How the Thai cave rescue narrowly succeeded

Water pumps began to fail toward the end of the rescue mission.
2:39 | 07/11/18

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Transcript for How the Thai cave rescue narrowly succeeded
Hey folks I'm Matt Gutman ABC news here in mesa I Tyler and you can see there Sirva changing of the guards here of this camp. Which had been operating for eighteen days in the hopes of extracting those boys from the belly of that cave in the mountain just to my left here. Is over everybody's cleaning up now there was some drama like it be and the boys almost did not get out safely the final four got out. Then her coach in the four Navy SEALs had been with them but the main pump. In that cavern failed suddenly the third cavern began filling with water then the second that it reached almost the mouth of the cave and the local governor here. And waving at us the local governor here just telling me this morning that. Had it happened two hours earlier the final four boys and their coach would have been wounded in Saudi would've been able to get them out because they would have been forced. To have act to swim. Instead of 750. Yards which is about seven and a half football fields it would have to swim. Over a mile distance in that would have been impossible he said there is no way that they could have made it. Or their chaperones those buddy divers who were attached to them it was just too much work so. Truly a miraculous ending and the governor saying that you know he prayed for three days we. Good news crew and weather. Light at the and that he'd started just. Pouring it started pouring rain in the case started filling with water so. What an ending to that story now those twelve boys and their coach are recovering at a hospital not so far away from where we are right now. Could take him about a week to recover but the governor sits having really interest thing he said that in order to give thanks to the cave spirits. The boys are gonna serve as a monks for time sued after they get out of the hospital. He also said and when asked him about it what do they say would they came out of that. KP sit well. There will hungry. I asked did they wanna see their parents that they want to hug he said. Really he they all asked about watching the World Cup true soccer players. So there were covering. All the divers are out safely be equipment is still stuck inside there's going to be a rescue mission of the equipment underway but. Everybody's pretty much wrapping it up here. In this northernmost part of Thailand with an incredible ending to this story. This is something that people tell me is gonna make a great movie one day may be we're gonna miss our pineapple grove right up there we've been camp doubt for four days. And the chickens that are hanging out over here. Somewhere around there there they are. And I think a great ending a great similar story thank you all for watching us throughout these past couple weeks were really appreciated Nicosia. Soon again. I'm Matt Gutman ABC news in May psyched island.

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{"id":56509059,"title":"How the Thai cave rescue narrowly succeeded","duration":"2:39","description":"Water pumps began to fail toward the end of the rescue mission.","url":"/International/video/thai-cave-rescue-narrowly-succeeded-56509059","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}