Surviving a Cyclone: Early Warnings Matter

Villagers in eastern India credit government evacuations, text-message warnings with saving lives.
1:43 | 10/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Surviving a Cyclone: Early Warnings Matter
Everywhere you look the destruction is massive you can see how little these people had and that was before the storm hit most of them now. When the waves of cyclone wind slammed ashore -- this is where they hit first and hardest a tiny fishing village 140 mile an hour winds -- its wooden boats like paper. The waves came all the way up to hear this man tells us. -- even flooded into the streets. We took a rickshaw through the destruction with all the trees on every street corner. And children now swimming in the lake that just days ago was a grassy field and here we found a group of women jostling to -- -- one. One of the few sources of clean water that they have left. When the storm came completely destroyed our -- this woman tells us. But as we walked around. The last major storm here killed 101000 people. This time the Indian government evacuated hundreds of thousands of villagers before the storm -- others were sent text messages warning them to go to emergency shelters do you think it saved these peoples' lives without notice. Hot hot and whatever -- and -- I ask these villagers how many of them went to a shelter on emergency shelter and look at the response yeah. -- every one of the raises their hand. Kitna looked ER number 2000 of us in -- sheltering -- -- as 2000 people all of them still alive who now face an even bigger challenge. Picking up the pieces and moving on with their lives. Mohammed -- ABC news in go home poor eastern India.

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{"id":20574631,"title":"Surviving a Cyclone: Early Warnings Matter","duration":"1:43","description":"Villagers in eastern India credit government evacuations, text-message warnings with saving lives.","url":"/International/video/surviving-cyclone-early-warnings-matter-20574631","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}