something that. Should it -- in Europe or I don't think this is the best case scenario for the defense act team I think that he. Keep the prosecutor a lot of ammunition here Michelle let's talk about some of that ammunition what still -- stood up to you as could be potential when it comes to the cross examination. Right well that the biggest problem with this case is the fact that a man natural inclination when being awoken by a burglar -- noise. The first thing that every client or every witness that -- ever spoken to the first thing they say that the movement that they wake up. They try to secure their children or their loved ones so you're fighting against that natural common -- -- -- that he didn't look around or find her first. Before doing anything. And so what corroborate that natural kind of -- -- element well the fact that the neighbors heard a lot of screaming and yelling. One of the biggest problems that is now going to happen is that -- timeline is much different in the neighbors who are you gonna believe in that instant. And again Michelle -- this these are judges these are not jurors -- can be duped. They've heard it all or at least the immigration all breakdown of many many times and say you're better off the attorney sticking to the facts. And let's talk about another example that many experts are saying could open him up to cross examination. When he says he heard intruders in the bathroom. Prosecutors how -- -- Work on this spring across its foundation what how how -- gonna pinpoint and go and honest. -- they're gonna say if you did in fact call -- hurt and why didn't she answer right. And the fact that this is Michelle at the -- -- closets. Or after and are very very title in -- bedrooms. So the defense is going to be trying to make it look at that he was -- -- fearful and and do. Points. Kind of correlated to -- But if you notice from his testimony he says that prior to going to bed. Opened the door isn't closed the curtains -- is a person -- recently fearful. Going to open the doors and then go to bed. There's lots of little things like that I would expect it's like an onion Michelle you spend time just -- every layer. Again and again and again and by the time you're done there's -- -- -- inconsistencies. So many things that down. That you know -- the story just doesn't make that. And at the end of the day you have a woman locked at at you know 3 o'clock in the morning with her clothes -- not -- -- She is like she should've been given Oscar's. Test and any. And it just doesn't make it doesn't make sense that he -- don't stick together in this -- I want to ask you a little bit more wanna listen to some more sound summer saying that his emotional testimony could be credible let's listen one more clip before you -- in. I was screaming -- shots in the holds on crime so it's. -- -- -- -- And had to go that this conduct an old product that -- scream go. I was calling off the road -- videos -- three. What do you think the judge will do with testimony like this. I actually think that it makes it worse rather and one of the reasons why I believe that is again this is the justices in the jury. Having this type. A motion can indicate two or three different things not necessarily it could be I'm guilty I'm scared. -- judges don't necessarily take that into consideration however he was stone faced. Then that may be another crunch unconscious indicator right. However whether or not you're crying -- -- not crying or you get emotionally -- Is not going to be the same week as it would be with the jury so you -- that doesn't play and here. Along the way of this case there's also been the introduction of some of the text messages that that the two traded before her death we want to listen to one more clip. At the courthouse today the story is read so what's -- Message from -- camp right before -- break down. But did everything to make you happy and to not say anything struck the -- with you. Did everything to throw its entrance -- of people. You didn't sit but. Have been upset by you -- today zone and so sits on the third spot to do so six. Can't get that. I'm scared of you sometimes and -- you snap at me and both you will get to meet. So Karen can you describe the strategy here of why defense attorneys would have their client read that. Well because it's been such a large part of the keys that you almost have to bring it up yourself and explain -- the wet pet away. Of course the other -- -- that is again you're dealing with the judge and in domestic violence situations you have peaks and lows. So whether or not somebody is saying I let you. Is not necessarily -- indicators that you're looking work however. You -- that he hasn't bad temper that she's scared about that she's fearful. And user element that you want to deal with you wanna try and get your client to explain as a way so the prosecutor doesn't have a field day with them and they already. No doubt the prosecution on cross examination will be asking the story as those questions and many more defense attorney Karen DeSoto. Thanks for joining us the trial resumes tomorrow this has been an ABC news digital special report can keep up with this story in real time. Downloading in the ABC news -- and star in this story for exclusive updates on the -- I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":23243436,"title":"Sobbing Oscar Pistorius Describes Shooting Reeva Steenkamp","duration":"10:15","description":"Court was adjourned as Pistorius broke down on the witness stand describing the events of that night. ","url":"/International/video/sobbing-oscar-pistorius-describes-shooting-reeva-steenkamp-23243436","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}