Tampa Woman Murdered in Bangkok Hotel

Thai officials search for suspect in the death of U.S. designer Wendy Albano.
1:17 | 02/16/12

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Transcript for Tampa Woman Murdered in Bangkok Hotel
In just a few days the business trip that took Wendy L bond go to the other side of the world was supposed to -- Now tonight her friends must come to grips with -- why she's never coming home totally unexpected. Unexpected Jimmy -- and shared a seven year long friendship without bond Obama 51 year old interior designer who was known for her artistic -- love of cats but mostly her commitment to the people in her world. When you with -- Disney UN loved sin excepted to. He hands them and that's he would do anything in the world -- and. That makes her murder all that more puzzling to anyone who knew her time media reports sale Bono was -- by maids in her Bangkok hotel Monday. Stabbed and strangled to death. And this grainy image now being circulated worldwide shows the man accused of her killing. In a statement released tonight Obama's family says she met that man in India. While attempting to start a design related and fashion import business last I heard from her so far -- friends don't have much to say about that man focusing tonight not on who took this woman away. But rather on the legacy they say she leaves behind his appears --

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{"id":15688602,"title":"Tampa Woman Murdered in Bangkok Hotel","duration":"1:17","description":"Thai officials search for suspect in the death of U.S. designer Wendy Albano.","url":"/International/video/tampa-woman-wendy-albano-murdered-in-bangkok-hotel-15688602","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}