South Korea Braces for College Entrance Exam Day

ABC News' Joohee Cho is outside a testing location for South Korea's big test day, when thousands of students take an entrance exam that could make or break their futures.
20:37 | 11/16/16

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Transcript for South Korea Braces for College Entrance Exam Day
I'm Judy tour is Seoul South Korea. Today is the national college entrance exam day they take this tests only one sea air the big favorite and how money. He didn't look over there. And what you see right now. Are high school seniors. Are graduate is Smart to keep it national clients and kissing that. Walking into the inches sites. Or in coming up area in front of kill and he high school. Eggs. About 7:30 in the morning and in about an hour they are going to begin their national entrance exam tests but. These group of citi's that you see in the background. They high school juniors. All year to. Give a big cheer for their seniors taking the test today. Sir. Okay. Then clearing. Good. But the big party here. This could dig talk to these people here. The gold. This is really ABC news. You can. UCL they didn't. The and Oleg he'll tell you that is he's got a good. Guy. And. A there's a few grad student who can speak English. ABC news will. And I it up. Anthony is over I eighty through his work live right now ABC news lives. Let it does what you're doing. Jail. Seniors. Seeing it is still about status AT cell I want to come out in the morning. Target them all Nelson. There. Sprout. Only one of the biggest days as a student in Korea because. This test can write change. Everything. Every day. Mean feature hear us how much you learn or life. How could do this it's like quality of their way out. Me. So act on average how. Hard do you study in the how many hours do you study it ain't that is tests. The. As my light. If you could student. At seniors you probably study about six hours lie out of school. After spending. Eight. They're good student if you're nods in May be just two at three dollars. It varies. That's growing six hours study. So how Hmong business pets all day long enough. That it's until about five. From ninety. Every night news you got to eat can't miss thank you very much. He then put it it's just lit up again. His gave him. I just found Peretz. Was out here Cherie where her son I was I was. Menendez. Yeah so be ABC news this. Using an ABC news is I think it's a literal. In the days. That. Comes and he. And CEO of evil. I. There's Sierra and he just when it. Company that. By my studies at the ticket that doesn't know. There. Is that the way. Yeah so your son what time we go in and an hour long awaited tax base he vented its. 77 noted that there. You brain right now he dug it and this and it. And. The good deterrence and praise him. I. What was even. Doesn't that kids you couldn't. Get entitling it to deadly sin. You're cynical based Mika but did tell open all of christendom. Is hard. Okay. Yeah closing. And I. And this hot. Setting an. Engineer. No school. She and I actually. That's good to settle. Her daughter. Graduated from Colombia in the city just came back after her graduation. And he wants her son he also gone to college and go study in the US. Word magic and tasty to me you can do. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. About oil is up Perez. Student who's taken the test. Thank you see every year you see. A lot of police. Managing the traffic. And you won't believe this but include me. PE rush hour at times the length and two dollars for the subways. So that these. Students to test could arrive at this test site smoothly. The bus also. During the morning time. So that. They could easy access to the test centers there about us about 12100 test centers. In Korea today. Yeah. So these students at a ten years. Cheering for their seniors. And then on the other side to our left right here. These are all parents looking there this. Praying thought of that gates. Not being able to leave this test sites where their sons will be taking the test of their lifetime. The and over here. We see other people handing out coffee. He. But a sign boards they say. Good luck on your college entrance exam. And taped a thing kiss. A tutoring. And. Nagging. And the sky away from this. Museum and she didn't plan. It's not anti spam we didn't. Hear. Glam. Give bush a cat and well. It's useful. He's. Can't whiners and also a black mask. And with this lack at this because that's couldn't. I found them right and if the media and. The black mask that there that there handing out with can store owners hate the Mets who knew it. The yen at Danny me doesn't room. Yeah okay. I think this is a fashion statement she says that there are handing this Alex. He says it's very popular Amman. Young students. The pump up. Right. Are you. ABC news right now it. News. Yet where right now live. And why you here today. We his. This congratulate our. Senior seniors units. Students. The weight with highs earlier pro here throw me she's got guys who. And some of your season ticket that's your yeah. My experience checking like and ask you don't have large parties. Where. Just. Rating are. We have a club's cool club. Through it. For those disparate and. King argument then. In England. Why is celebrate a day let me take that Ted. That's what I don't understand it. You know within. This Curtiss should this. Because this is a very accordance tests so. And next year we're gonna take business. Maybe. It is that the economy. But very helpful thing to do. And you don't go to school today I don't go. Maybe for it through. You have to things in this you don't go to school. You can give today and and IKEA experience is that he'll lock them until meat is steady what could. Hours after school every day to take that sent how hard isn't it. Are those who. Market until. Bull. There's source fresh pressure when we take this business is the only chance so. That pressure makes this heartburn thing. It's AM Warner's. Today. I attended this university that you will be billions. That is right. Yeah. Yet to go to college Amy Lange. Let me. And it is about thirty them and it didn't go want. Here. Yeah yeah. This. Do we have to go to university has. If you don't go to university he's very hard to get a job and your image is definitely. If you are. If you graduated high school. Other people see you. Little person. This thing you don't notice alone in this could have caused in his baggy. Game. Considered lower. I. It's really hard to get a job. Only yards like very hard jobs like yeah. So. Almost everybody go to universities. It's you have to go to. Something they have to today. Thank you here years. Kennedy name letting its popular. Hot young moved around with us don't feel we'll. This week's news things. Okay. We have another accident yeah who are willing to talk to us and he surf from ABC news. Or any. Some news we're live right now on ABC news and hear from them don't. It we can't do. We chanting and cheering I can't tell you what you say I can't down what you are chanting. Thing. Eyes for news. They. Extending your hands full name OK. With it and it tears hearing. Yeah. The greater good old days. It's black it's never. You're cheering for them to take the test wells. And you are a junior in your nice going be taken this test next here. The software industry a freshman freshman at this OK I've been wrong. I hate how important it is today Byrd these students' ability take. How Uday and kids. And then KLA managed here and that agency. This season. The letter of undated yes you can speech and some some of the world. Some young marker. Financing on soon. They've pretty Hillary's hanging. It's a memo. He says that they've been study read this pets today for three years. And today's test scores well basically. Determine the future of their lives I I noticed that a lot of students here are talking about how this tests today will determine the future of their lives. And that's probably because. 78 percents. High school students will be going on to college and getting a college degree. So without bad news. Like the other students said hearings Perrier you are basically lagging behind. The single moment you know that's we. No thanks. Nick it's the family say goodbye to him. Could. She'll look have listened enough and I see woods in his. Don't. Austin. In the opening minutes of Holland under. Part of you'll notice because it. There have been other. There's cause oval. So there was a mole and others who lost. I'm going to start. So is mostly seen high school seniors they. Study about 56 hours after school they go to. Academic tutoring centers after school until 10 PM. And then they go to the library to study and then they come home and get a few hours of sleep and that goes on Iran be here. None. I'm it was. Comment I think Cindy how to handle. Its. Good name it's up to ninety Matthews. Board stumble. Might you know. Do. Drizzle. And ambulances. My question Graham was. How do you sleep a few hours and days throughout fear and his study is is that's how it we just live like that. And his friend next to Ames that. With your mother's health. If they'd be here. Can't just go look there must. He. People are sharing handing out it's hot coffee. Allah get closer to the chanting seen here. I don't know. Yeah I think this in rap. Good luck to lobby high school students in South Korea taking the test today. That was me Judy Joseph for ABC news in Seoul South Korea in become an out of area.

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{"duration":"20:37","description":"ABC News' Joohee Cho is outside a testing location for South Korea's big test day, when thousands of students take an entrance exam that could make or break their futures.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"43591994","title":"South Korea Braces for College Entrance Exam Day","url":"/International/video/south-korea-braces-college-entrance-exam-day-43591994"}