Taliban attacks US base over weekend

ABC News Correspondent Ian Pannell discussed the latest from Afghanistan as the Biden administration prepared to withdraw troops by Sept. 11.
3:51 | 05/03/21

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Transcript for Taliban attacks US base over weekend
Now to Afghanistan where allied forces in the US quickly carried out airstrikes after the Taliban attacking US space over the weekend. The rising tensions come as the Biden administration prepares to withdraw all American troops by September 11 senior foreign correspondent Ian panelist on the ground in Kabul. With more on Matty and good morning what's the latest there. Give us try the US troop withdrawal is really gathering pace who starts in see images of bases being handed over from American. Two last gang come drug control in this morning we've been looking at some of those Afghan forces in training that really get a to hold the front lines pretty much on their own close US military. He's still going to stay that in the backgrounds can also is -- polls but is he is going to be answered distance of this calls some question about that capability to hold ground because schools a Taliban had been on the offensive for long time as you say there was this attack against Kandahar and bases in the south of the country over the weight over the weekend. Known claimed responsibility there was suspicion. That he could've been the Taliban. The US responding again wither and as strikes but there were no injuries and there was no damage to equipment. But the head of US and NATO forces here general Miller essentially warning the Taliban to any kind of attack. Will be met with a forceful response Diane. Indiana is the Taliban reacting we know that you've just talks to some Taliban leaders there directly we heard them threaten what would happen. If troops were withdrawn by may first like they wanted so now is this backing for its have you heard anymore. Yeah I mean they did issue a statements over the weekend when this may the first deadline expired remember made the first is the deadline set by the trump administration prism bottom push that. To September the eleventh and they would have basically accusing united states of violating the agreement to withdrawal warning they'll take clothes every counter action appropriate against the occupying full season but. Is still early days I don't detect any loan scale movement by the Taliban against US troops. As they pull out and ultimately visual looking fly simple for twenty years. They see themselves as being victorious. But nevertheless being you know it is still early days. Handel live they may not be attacking American forces there absolutely attacking Afghan forces are multiple attacks. Every single day civilian casualties in the first three months of this year we'll almost 13% hide in the same period last year Google's. Afghans are left wondering what happens when American forces leave couple. Happens to the gains of the last twenty years particularly the women and girls Stan. And in an eight minute Afghanistan for the past week or so what is the troops saying there that you're talking to. It's interesting because when you told some commanders they certainly exudes confidence has said don't worry we don't need American forces here we commence a battle on our road and do you really struck when you see some of these young recruits and Armstrong's is one young recruits who had a little bit of English same age as my youngest son he's nineteen years old he's an adult and one week left of training. And you can detect an average nervousness about them remember a lot of people who joined the Afghan National Army to do so for financial reasons because we're a country where poverty is widespread. And it's the chance to earn an income the Taliban five cents a conviction that ready to die for their cause they see dyeing his victory they seat defeating their enemy is very straight and that's a haunting subprime. Poland that technically there was sends a thousand Afghan National Army troops but in practice it going to be severe questions about their ability to hold the line. Big Ten away from the command of this young recruits said to me we need help. That's the situation on the ground Diane the sad irony in panel and Kabul Afghanistan and thank you.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"ABC News Correspondent Ian Pannell discussed the latest from Afghanistan as the Biden administration prepared to withdraw troops by Sept. 11.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"77464041","title":"Taliban attacks US base over weekend","url":"/International/video/taliban-attacks-us-base-weekend-77464041"}