Tensions Rise in Eastern Ukraine after 3 Militants Killed in Mariupol

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he reserves right to use force.
10:19 | 04/17/14

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Transcript for Tensions Rise in Eastern Ukraine after 3 Militants Killed in Mariupol
-- Failed attack that left three pro Russian militants dead and thirteen others wounded. Tensions rise -- and everyone wondering how close this could turn to war right now that international hot -- eastern Ukraine. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York the first casualties of Ukraine's anti terror operation the Ukrainian military taking on the pro Russian militia. And today Russian president Vladimir Putin's -- in a four hour Q&A session that he reserves the right to use military force in this eastern Ukraine. If necessary the BBC's Duncan Crawford isn't done yet with the latest. Night time clashes in more real -- Pretty much incentive. For him to bones into -- Ukrainian National Guard base. Troops inside finest -- Around a dozen people are injured at least one received treatment for stomach queens -- The interior ministry says three people it's. They are the first dance -- -- -- by the authorities in Kiev since the Ukrainian militaries so called anti terrorist operation began. Yeah. What -- the commander of the space is responsible for what happens. He did not agree without attempt to negotiate -- he accused us of being terrorists and often the shootings articles hours. In Kiev a different version of events. Curious somewhere terrorist attempted stormed the base voice that aimed to seize weapons and military vehicles. 63 had been arrested. Crowds surrounded on the vehicle was yesterday. -- if a woman blocks one. Ukrainian government's attempts to -- at least some control at least in Ukraine looks to be in taxes. BCD and alleging that Watson in Moscow today Russians have the chance to play -- President Clinton live on TV. He told view his Kiev was responsible for the chaos in Ukraine. -- -- -- -- And they moved the tanks and that they shouldn't against the movements and their population of this is mother. -- he's here to tell all book parent. Rulers -- -- -- The diplomatic focus has now shifted to Geneva. And negotiations between the US EU Ukraine and Russia. The west is threatening more sanctions against Russia which explains -- the unrest something Moscow denies. Hopes of a breakthrough tall -- Been done yet some government buildings remain under the control of protesters who say then -- -- -- -- and as this raging gains more autonomy. The nearly losing Kiev seem to be in an impossible position. To fight the battle they probably can't win was a given to -- -- in the months. Don't control -- BBC news -- For more on the escalating tension that could blow into an all out war want to bring in ABC's -- for audio and Moscow here at three dad. And Mario pool does that influence is already extremely -- -- region. Yes this is one of the things is they really want to try to avoid was more bloodshed here. You know this is the type of thing that Russia has warned about -- -- it needs to go in and protect what -- calls. Russian speakers and it feels a need to protect them. This would give -- exactly picks Houston they would need to go to they want to. Clinton has described that all pro Russian militia in eastern Ukraine -- just that militia not Russian military what does he said about using troops. Openly under his command. Yeah he actually denies that those are that any of those forces in Ukraine are our Russian forces -- is that they are all local. The United States and dollars in Europe of course deny that they -- this. That there -- Russian troops operating. In conjunction with these local forces to overtake some of these buildings and occupied. And President Putin did admit that the Russian forces were in fact that -- in -- when the annexation occurred. Something everyone suspected. Are we talking about semantics here could we also hear that the militia. Members that are local girls so Russian military. -- He said that there were -- local forces that they were supported by Russian troops and this is something that had been believed. For the longest time just by looking at the equipment that these guys had it with stuff that you can't buy at a surplus store. It was stuff that the Russian military. Is only issued in the Russian military -- it was pretty transparent. And in fact -- sort of hinted at this. Just a few weeks ago when he met with military leaders and praise them for the job they did in Crimea so this is perhaps is the first time he's come out -- -- -- publicly. Earlier today Vladimir -- holding a marathon Q&A session a tradition that he has one surprise questioner today though an essay leaguer -- Edwards Snowden who was granted asylum in Russia and lives there now. Let's listen in to what he said and Putin's answer. Doesn't Russia intercepts or or analyze it anyway the communications. News news. And do you believe that simply increase the effectiveness. Intelligence -- law enforcement investigations. Can justifiably societies. -- subjects aren't sure that it's. A couple -- so much but. -- -- don't know much about the -- has to be new facility and an Indian that notion of these you can then you present wouldn't. Big east -- his most acutely Youkilis that you can it succeed in this that the none of some mental -- to look. Have to give. A system that is movement in this global when the -- of what's proved him. Component -- of that school just two you give them -- illegal means you don't of that -- -- -- think we're making of this the US is making of this QA as an orchestrated jab at US. Yeah of course he took a jab at the US there and he did denying. That did that Russia has seen mass surveillance program -- is that the only hope for law enforcement. Purposes but you know he really -- he talked to experts. Who who haven't really dug into this issue Russians are -- You know they see that -- vastly. Understated the power of those systems that you know the Russians that they actually -- law are tapped directly into the into the heart where the telecommunications -- here they can scuba. Everything from text messages to your contact list and dead and they -- that that we didn't you know of course did mention that it is in his remarks today. And -- and of course taking some jabs at the US making jokes a battle annexing Alaska. And -- the President Obama would save them if he was drowning in did the mood surprise you given how tense things are in Ukraine and that we've heard about these phone conversations that. President Obama has had with food and. We'll make no mistake when he was talking about Ukraine he was dead serious and he was he was not joking around at that point. This is a -- -- it was four hours long it's designed for people. All over the country in theory to Colin in and voice concerns are addressed -- question -- bought. -- so you get to considered in that light that this is you know for domestic audience and that he of course looks strong when talking about. Ukrainian stuff in the geopolitics but it also -- it shows personal side as well. Nearly in the same moment secretary of state Kerry was meeting with Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov today do we know if anything productive. Substantive came out of those meetings. Well -- -- their third hour meeting right now which is extraordinary of course you can take from that would you want whether that actually means that something may come of this meeting or not. Expectations coming in we're very low but we're told by US officials that -- are working on some sort of a joint statement. -- have to wait and see whether that has anything substantive it all -- -- that could result this club this conflict. We watch things unfold in Crimea first now we're seen it unfold in eastern Ukraine. Is there a chance Russia could -- further what will be the US response the western leaders response here. You know it's anybody's guess whether the Russians would actually go -- -- not as we heard President -- today he did. Say that he reserves that right he has given been given that that that that power by the parliament here to use troops as he sees is necessary. The US of course is that there are forty to 50000. Russian troops along the border poised ready to go in if they need to. The question is whether or not this renewed violence that we've seen. Today would would make an even more likely the US for its part has said that has no intention of sending troops in right now. They are planning to impose more sanctions on Russian -- what it says continued aggression continued. Meddling in Ukraine and they have said that if Russia does go win that they -- -- even tougher sanctions which would they say cripple the Russian economy. We're also seeing some recent reports from Israeli media that pro Russian rebels and -- -- telling Jewish people in the city to register for a fee your face deportation. And give over a list of their assets has there been any truth to these or any comments from officials on the. Nobody is commenting on and frankly a lot of those reports where -- where where and were denied by people on the ground there so. You know in some of those things where you know sitting here in Moscow it -- to -- -- answer that but everything that we've seen. From -- Ukraine. Has has points to suggest that may not -- ABC's -- -- and Moscow thank you for joining us. We are monitoring the diplomatic efforts in Geneva secretary of state -- and his Russian counterpart Russian foreign minister Lavrov are expected. To make some type of remarks you can see that live right here on abcnews.com. When it happens. And you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- -- the story for exclusive updates on the ago. For now I'm Michelle Franzen the New York.

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