Olympic Games Begin Whether Sochi Is Ready or Not

The focus in Russia shifts from construction to the athletes as qualifying events commence.
3:00 | 02/06/14

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Transcript for Olympic Games Begin Whether Sochi Is Ready or Not
This is a special. Good morning anti Hernandez in New York with an ABC news digital special report the years of buildup to the Winter Olympics in Sochi that controversy the last minute preps. The terror concerns it all comes down to today. Let the games begin we're gonna go live to ABC's -- -- in Sochi covering it all for us hello Matt. Bolo tie and this -- before the games of course. -- has been all that preparation. Seven years as you mentioned to get everything that you see behind me. Ready. Quite there a lot of things are almost ready but not fully completed. -- over the past couple of days we've seen people just -- that's stating behind where the opening ceremony is set to begin tomorrow. Not too long from now. People's spray painting grass. On in a picture. But now the games have actually begun and the focus shifted to what really matters here -- And they're off just hours ago this all four team USA snowboarders qualifies for the -- style finals. After America's highest flying snow -- short white did himself Wednesday. And Bode Miller dominated downhill -- to victory in practice he's open to meddle in his third Olympics the women are fighting for spots in the finals right now T figure skating slated for tonight these qualifying events coming. Even -- for the opening ceremonies Friday at the Olympic Stadium. Security's tight -- are feverish including apparently painting the grass outside the stadium. -- look like a colossal beverage yeah. The deet -- about the ceremony with its nearly a let. Performers. It's virtually a state secret here only a few photos trickling out from Sunday's dress rehearsal. Expect -- reports lots of and rumor has it Russian pop -- tattoo of her famous for most sexually suggestive lyrics. We'll also be featured along with famous Russian violinist conductor and and tell the -- Ed today the Americans already getting into it. Looks those skiers Terry Herman Kevin Logan and I -- to -- a -- with -- sex. All right Matt hope that looks like a good time there and and it isn't paid in the act at a averaging -- On the graphic thinking up for us watching at home on -- is -- it looked pretty good and put together compared. You know Whitney you see the dirty -- sales there on the ground. Yeah it's it. There's been a lot that's gone into -- 51 billion dollars worth of Russian effort blood sweat tears. Construction. Quite a bit of corruption if you believe the opposition here but. It's probably gonna be good enough for TV and that's really all that matters I think to the Russians. And to the athletes and you know spending a lot of time today with those slopes style skiers. Kerry and -- Here for -- -- sleeping in tiny twin beds the rooms are ready to TV isn't quite prepared. It's not exactly comfortable what. You can see that ending the eight -- with me they. 887 -- Grohl they danced with -- sex they're here to enjoy the experience and they're clearly soaking it up so. I think by and large it's going to be so fart hopefully it's going to be successful and I think. The athletes -- we spoken to so far taking everything in stride there are going to enjoy this. And I think the spectacle that you're going to see tomorrow night in the opening ceremonies are probably throughout. The games is going to be rather impressive. So the things that we're a little bit more focused on here -- -- side including the most recent terror threat involving toothpaste. The tendency to be resonating very much with in the Olympic village since it it -- -- which from what we hear it is very secure. In terms of planes perhaps coming into Russia being threatened that that doesn't seem to be weighing too heavily on those already there is that right. Yet certainly not the athletes -- and Russian officials don't seem too perturbed by this they're saying that. They've had these threats out for quite a while nobody is allowed to bring any liquid on planes -- to Sochi. He you know you've seen some of those demonstrations by American weapons expert even a couple of tubes of of toothpaste back with certain types of explosives. Can take down a plane the Russians say this place it's safe they insisted say they -- tens of thousands of security people. All around the city incited in plain clothes we saw a couple of special police a special forces police. With. A semiautomatic guns and silence -- on them today which was actually rather than usual you don't see a lot of that but. Security is very very intense and athletes that we spoke -- -- so far say they feel relatively secure and one of the reasons for that is that. The Russians are pretty low key about this in previous games we've seen a lot of men with a lot of guns. We really don't see very many of them those two special forces officers that I saw were really the same to -- saw yesterday and they're the only two I've seen at the games. Openly brandishing significant assault rifles -- -- A lot of plainclothes and a lot of undercover cops and a lot of you know. Cops walking around with batons and nothing more -- security the real security is on the periphery. -- -- Sochi. Out in the provinces. That's where they're clamping down. But -- enough you guys can put this up that this morning I woke up looked out the window that is the Black Sea by the way. And out there -- ice 77. Patrol boats. And whatever they were -- the Russian Navy boats right off the coast so. You know it's not too in your face but if you start to look you can find how significant the security cordon around associates. All right Matt you started showing us the picture I think that was one of your tweets let's -- over a few of them because you've been. -- been tweeting things that you see along the way we've got a picture some dogs tells another dog situation there. There was a concern about rabbit in stray dogs and Sochi ahead of the Olympics. This city which was pretty small before has become a massive construction site we talk about the 51 billion dollars so a whole lot of stuff -- in today's. And it created a stray dog problem according to the Russian authorities here they were concerned that some of them might attack. Some of the visitors -- the athletes and so. There's been -- company hired to call the dogs by poisoning them. Still -- see a lot of stray dogs most of them. I haven't seen one that was in any -- hostel most of pretty docile -- -- Minding their own business but it's also raised pretty big controversy not only here in Russia but in the US a lot of people very upset about the calling of these dogs. It's an unfortunate thing I don't think it can be stopped at this point but it is it a source of some controversy here in Russia. Right now -- understand we have a photograph of busy traffic officers what's that about. We don't -- if I could tell AI it was second down pass and we got stopped earlier today by. Guys is standing industry -- kind of like hanging out docket on the lucky ducky actually in the return. Taking their time. And traffic is backing up and up and up and and we're building up to the opening ceremonies to mark so it's starting to get it -- lots of people around. And the -- starting to get a little bit more intense and it says. And after awhile no way we don't know what happened -- -- -- they decide to open up traffic we -- see any accidents and no VIPs passing. You know -- -- stopped traffic so we we don't know -- -- we're gonna see much more of that in the coming days most people won't ask questions because. That's the way it is here today and last but not least you were serenaded -- -- to be a rising star out their -- Yes second sync with the best of the costs Jackson dancing handler and a couple of dance steps today. And in with my friends. -- Herman and Devin Logan the slope side skiers they are lots of fun. And you know I think the Russians are trying to really roll out the red -- -- they're trying to give everybody the full experience. Not only of the -- sex in this mock village that we saw near the ski villages about thirty miles away. But. All over town do you see them in their traditional big. Giant fur hats. And and and their Cossack uniforms. Is just part of the atmosphere that they are trying to build around these games that did a pretty good job and those guys were very fun and -- pretty hospitable -- And accommodations we saw pictures of dirty tap water toilets that didn't work -- things improving on that front or in as is just gonna take them more time. I don't think that things are necessary proving so much -- the Russian authorities are trying to work very very hard to finish everything up. Things for many folks are still a little -- spare. But I think they're getting used to it you know that folks are getting used to sleeping in very narrow twin beds they're getting used to you know. Spare amenities. Maybe the water right is probably still brown puts you showered -- you get clean and that's what's opens for. So I really think people are starting to move beyond that and into the this sport today and and and the athletic events which had begun today. But still you know that its its docket count when you're talking to athletes are journalists -- be swapped stories about what they're experiencing the kind of food that there eating. But now it's just become sort of -- joking in fact. There's a new Twitter handle out there called Sochi problems. It has 53 year 55 -- thousand. -- followers so it's pretty popular probably more popular in a lot of athletes. Here's the games and fortunately so it's definitely -- -- -- -- dale. All right and how about the crowds noticeable building of crowd's excitement building out there. It's starting the last plane load of Americans landed today. They came in they seem pretty excited traffic is getting a little bit thicker noticing it. Going up to the mountain venues and as I mentioned in town certainly. Things are really getting heated up here lots of folks landing but tomorrow's really the big -- that opening ceremony in the building behind me. Should be spectacular. The Russians have spent a lot of time. A lot of performers are going to be there to try to make this big this games is all about. Spectacle extravaganza. Sheer scale. And we expect the Russians to really do everything to impress us because that's that this is about. For Vladimir Putin the president of Russia this is about showcasing his country as a great nation as a superpower again. Capable of pulling off amazing feats and great spectacles. And that's what we expect tomorrow. 40000. People in the giant Faberge behind -- that this stadium. -- right -- ABC's -- Chapman you get to see a lot of that unfold live very glad he can be with us this morning. Our very late for you over there I would have to get your rest of for the big opening ceremony this has been an ABC news digital special report on the Winter -- -- Hernandez at New York.

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{"id":22392954,"title":"Olympic Games Begin Whether Sochi Is Ready or Not","duration":"3:00","description":"The focus in Russia shifts from construction to the athletes as qualifying events commence.","url":"/International/video/sochi-winter-olympic-games-begin-snowboarding-skiing-qualifying-22392954","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}