The Sussexes say they have the most utmost respect for the queen

Reactions to last night’s shocking interview with Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan.
3:58 | 03/08/21

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Transcript for The Sussexes say they have the most utmost respect for the queen
Prince Harry in duchess Megan's first TV interview since they stepped away from the royal family. And for more on the interview and the fallout let's free ABC news well contributor Robert Johnson Robert. Good morning you know there is some pretty damning claims by making against the royal family in this interview and Harry as well so. What's going on behind closed doors at the palace right now we heard James on Wednesday he imagined the palace is gonna have to respond to this in some way what do you make of it. We know that the US individual Jews and lawyers who collapsed Buckingham Palace. In the bells watch him live stream but what Megan and Barry Hussein and the schools than inflation but judgment before they. We'll break for lunch to between the fight physicals the queen. Would not watch this my wouldn't by the Charleston and southern just preaching a month. I don't think they'll be a mis statement until much later ultimately that's going to be. Tickets two because so did facilities claims are extremely seriously claims of racism but claims they did nothing to protect. And to help with a mental health problems. Look like a serious claims ultimately will have to be addressed. A model for one doesn't recognize up to thirty years covering the rural front has some of the things that me and said. I'll find that so that the claim that she could don't get any help with mental health which is very serious friendly usual which is really numbers Prince Harry from Charleston. We're just unemployable and other help with mental health slowed but I'm surprised she didn't let go missing herself from parishioners claims. And I think that the rule found we will have to address electoral on this. And what do you think this and you'll do when Harry and Maggie and standing among the British public and what does it do. For the impression of the royal family. Well I think everybody's always remembering Paul remember the ropes on the subject believed to have people will be. Club seven by this because of course this isn't a showbiz family there who heads the queen's head of state inside offensively these allegations of damages the crown and the country in the democratic system that we operate I don't told a lot of people will be glad. They're excited by the stable particularly in the things I've been left unsaid you know the fight to stage. But I could accuse people of racism and plug daughter to get really the members of the royal family. And but I wouldn't have been specific when things are very serious claims of you have to be specific. A puts off if you give him make those claims. And explain what you're talking about the reality is they haven't been left open ended that's quite dangerous thing to happen because it does give the impression. Bob ruled that the liberal founding it is there is a racist institution which by bonds still do not recognize its ability. Then there's an interesting dichotomy as well love with Ben speaking out. Against the royal family be institution that is the royal family in many ways. But they had nothing negative to say about the queen they seemed almost to gush about her at times and they said they had the utmost respect for the queen so what do you make ends. And what do you think the queen will that. Because the gray wears two as one of the reasons a grandmother and a famine plus. But others as a crown and she's had to stay in it who bought the bottom line here is. The way that they would total between this is she's. A cuddly grandmother that's that's fine but they know that that he called them. That's Hank profoundly on the institution. I'm public's but the queen is head of things to respect a person. Because clearly this little little black it was I think in this in June but much to show why it was necessary to I mean that they were they've got a new life they have. What they want that Bill Clinton look live in America there was a real need Huffington slammed the dual old soon. We're the attraction of the institution in this way. I don't understand the reasoning for it upon familiar feel very brutally tools the royal family put them become unstable would respect the queen it doesn't it doesn't matter up. Found wanting they didn't have was their side of the story out there Robert and clearly. They wanted to get that out their Robert Johnson London we appreciate it thank you.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"Reactions to last night’s shocking interview with Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"76322348","title":"The Sussexes say they have the most utmost respect for the queen","url":"/International/video/sussexes-utmost-respect-queen-76322348"}