Tiger Attacks Handler During Training Exercises

The dangerous cat suddenly attacks a man who helped raise the animal from birth.
3:00 | 11/26/13

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Transcript for Tiger Attacks Handler During Training Exercises
This is a special room. -- and New York with its ABC news digital special report a tiger attacks his trainer. Any Australia zoo and it is caught on camera by several horrified zoo visitors. Fellow trainers leads and action to drag the man to safety. The tiger handler was a senior member of the staff who had raised the animal says it was a cup. Was airlifted to a hospital where he remains in serious but stable condition with neck and shoulder ones. And right now I am joined via Skype by doctor Luke hunter president and -- a global wildcat conservation organization. Lou thank you for being with us today because obviously the video on that -- just horrifying to watch on this and that the -- was taking part in what is described as. Clay exercises and activities what is that. I'd just and that's that's -- it -- -- zoos around the world not many of them anymore but still leads are locked -- you know. Are trained and have put on to Shutter Island perhaps some benefits and to society not just an outlet for rumbled. But it causes B -- -- and Israel and. I mean did then that's -- kind of a bond that obviously has to be created from spending. I significant -- -- time I would imagine with that and among -- who have been learning the handler actually helped raise. That cat. And from from a young age. Yeah I guess so and I guess that's that the process some I don't ever interacted with. With cat TV ads like these because I saw in danger to level my -- the wildcats you know where -- we don't like is. But I think as -- understand the -- -- of these guys are raising them from being. -- on cops are probably development close on the but of course at the end of the day that wild animals doesn't mean that you're not going to have some issues as we see erosion -- via. You know I want to ask you about this who we also have video from the Australia -- of the same tigers. What is being described. In this play. Exercise activities and is were looking at what is what's going on hearing because you see that the animals and their huge. And obviously hope can pose a great deal of danger. The cat and I sort of amazing cannons and -- I mean much of the time tigers and I think there are incredibly restrained -- incredibly well pain because he's our. Tiger in that scenario you'll look person editorial. -- actually quite surprising to be honest that it doesn't happen. More often aren't like listening scenarios you know -- -- stimulation and enjoyment. Out of -- and what's it's like playing with. The toilet a little domestic and some on out of it stimulated attaching -- boast that credit -- drive to get it to get excited at the the cost -- -- -- -- -- animal get over excited and it is tolerable -- you know a couple million years of evolution to become. Really well what you're telling beings that if that stimulus becomes too much. That things can -- -- very quickly you end up with a tactic can be devastating. How big can knows he can those tires get -- if you look at the video right now and you kind of judge proportion of -- -- a human being I mean it's that's a big animal. Exactly -- -- -- moment just this trend is phenomenal -- -- an adult target and. Exceed that you know 600 pounds 29300. Kilograms in some cases particularly in activity where -- -- -- that sums up. -- -- -- Animals in the wild while -- -- I'm and they strength -- just all middle they're able to take down. Adult brown Beijing hotel owners remains an actual day -- while I senator saying you know a puny human really you know he's not challenge ultimate that was on plot. It is farce that is temperament of these channels is obviously this is gonna raise questions about those who it would argument that this kind of -- shouldn't be kept in an enclosure should be kept and is -- Or shouldn't have this kind of interaction with humans. That's a really went down I think the interaction issue is a real is a real problem because. You know as much as. We've seen over the years you know it's almost inevitable that someone gets in. And I think -- -- you don't originally from Australia and Australians who is is unusual -- still aren't proposing and promoting very close interaction with such dangerous species some -- around the world. I'm that's very -- and no longer used because of those three solid. The exercise and interaction I think it's really questionable whether it's worth -- risk. We'll look let me ask is what are most of these animals and come from and they -- race and are they born and raised in captivity are they. Taken from the wild they rescued. You won't where's the source. Most of them -- born in captivity now it's it's really unusual especially in news in the US destroyer in Western Europe and so on it while targets from problem and range countries. Sorry you know there's there's a very -- large cat population. -- the irony of course obvious from the while all. -- some -- there's at least -- You know -- developed countries are going to in other animal -- have -- boarding that -- parents and grandparents and so on so many generations. They've been in captivity. All right doctor -- hunter with -- Sarah is lieutenant little bit much organization. -- had there is there is a world leading -- conservation organization where he just focus on and on trying to consider pets in night in the while critics throughout. -- wild areas of the world. O'Connor thanks so much free time your -- we appreciate it. We have a complete report right here. On abcnews.com for now I'm -- Cutler New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":21019970,"title":"Tiger Attacks Handler During Training Exercises","duration":"3:00","description":"The dangerous cat suddenly attacks a man who helped raise the animal from birth.","url":"/International/video/tiger-attacks-handler-training-exercises-21019970","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}