Taliban Brags About Latest Captive -- a Dog

Video released shows armed Taliban fighters surrounding a dog.
3:00 | 02/06/14

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Transcript for Taliban Brags About Latest Captive -- a Dog
This is a special group. I'm tired and as -- airport is ABC news digital special report -- -- says they have captured. But they say is -- coalition forces military's a synagogue in eastern Afghanistan. The media wing of the Taliban released this video from December which -- Taliban members holding a brown dog with the best on the -- The dog had GPS tracking device at the smallest camera in -- best. International Security Assistance Force did confirmed to ABC news that a coalition went missing in December but said the -- was not American and would not confirm the video. Also shows the Taliban holding standard coalition issued weapons. For more on this story let's bring in ABC's Mohammad -- in Islamabad and ABC's -- Martinez at the Pentagon. -- -- and we'll start with you what do we know about this dog and how it was captured. Well what we know. As far as what's confirmed is only what -- -- in the International Security Assistance -- has told us that is. What you said the dog went missing in December. And that's really all we're getting in terms of official confirmation what the Taliban are saying. Is it does happen sometime around December 23 base it was night raid failed. That -- coalition troops went in tried to you know engage in a firefight. It's Taliban fighters -- its case forced the coalition -- -- And somehow in that firefight AC were able to capture the school published if you -- at -- -- tied you can see. To stall its pretty afraid. -- years yours went down stuff. Even starts or -- still is. It's like it's their campus. In many cases and -- is actually the impetus compound these dogs. They spent almost -- -- -- -- state they feed the dogs he between the dogs they do everything it's. So lover. -- -- -- -- It's a dog and video isn't. NATO. Military -- Whoever lost this deal -- don't go -- very hard time right now because this is. It's literally like losing a -- it's. You know they refer -- the dog as colonel is that doing that's the dog's name or if that's sort of a reference to his. Being -- their belief that he's part of -- military effort. The yen. Winning comes to ranks this is the most people don't know that military dogs all military dogs have -- -- And it almost all cases. Date -- -- and their handlers. And there's a reason for that the reason is that. The -- technically. Is in -- way the superior officer commanding officer so what that means that when they're engaged in a firefight when -- out on missions and patrols. They're not supposed to leave the dog behind incite even if they malnourished dog -- they -- treat a dog. They -- you brought up military charges that shows you how important military dogs are to the overall vision. And the importance that the handlers place on the exact armies and -- -- I was joking with with the dog handler about this. And I -- hey listen so. Technically didn't object or -- you -- to do it and soldiers say you know that's absolutely right if the dog can talk. They can give you -- and I would have to listen. -- but the reality is on the ground it's the one who's holding these calls the shots and that cases this station that you against. You know this is equal parts fascinating and strangely I wanted -- touch base with you here. -- how common -- -- for the military to use dogs like this and what role do they play and I mean this is something that's incredibly and you shall. All to think. What will tie the military's actually -- using working dogs since World War II thousands of -- served in the lower to 4000 served in Vietnam. And and Bristol trying to figure out I mean is certain of the last decade at tea right now that the army alone says they've got about 570. Working dies -- served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. So what are these stocks do -- that they are used. -- sniff out roadside bombs. Any kind of military ordinance that could harm our troops out in the field on special operations teams. Like -- -- units used in have been lottery there's actually a dot on the mid on have been moderated in the name of Cairo it actually became kind of very famous figure as a result of that raid what would the question was what is -- -- doing that well that provide security can help right perimeter security. They can -- inside. Areas where that might be dangerous to the troops and -- the troops sent -- troops may send an inside. An area equipped with a -- that's -- protect it. That might be quick with a camera. Oh and with a flashlight -- -- kind of scope out the inside of building just to see what's inside that he noticed this video that's kinda what we're seeing there. A vast and -- -- used the Taliban fighter holds a device in his hand it looks. Very much like the the flashlight. That it is equipped on these bats so is a very important role that the military dogs play in combat. And then like -- said have been doing this forward for decades. There's a huge facility down there in San Antonio and -- air force base. Where they train all of those guys that are going to be used in the military it's think of it is. Basic training for dogs. And after a couple weeks training they are then sent out to the respective services and the special operations command where he received further training. You know -- interesting about this is you know we've seen captured soldiers on video never captured. -- -- -- high knowledge. What the purpose of the video and is the military believe and could a dog in many ways the more sympathetic figure then an American soldier or an allied soldier. To the afghanis watching this video or are there are the supporters of the Taliban should say. Well let's think about though that the purpose of this video is pure propaganda -- -- they want to show that they had a fire fight to win. NATO forces and that they captured something that was valuable to those forces. I think the video unity -- you hear that talent fighters say that the the NATO forces put up a big fight to protect the -- So they see propaganda value in this much -- in the propaganda value from the videos of -- -- he's the American soldier who's been. I held by the -- -- for several years. We've seen videos released of him on the show him to be -- -- complacent mood -- trying to show. -- whatever reason what they think they can gain from him that he is of value to them and to show that they can capture americans'. I don't when he -- -- doll with this dot here but I mean his case obviously being much more serious. But this -- -- raising attention to the role that military working dogs playing combat. And and it's not just. The role that they play it's dangerous to examine to their handlers. We're still trying to calculate how many dogs. Having killed. In in the line of duty and along with their handlers I've come across the page a tribute page -- dog handlers. That lists printed out I believe seventeen pages. Worth. Casualties. And several. In theaters in Iraq and Afghanistan. So that they do dangerous work especially when they try. Two -- out. Roadside bombs and it lets face it -- -- special operations missions are some of the most dangerous missions out there. -- -- look at your take on this clearly they're showing the dog along with the cache of weapons as. -- said showing off some important to things that they have captured. But. What the reaction banner what is one is a reaction difference -- -- out of showcasing and human that -- soldier being captured. Well you you know -- there's an interest in cultural element in this we talked about how the purpose of this video is pure propaganda. Afghans themselves do not keep dogs as past. And -- are being trained military service dog. Would have absolutely no value to these Taliban fighters. The dogs are truly -- to replied commands from their handlers they're not trained to providing commands from strangers. Let alone -- group of people -- he -- dog has never seen before. So it's not like the Taliban could use this dog somehow when they're carrying out their operations is has no value to them and the Taliban clearly noticed them. It's more of the status you know there have been some reports. -- a local Taliban commanders in that -- -- province which is in eastern Afghanistan. But Taliban commander you know walking around with some sort of foreign dog. Now Afghans in general consider dogs to be sort of unclean. As -- that religious practice goes. City don't keep dogs as they don't keep dog -- house so any Taliban commander that would be seen with -- -- walking around. Let alone and very well trained dog that's following people around. When he very conspicuous to say the least but there's no reason that how can we keep this other than to say. Through his video to Americans Angela coalition -- we got -- -- dogs and he's -- -- -- -- -- for them it's more of the status symbol than anything else. And Mohammad have you heard that there is -- Taliban claim they actually stopped a raid to try to rescue the dog is was the -- considered again that valuable in terms of the propaganda. What here's here's the thing you know we we we talked about military dogs. You know military dogs or the equivalent. You know real life human soldiers. In the armed forces. They get medals the -- -- normal soldiers. To get promotions the weight is normal soldiers -- -- -- In the inner routine similar to the way normal soldiers are in fact when dogs are killed in the line of duty. They're given you know something that that resembles like a formal military funerals or at least a formal military ceremony where -- -- back the United States. I was talking to -- dog handler is Lisa and -- He said the dog is his best friend and he described when he went out in the -- to get the dog from the kennel dog just stuck thinks its case. And this and it is very happy. So the -- for the hamburgers and go through this. Costs -- critical time. It just words and -- ghost and the last thing any -- wants to have happen. This for the dog to be captured on that battlefield and we don't know the circumstances behind -- -- was captured -- missiles -- -- Be honest it's shrouded in a little bit more secrecy than we're used to here. But I can tell you. Whoever's in whoever that dog's handler was. We've done everything in his power to get that dog back the last thing you want as the dollar going to the east side. In some cases these soldiers would even give their own lives to save that animal. You know which begs the question Lilly has there been any word about the handler -- -- -- a very good point they're not supposed to be separated from the animals the animals are very much dedicated to their handlers. So can we assumed that perhaps something happened at -- handlers while there -- any indication. Well we don't any indication of that because we we just -- -- -- -- exact circumstances. We. -- we have -- to have -- -- it's being provided by the Taliban that's actually more information we're getting from US military officials here at the Pentagon. -- -- -- So it they're the ones -- to know more about the about the circumstances. And it's just to kind of Fuzzy over here I would add though that to your point about handlers being attached -- God's. And that the dangers that they face. I mean the fact is that if a lot like -- talking about that research that I was Yang and syndicate casualties with handlers and -- is that they are the casualty figures showed that they. -- up. And that -- -- -- a fatality with a Dodd and with the -- at the same time. And that goes to the danger that the dangerous jobs that they do for example in a roadside bomb they may be close to that and it causes casualties -- around. I just very quickly -- -- wanted to say we have been told that this study is not American do we know what country comes from men. Months after that. No we we we don't know what country comes from and again this is part part of this secrecy. It's cool what we can gather from this video based on the -- is that some via some experts spoke that ABC's -- that this. Normal military dogs don't Wear this type of that's if they're doing. Minor operation -- dogs that are based and sniffing for explosives. Searching roadways in ditches along highways simply don't where -- like so. You know there's an indication that this wasn't just an ordinary minds missing dog maybe this is sort of special operation. He's that these soldiers these troops on but other than that I can be just don't have a whole lot of information sciences. Well interesting scenario and it brings up a lot of interesting issues about our continued operations. In Afghanistan ABC's Mohammed -- -- in Islamabad live Martinez at the Pentagon thank you both so much for joining us. -- -- get of course get a complete recap right here on ABC news dot -- brown -- Hernandez in New York with his ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":22394007,"title":"Taliban Brags About Latest Captive -- a Dog","duration":"3:00","description":"Video released shows armed Taliban fighters surrounding a dog.","url":"/International/video/taliban-brags-latest-captive-dog-22394007","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}