Syria Crisis: Assad Remains Defiant, Opposition Disappointed

Syrian president says the regime stands ready to confront any foreign aggression.
2:14 | 09/02/13

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Transcript for Syria Crisis: Assad Remains Defiant, Opposition Disappointed
The world awaits a congressional decision about a US military strike on Syria the mid east is reacting ADC's Molly hunter. Continues our coverage now live in Jerusalem good morning -- -- and asked what was -- reaction from inside Syria including the Asad regime. We heard from president decided yesterday for the first time since President Obama announced that he was. Seeking congressional approval and -- he remained defiant. But its senior and -- delegation in Damascus. He said they know US threats what stopped the -- fight against terrorism and he said the regime remains are ready to confront any foreign aggression. Now on the other side the opposition was deeply disappointed they feel abandoned by the international community. And -- doubt that Obama will -- -- all they say it's just. More US -- if this same old story. You know Molly the world is watching tell us what happened -- a big Arab League meeting last night in Cairo. Absolutely. There were no big decisions that came out of that meeting Obama had hoped that that 22 nation bloc would back US military action. Outside of UN approval. Saudi Arabia a big US ally and leaders for the Syrian opposition tried to convince the organization to do -- but failed. Major opposition was voiced by eject and -- the nine. And we didn't see any need your decision out of Kyra last night. What about there in Israel where you are what did prime minister Netanyahu say about president Obama's about face. Netanyahu and all of Israel was pretty surprised -- -- Israeli media yesterday accused Obama of getting cold feet. Many headlines trumpeting. It was Obama's big surprise now -- Netanyahu remained largely mum on Syria yesterday he didn't even mention the name of the country. But he emphasized that Israel remained ready for -- Any at any scenario following a possible strike and with that said the IDF has just started to pull back those reserve troops caught up last week. -- right -- ABC's Molly hunter reporting live from Jerusalem we know you'll stay on top of this story as it all unfolds in the days weeks to come thanks --

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{"id":20135687,"title":"Syria Crisis: Assad Remains Defiant, Opposition Disappointed","duration":"2:14","description":"Syrian president says the regime stands ready to confront any foreign aggression.","url":"/International/video/syria-crisis-assad-remains-defiant-opposition-disappointed-20135687","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}