Did Teen Boy Kill Vincent van Gogh?

New book speculates on the death of the famous painter.
2:18 | 10/17/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Did Teen Boy Kill Vincent van Gogh?
The life and death of Vincent a bank gulf has been immortalized in books films -- And television. -- -- His expressive emotional paintings ever associated with his expressive emotional character. Both of world famous. The -- of bank golf is well -- that. -- conflict is if He suffered from erratic behavior that He was a deeply troubled soul and schools that He committed suicide. But that is an assumption that fuels is of this new book are contesting that saying in fact He was shot by -- sixteen year old boy. The -- fixation. They argue that the young that He would often torment -- off. A wonderful -- pistol which He used to shoot the artist adding that He angle of the -- suggests it was not self inflicted. He went with his value of new equipment He would over the -- with paint. -- went with his -- and He was going out for another day campaign and -- if I -- absolutely convinced. That when He walked away the revel -- -- lunch that day. And came back -- hours later with a gunshot wound. That when He left He didn't intend to -- So. The -- has spent a decade recession Bengals -- establish photographs at a huge selection of archive material to -- arrived at that conclusion. -- if -- -- session is correct. Would it change how specialists viewed bank golf and -- out. If it could be proven. -- think it would. Take something away from the -- I think. But I didn't think it would take aways fact that He did happen catching. And tracking and He -- He was killed by someone else it's -- tragic end. Or it wouldn't take away anything the greatness of his. The old says -- admit that surprisingly little is actually known about the fatal incident. Other than what was reported by the one person who is definitely there. Vincent bank golf He said while dying to not accuse anyone it is -- who wanted to kill myself. We'll -- -- -- BBC news.

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{"id":14756157,"title":"Did Teen Boy Kill Vincent van Gogh?","duration":"2:18","description":"New book speculates on the death of the famous painter.","url":"/International/video/teen-boy-kill-might-have-killed-vincent-van-gogh-14756157","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}