Teen’s discovery helps solve decades-old cold case

Max Werenka, 13, found a car submerged in a Canadian lake and alerted authorities.
1:46 | 09/09/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teen’s discovery helps solve decades-old cold case
The major development and a court case that's baffled investigators for decades out woman seemingly vanish in Canada back in 1992. Alec teenagers curiosity and his go pro camera help solve the mystery hidden at the bottom of a lake. A teenager's discovery at the bottom of the murky links including of their two decades old mystery thirteen year old Max were wrinkle was on a boat in British Columbia when he spotted something underwater. If there is something. That could've helped anyone it's. Why not why not try. So Max grabbed his go pro and his video gave a closer look a submerged car in fifteen feet of water does not stop the highways. A bigger storied something you think it's. It's not fair. Mack showed divers with local law enforcement where to find the vehicle and they discovered a grim answer to a 27 year old mystery. Seemed not to missing person's back in 1992 we were very surprised because has been so long. When we initially heard that they there was somebody in that the F call. And my heart just saying. Inside the car a woman's body. Identified as Janet fare as who went missing in 1992 while driving tulle wedding. I couldn't imagine what it be like fair and that many years not understanding what ever happened to a lot of the one it was almost. It's meant to happen. This morning authorities are praising Max for his outstanding detective work and for cracking a cold case many thought would never be solved. Yours in people probe be looking at the stood on the road for. Potential employment. Fair says Daley says they are grateful for max's discovery and it brings answers to nearly three decades of mystery police don't think her death was suspicious.

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{"duration":"1:46","description":"Max Werenka, 13, found a car submerged in a Canadian lake and alerted authorities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65486631","title":"Teen’s discovery helps solve decades-old cold case","url":"/International/video/teens-discovery-helps-solve-decades-cold-case-65486631"}