South Korea Nuclear Sites On Alert After Cyber Attack

North Korea denies Sony Hack, warns to retaliate against U.S. if allegations continue.
8:18 | 12/22/14

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Transcript for South Korea Nuclear Sites On Alert After Cyber Attack
You can. South Korean nuclear facilities Ruddy safety drills. After a cyber attack leaked blueprints of the buildings on line all of this coming just a few days after the US blames North Korea. Force cyber attack against Sony the hermit state deny any attack. But warning retaliation at the US does not stop its accusations. Right now the national hot spot North Korea hello. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York North Korea's suspected to be the ultimate mastermind behind the cyber attacks on South Korea's nuclear sites. This development comes after a North Korea Foreign Ministry spokesperson. Said the country was not behind the cyber attacks against Sony. And even said that they would work with the US to investigate. Who was behind the attack. But then said the country would retaliate if the allegations against North Korea continued. And we're joined now by ABC's Judy show. From sole source groups South Korea to he'll tell us about this cyber attack on nuclear power plants. South Korea. Yes well it turns out this hacker or hackers group started attacking south increased nuclear plant operators computer systems for about a week we just found that out today. The plant and the government says only a non critical of data was stolen. Just for example telephone numbers and blueprints that you had just mentioned. They say there's no risk to nuclear installations right now Korea has about 23 atomic reactors. Whether this is a prank call or not it is something to worry about. Especially with the Sony incidents now ha ha the hackers call themselves who MRI. And it created create Twitter account claiming responsibility. It didn't we 82 reporters South Korean orders to get attention this threat letter. A demanding a shutdown of three nuclear reactors before Christmas and it they're also asking for money. And if not it claimed that they will continue leaking critical data and their letter was signed by chairman of anti nuclear group. In Hawaii the ball let all the. Places -- a lot to track here today North Korea officially sending its response to the US. Saying that it was not behind that cyber attack on Sony right. Yet but it was yesterday that they came out with this statement come on Sunday. Based they deny it flatly and there actually saying it is C United States government and president Obama's conspiracy. And the FBI statement is new fabrication. To make them look bad. This is what they said in the statement that said. We have clear proof that the US government was involved in the production of the movie to use it as propaganda. To criticize North Korea. This is getting complicated a little bit in fact North Korea said it would work together in some sort of the joint investigation with the US. That's unprecedented right but then it because if that else. But each penny Bartley said this what they actually that this thing we have ways to proof. That we have nothing to do with the case without using torture at this he IA does. There obviously being sarcastic here. You know it send it could be another blah they use harsh language this is their usual way of saying things and they're masters of brinksmanship. But you know it they it is something that we need to worry about the this they said. There are reminded that it will face serious consequences in case US rejects that proposal. And they said they will attack the White House the Pentagon and the entire mainland of United States. All right you heat show in South Korea for more. On the US response to North Korea I want you may BC's Mary Bruce in Washington Mary you've been listening and following all of this that they. A long list of back and forth has the White House's response to North Korea. Korea's denial carried out these cyber attack one has that what's the latest on that well the white. House is made very clear that they believed that North Korea is in fact behind this attack and although we haven't heard directly from the president yet in response to this rather bizarre response from North Korea I highly doubt. You're gonna see the White House joining forces will with North Korea anytime soon to investigate this because again. This administration has been very clear they believe that North Korea is responsible. For this hack against Sony and they are now considering how to respond and North Korea did not attack the US directly but attacked a corporate. Private company. But the US still sees this as a national security. Issue what options does US have in its arsenal. You can bet that they ever shallots election as we don't really know too much about what the US is considering in a response the president has made clear he believes this is an act of cyber vandalism. That's that that term he's using not an act of terror not an act of war. But cyber vandalism and he's promised a proportional response but. We don't a lot of DLs in terms of what is involved in that response what he's considering. One thing that they are weighing the administration is is meaty. Putting North Korea back on the list of of states that sponsor terrorism that something. That they are considering out I think that many people might be surprised to know the North Korea is not on that list that it fell off the list about past sixty years ago under the Bush Administration so. Putting them back on that just one. Thing that they may be considering but we have yet to hear a lot of the details President Obama referring to it as cyber vandalism but he also have some harsh words for Sony on Friday. Saying that the company should not have quote cape to has there been any fallout from that. Yet that the finger pointing here is well underway the president said of course on Friday that it was a mistake for Sony to pull the movie Sony shot back shortly afterward saying that. They didn't really choose just to pull the movie but that they were left no choice because that Peter said they wouldn't run the film. The president is not really buying that he was asked again about it over the weekend in an interview he said he wish Sony had reached out to the White House reached out to the administration because they may have been able to do. Something to to to still be able to show this week because of course the fear here's that this sets a bad precedent that. That hackers around the world could think that they could target American companies. And essentially get them to change the way they do business and with that what do you think Sony's next move is obviously a pulled the movie for Christmas Day are there still any plans to distribute this film. Anywhere for the public. Sony insists that they would like to find a way to get the movie out there may perhaps put it online in one form or another they haven't gone ahead and done that just yet but of course. You know keep in mind there are millions and millions at stake your Sony not only not wanting. Decaying dictate to you to the hackers any more than they already have but also. Probably trying to look for way to recoup some the lost funds here. And I wanna bring back in June he has been the response from South Koreans government over the cyber attack. And the fact that it was all over a movie. Well the south creating government is just giving an official response saying they. Support the US. Governments. Statement but you know I've talked to many friends here and a lot of people in South Korean people here find it. Quite shocking that Sony drop. The screening. Many people here. Actually taking us that that attitude. A minute sect kept that weight many are finding it entries stink but. Also no way I think South Koreans understand why North Korea is over yet this Wendy says cheering both North Korea and South Korea you just don't mock. The president that's there's there's certainly a cultural gap here. All right Judy show in Seoul South Korea and Mary Bruce at the White House RS at in Washington thank you both very much for joining us. And of course you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starring the story for exclusive updates on the go. You've been watching international hot spot I'm Michelle Frandsen in New York.

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