Springtime at the London Plant Show

ABC News' Louise Dewast shows us early spring plants and flowers on display at the London Plant Fair.
9:42 | 02/17/16

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Transcript for Springtime at the London Plant Show
Hi I'm going to last for ABC news digital and London and today we ticking on a school. At the festival world horticultural society now it shows of the year. I think even in the winter British people who loved gardening and this event here today's focus on her in spring patents. And are you springtime and they're about what's exhibited here today at that are giving it fines and signing. Sending lots of different ads lots of defense I was a mechanic and see very shortly but just as I wanna give vivid background to the rule was a cultural society. Other want to organize the child from flowers it's from even his famous flower show in the wallets. It's attended by more than hunted and 50000 people and needed. It's been going on since nineteenth while. And even members of the rule funny odd name to guarantee to bat (%expletive) but this morning events like hit today. Is is and you gonna happen about once a month it happens all year long. And it would gonna get fruitful and talk to some addictive it is and have to be get some excuse that tips. On that what's if not before the spring. Thank you sue. Okay. Heidi a higher sign. Thanks for being on high lysine today's fit Hollywood what is your role here today we'll take you. We'll. Things. So he might see bringing. It's. Politics is in the cards thanks. And yet it's. It's with reconstruction and that in most fiction question that we Garrett it's probably d.s up from the flowers earlier writings that no we don't but I think that's right. But what we will be coming courage and the news comes toothless. Because even if you collect small space. You need to get the right time for the right place. And if you come and speak to people that growth funds then he can get my advice some of the weapons. Into Mellon space. Any points. We're Americans. First spring I'll keep conserving the cold frosty hardware and sir you've lifted something you garden looks looks sent. And she loved me feel the effects are looking back I think in regard. Attentive staff at those moments. As and his. It gets the sense that those only Seattle and the millions times here we also have been quite as well. And they happen we will punch you need a few of the garden and sent just walked slowly through. What about you mean. Alimony because of the color. Of the pinks and blues and the red veterans. I don't know I don't know if you don't understand the beaten up. And its sister show of colorful it's time here and I think what. I think it's bunnies he can get advice. I'm more advice when people think gardening difficult it's not difficult once you know what you have to do. And unfortunately if you buy things on line which is always great seeing things even we get about faith faith. Expertise. Think it's my pleasure outing. Eight innings. To. Thank. You are a little slow hit today's fit in addition to use the flowers and plants this days. Don't Center City keys and workshops that are organized as a reconnect. Show you some of. Okay. Man I yield and I think it's like Sean. I don't believe here that okay that's and the navy. Are you organizing this breaks it. We daylight streamed for ABC news that you know could you tell us what you're organizing today what the workshop then yes. They're there seemed to be changing doctor Doe's. I remember that it. Winter outside his it and see this every day. It. And the Chilton which has seen a tough to commit blocked actually. It's fun zones so what we've done here is used be these plastic off. On it covered them with laurel leafs. And from the action and then it meantime we've been stuck on the pole using and stick he thought that was cited sanity. And then that type of sisal. And into the use of local and then leaves I don't since hall capitals and room. And I'm from that we use a PC will educate them on street. And then he added some sisal to create a mixed and on top of that we acted a little and basket with exiting free stents. Asked. There it. All but we've got some of the children had given them some live in the picket no harm some equipment and that take mumbled that grandmothers. Thought he wants its. Nine. That's it for today hope you enjoyed the told I'm doing some aspirin ABC news physical and Lungren.

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{"id":36999797,"title":"Springtime at the London Plant Show","duration":"9:42","description":"ABC News' Louise Dewast shows us early spring plants and flowers on display at the London Plant Fair. ","url":"/International/video/springtime-london-plant-show-36999797","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}