Trump announces partial deal with China

President Donald Trump announces partial trade deal with China; Thousands of troops are being deployed to Saudi Arabia; Subpoena for Trump's financial records upheld.
31:04 | 10/11/19

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Transcript for Trump announces partial deal with China
Everybody welcome to the brief here not Devin Dwyer Washington great to have you with us on this Friday a lot of breaking news happening right now including news out of the Pentagon. Of new US troops being sent over to the Middle East have that coming out but first. President trump just broke from his meeting with the Chinese vice premier in the midst of this fifteen month trade war. Announcing a truce a truce in their back and forth. Averting more than 250 billion dollars in new tariffs that were set to come in place in our. That we just heard from the president out on the South Lawn of the White House there as he announced this deal it's not done yet but he called it a very important. So we just. May lot I guess is one of the biggest there's been read a long time with. Giant the vice premier is just left my office we have a great Gail what papering it now over the next three of four or five weeks helpfully that advantage. I'd tremendous benefit to our farmers. Technology and many other things the bank it and that street financial services. And I guess by that you know pretty much we've had a hey very very good couple days was China. Had it looks like that deal is very much on its way. And the stock market's liking that news today after a roller coaster ride for investors in the past few months take a look at the Dow Jones industrial lot more than 300 points today. On this news let's bring in our White House reporter Ben Siegel who has been at it all afternoon there in the oval office on the South Lawn Dan help us break down. What this deal actually means we don't have the fine print that the president says this is very substantial. That's right in its and to be clear as you as you put out it's important that we don't have the fine print the president. That who loves making these deals announcing these deals released on the world stage. Tends to be for us get you some time that some of the details of this. What we know this this really addresses two big areas of concern two it's as Americans. In different issues and the president. He said this is going to be good for farmers there's going to be billions of dollars worth. Trade that goes on anywhere that would with our farmers agricultural it would China and then also. More protection stronger protections or for American intellectual property a big. Big a big fixation this president has been the Chinese. Theft of American intellectual property. Throughout the course of trade so these are two is to areas where he says this is a deal. In principle still coming together in writing. But also enough to apparently a stave off some of those new tariffs that word would have been implemented. Next week and and passed on to consumers in the pocket. Hooks you up to see what this means for the future of tariffs that are still in place as you mentioned the farmers. Perhaps standing to benefit and this would know they felt the pinch. Of these tariffs over the past many months covered it here in the briefing room then also some news on the financial arm markets and currency the president talking. They are about China possibly taking some steps with respect to currency manipulation. That's right he did he did that he did you know expand on some of that and their. In in in the Oval Office we meeting with a top Chinese official this has been another issue that he's he feels very passionate about indeed one of his. Long time consistent political views in terms of trade with China. And this is another area again of the details will be key here what exactly has China agree to. I'm not sure we've seen what they said about this agreement and we also haven't seen anything put to paper yet so. Organ will be keeping an eye out for that and what that means for. Potentially. Currency manipulation as well as other areas of trade. I heard a partial deal at the white house on China good news perhaps for investors we'll see what the president. Has to say about it at his campaign rally tonight then got to ask you one other thing though because going into this big trade negotiation past few days the president had hinted. Earlier in the week that he might ask the Chinese for help. In investigating Joseph Biden in you're there'd are Jon Karl asked the president whether or not he in fact brought up Joseph Biden here's what he had to say about that. If you. I have not. Johnny can do whatever they want with respect to the China can do whatever they want with respect you. One and a half billion dollars going to somebody that's up to China but we do have to look into corruption but no it has not been brought up. It's a significant answer there might have all the hype around the president's very public statement then. Name perhaps it likely to mollify some of his critics on the Republican side that he might have been serious about that ask. Yeah all this is some discipline from the president on this issue you know couple days ago as you point out he was on the South Lawn. Saying that China should investigate Hunter Biden in some of his. Some of his business dealings as in China and other countries that was seen by Democrats who are moving forward with impeachment. As another as another potentially high crime and misdemeanor the idea of encouraging other country potentially to interfere in our election dig up dirt. On the son of the the potential rival of the president's the former vice president Joseph Biden. Other Republicans that trump was joking and you know that was the initial defense and today he didn't offer anything else for Democrats to seize onto he seemed to to stick away from that issue didn't retain a bringing up again. And an Republicans will no doubt point to this and say the president is focused on. Getting deals done getting trade deals done for the American people. And it's and it's perhaps the Democrats in the media as they like to say that are that are propagating some of these concerns that a fully management. I think you put that well a rare moment of discipline from the president on the White House when baited on this very politically charged issue Ben Siegel for us there at your reporting thanks much spent. I. Some breaking news from the Pentagon one day after president trump talked about the Middle East as he quagmire vowing to pull American troops out of that region. Today the Pentagon announced it is sending back thousands of more American troops to Saudi Arabia. One of the biggest deployments in years here's the Defense Secretary making that announcement. Iran's attempts to use terror intimidation and military force to advance its interests are inconsistent with international norms. Saudi Arabia is a long standing security partner in Middle East and has asked for additional support to supplement their own defenses and defend the international. Rules based order. And that announcement from Defense Secretary Caspar stands and stark contrast to what president from just yesterday. In the Oval Office had to say about troops in the Middle East saying countries there should defend themselves. The worst mistake. That the United States. Has ever made in my opinion was going into the Middle East. It's a quagmire we are up too close to eight trillion dollars. And we'll bring in our. Folks back home we have. Great talented military we're bringing them back home our military has never been stronger. But we're now acting as police where. Where policing areas where are doing jobs that of the country should be doing. That's core to the Pentagon and our senior pentagon reporter Louis Martinez who has been doing reporting on this all afternoon Louie. Help us understand what's at play here put this deployment in context this is several thousand Americans. One of the biggest deployments of troops in years. Now you're right then and this goes back the Saudi Arabia big attack that Syria Iran. Undertook with drones and with missiles. About a month ago on those Saudi oil facilities at that time the United States in response and 200 troops along with patriot battery and some radars. And now is about if you're looking for international partners what now what we have we have 2800 more troops that are either being extended or being sent. On a written in the deployment to Saudi Arabia. To assist it as part of the deterrence against future Iranian aggression against Saudi Arabia we're talking about two new fighter squadrons were talking about. I an air force expeditionary wing to new patriot batteries. Fat system that's when the terminal high altitude area stands for. I'm and and and then also some more awacs planes as it is aircraft that have radars on and can detect incoming attacks at long distance. This is something that the United States has had the balance. The threat from Iran along with the new threat than you could concern this crisis situation and we have their along the Turkish and Syrian border. The president has expressed a desire to pull out American troops to ensure that. American troops are safe in that area where Turkey has undertaken this incursion we know that they removed a very small number of American troops about fifty yourself. Who were at two observation post along the border. But there are a thousand other personnel lanes inside Syria they are still there we heard that from the sectarian defense and from general mark nearly today at a pentagon briefing. That they are there two still partnered with their Kurdish. Forces on though they are not undertaking. Ice is missions at this point. So is a fine balancing act that and you got this situation where you've got this will crisis. Already this developing in the past week and on that border. And you also have to deal with the enduring threat from posed by Iran to. Saudi Arabia. Absolutely helpless front understand the apparent contradiction here in the trump policy I wonder. I'm what analysis you can land and perhaps what insights from officials at the Pentagon you might be able to share mean again. I'm just this week we began the week hearing from the president pulling those fifty troops. Off the front lines he said we got to bring them home in yet here now we are thousands of troops going to a country that the president himself has talked about. Being a very rich country a country that should provide its own defense. On talks about countries in the region facing a lot of these problems on their own what's really at play here. Now Arrington Danny Jackson position Jess is very awkward. Because he's talking about a quagmire in the Middle East visionary in their he's talking about a broader poll out potentially of US forces from inside Syria. But he's also as we know being. Very strong against Iran in the campaign. When he in his early years in his presidency that's why he pulled out the nuclear deal. With Iran. And yet Iran has been strongly they undertook this they've been brazen in their attacks and actually. I mean this air attack that they conducted on he's Saudi oil facilities. Missed something that we've never seen before. And so the United States had to bolster its defenses because it's not just the saudis as American interest in that region that they have to protect. And so that's why they're sending these additional resources you can also expect that that 200 forces and a patriot batteries and is probably. In the saudis eyes and not enough and so this is something that they have been planning for awhile. And finally Louie real quick as these thousands of troops had over there to Saudi Arabia and our thoughts are with them and their families as this deployment gets under way. You're also hearing again from those Kurds in Syria we've talked about in this week this American allies in fighting nicest. Is this sort of a slap in the face to them this as the president pulls them away from one conflict and sends them over a different place. Named after a DeVon may feel abandoned Deming you heard secretary of defense asked for today's say we have not abandon them. But there's no escaping it that's the sense that they have they're on the ground they're seeing this. I yes their American partners with them elsewhere inside. Of Syria but they know that inside this area were Turkey has been attacking. That those Americans are not going to be there to assist them. They can't rely an American airstrikes to push back against NATO. And don't forget NATO is a US ally heavy US Turkey is a US NATO ally for those since 1948. New the United States can't attack Turkey. Is so this is just a very difficult situation for the Kurds. Obviously they feel terrible about it in the sense that they want to push back they want their urging the president a president truck they've just written a letter to him. Urging him to stop Turkey's incursion in their did you what it can. But their hands are tied. And it's really hard to escape the fact that this is a very tough situation for the Kurds and also for American troops that have been serving let them. We have these anecdotes about American soldiers who feel terrible that they can't do anything there help their partners. In this situation because they know that the Kurds have spent that a lot of Kurdish flag men and women fighters have died. In the fight against vices and now at this difficult time. Turkey is just. Could for force themselves upon them in a very strong way and we don't know how this has been in. For the Kurds. A significant development this week Louie and of course again and major headline this afternoon thousands of American troops to Saudi Arabia one of the largest deployments in years. Thanks we're hoping of agree we can appreciate your reporting. Are turning back to Capitol Hill now in a setback for president trump in his effort to keep his financial records secret. A from the eyes of congress seeking a federal appeals court today ruled that the president's accounting firm may is ours. Must comply with the congressional subpoena asking for those documents are senior editorial producer. Johnson Tucci is here he's been all over the case John the documents. That are in question here covered the period both before during. And during their church from presidency what do these things show. Yes it misses the firm at the president and his family abuse for decades to actually do with the air tax returns and there are other financial documents so. What congress hoping you're look at from all of the different ways they've been trying he's some sort of information on Donald Trump's financials now. This was a case that originally went before a district court judge earlier this year. It is as regarding the subpoena from the house oversight committee for those records district court saying we you have to turn this over have to comply. Trump world goes an appeals they just lost this appeal but what this means they DeVon. It it really the last word left for the from team here is frankly the supreme court's that's going to be a question. If the court takes it up and then we and there are find out of this yesterday as what we're hearing is one of the options. They're considering what's it look what that appeals court ruled today as the 221 decision on the federal Court of Appeals here in the district this is what the judge. Put in their opinion it was actually to judge opinion here the subpoena. From congress this court says is a valid exercise of information important to determining the fitness. Of legislation. To address potential problems within the executive branch and who are tort system that does not seek to determine the president's fitness for office. Goes on to conclude that the subpoena issued by the committee to house oversight committee to me he's ours is valid and enforceable we are from the district court's judgment. And favor the committee John. Intercede because at issue here is why do you need this information trump people were saying this is an unlawful inquiry by congress to seek his. Financial details just to hurt the president yeah. But the committee's been arguing that they actually want to see this 'cause they want to pass. Laws. To better hold presidents to account. For conflicts of interest and also hasn't been killed do but Donald Trump frankly has been saying for the last five years it's been a candidate they've been under audit I don't know why that is said the committee today. We should try to find out said the talk about a foot mountain moment for and but Hillis and this is not the only avenue and that we are seeing we're carts to efforts to get the president's tax returns we've ended the week here with this ruling remember we began. The week with that damning ruling in New York from the Manhattan district attorney's office that is seeking records of the president's financials. As it relates to the hush money payments to stormy Daniels and Karen McDoogle. So the arm multiple multiple tracks under way to get a glimpse at what Donald Trump has done regarding its financials for decades remember he is the first president in forty years DeVon that we've not nonsense. Please read our deterrence had returned did hear from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi always calling this a victory. It is a big moment for Democrats to see this from the federal Court of Appeals hears what the speaker said. The speaker said the statement after this ruling that the subpoena is a valid exercise of the information important to determining. The fitness of legislation to address potential problems with in the electoral branched north toward system. We're not trying to determine the presence fitness for office recorded there. Not at all they are there they are conducting this impeachment new York and this would help them aren't. Absolutely give ammunition remember we have six different committees in the house calling your two of those relate to financial house financial services committee. And the Ways and Means Committee member they're the ones are tax code so that does get a lot of fuel to Democrats fire try to going to the president. The one other thing that I do things in trusting from today's ruling from the appellate court. He's where at least say that if he's the founder zVue when he create a constitution. That there was checks and balances system here so they weren't very defiant and supporting the house's effort score one for congress and their subpoena power moment. White House Johnson to chew thanks so much speaking of subpoenas. The White House has faced a mountain of subpoenas this week for documents and testimony from a number of officials. I involved with the president's policy towards Ukraine today. One of those officials the congress has sought to speak with the former US ambassador to Ukraine you Marie. You Bonaventure career civil servant actually defined White House orders not to appear. Indeed go to to act to Capitol Hill to give a deposition that's worked Catherine fall there's been staked out all day. I team to learn what you're gonna bitch is telling the committee Katherine. A lot of people closely watching that she was a central figure and in this phone call the president's effort two to investigate Joseph Biden. AS US seven I think what's significant which you've touched on about this test many the former ambassador. Two Ukrainian she is actually here. Under subpoena the White House the State Department and the direction of the White House. Tried to block I heard testimony again so the committee subpoenaed her and therefore she is. Showed up here today. Though Washington Post my New York Times I have obtained as some they have obtained her opening statement. And I think perhaps most damning things adding that we've learned from this statement. Is that she's send that her superiors decided to remove her based on I'm quoting here from the statement. Unfounded and false claims by people with clearly questionable motives and her statement she takes clear aim the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani diamond. I think Catherine. You know a lot of people looking at this know that this figure a year Bonaventure someone who. Isn't beholden to the president she was in an appointee served. At the pleasure of the president could certainly be fired according to White House officials for really any reason. I'm but it is. I'm really to underscore this she was raising concerns about what Rudy Giuliani was doing over there and that's why Democrats really want to hear from. Exactly and I think Giuliani obviously is essential figure here you saw two of his & Associates. They work. A rested. Yesterday two days ago so they wanted to hear from her and what what she specifically knows about those two about Giuliani's. Business dealings them and and how really he is all caught up in this controversy in Ukraine in withholding the aid and really. And what's significant here too is that we've also learned that Giuliani. From our colleagues in New York is now under investigation as well for his a relationship with these 2 central figures who were arrested today is now. So obviously Giuliani getting get a lot of scrutiny after those two rests indictments yesterday. He's been keeping quiet Catherine thank you stand by want to reinvent Segal he's over at the White House force he's tracking the White House reaction to all of this and then. Lets you mount the big picture here this is the second week. The house democrats' impeachment inquiry. Congress actually comes back officially next week they're expecting to really. Upped the ante with these investigations these subpoenas. Now what do you heard from the White House about what they may or may not comply with next week when house is back in session. Well the White House now is in an interest in position after a bastard Ivanovic appeared on the hill today we think she's perhaps the first. Armed trump administration official to go and talk to investigators under subpoena in defiance of the White House and this potentially gives cover for a whole number of other career officials. Who Democrats want to speak to to go up to Capitol Hill and tell their account of what happened between this trump administration Ukraine. And what Rudy Giuliani was doing in a way that could potentially be harmful to this president's defense in this this administration's defense. So it one sense the walls are sort of closing in here on the White House is they've really. Declared an all out war is of stonewalling against congress but they're seeing little by little potentially some cracks in that defense. As things really get going with the impeachment. Cracks in the defense in capital folders but were quickly back to you Republicans now will come back to Washington next week. They scene very simple question that a number of them have had difficulty answering and that is. Quite simple do you think the president's conduct asking foreign countries to investigate his rival is appropriate. We saw again overnight that a number of Republicans have been pressed on that they don't have any bacteria. Yeah I'm DeVon and I think that's a significant point because Republicans. Whenever lawmakers are sources I have spoken to behind the scenes. Do have serious concerns. With the president's conduct with what he said on this call with Ukraine it raises questions of course. About other phone calls in what he's sad and and I do think publicly you are seeing a bit of a shift. I'm back at but I do think once Republicans come back next week they are facing tough questions and look that many and sends me and that the president continues to talk about this he's making it worse when his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani is on TV some Republicans have said to me that that's good for the Democrats because it gives them five or ten different investigative leads. So what when they come back them and they have some questions they answer especially that the president has been talking about this for the last couple weeks. Thanks Catherine as we close out the second week were also closely tracking public opinion. On this impeachment inquiry the trend lines are going upward in terms of American support for this our friends at 538 have an impeachment tracker up on the web site. I Nathaniel rickets is here I join us on this Friday to talk a little bit about more. Would they are finding their he'd opinion that this year has asked the question I had is. Do you think that this support for impeachment we're now at about fifty some odd percent in most public polls we've seen. Is that a ceiling or do you think there's actually room for that number to continue rising. Now we ally in Paris this is still pretty early in the story ends and organized all other all could be a number of the year that. You know you're seeing him of course his approval rating disapproval rating. Have long been around you or I should actress and fifty disapproval ratings it's certainly possible. All of those people focus group him. Could come to score and it should at least an Asian inquiry H counts are certainly could go higher than 49%. Currently at a track. End an ad tracker is tracking the inquiry which is an important distinction between. The inquiry and removal from office which I'm Richard. A your arms your boat pulls okay important point let's talk about that second point there the removal of office have instructed Daniel bide the Fox News poll just a single one out this week. Which actually showed majority support for not only impeachment of the president but removal of the president from office. How should we think about polls that look at. Not just the inquiry but removal om and end were you surprised to see a fox poll show that majority. So not specifically about fox fox kinds it's conservatives are. Each Asian news march it pulls brokerage actually relieved finally acts on street down a lot of the middle one Democrat or one and also gather arms that not only partially be pretty accurate yeah I was surprised that 51% number usually you're seeing members and trustees for the current management and deceit or removal about a 50% was pretty notable LLC and that's still on the higher and it all seems sound he could be leading indicator com or. It it there. Nathaniel rickets script always to have been and the paying on the show thanks so much for coming in on this Friday everybody checked out their impeachment tracker. At 538 dot com and finally just want to go back to Ben Siegel over the White House because. As we close out this week it's been so busy on the news headlines from an impeachment but it's going to get even busier. Next week when all these members of congress come back the president's in town been. On the give us sort of the lay of the land what a week three of the impeachment probe will look like what are you gonna be watching I for the early part of the week. I think again a couple things it's important to see what these other officials Democrats. Who have contact and they want to speak to what they end up doing. When the White House tells them not to not to cooperate with Democrats on the hill again looking for some more cracks in that defense. And I think this will also be to a telling week next week got to see where Republicans are in the senate. This is obviously president trumps firewall his defense against conviction of impeachment if the democratic house. Advances that later this year which we. Expect that they will be able to do with their own votes. Only only a handful of senators Republicans both moderates and institutional it's there are the ones that can determine what they're not a possible trial in the senate. Happens quickly Irvin if it takes a long period of time in which case president trumps fate could. He sort of left a little a little less secure than he probably likes it'll be interesting to see where some of these Republicans are. We get back but DeVon it's also just important to point out that we're not just facing impeachment right now. A Washington is still sort of reeling from the a president's decision to pull American troops. Out of Syria and Turkey you know Turkey is now in beta there's talk of sanctions being passed. Against Turkey on Capitol Hill this week from Republicans and Democrats and the vice and the president is as we speak. Meeting with the Chinese vice premier on trade he's eager to get a deal there before new tariffs kick in so. You know many of these things would be a lot for a president to take on by themselves but again we're in a busy time as you said Washington and they're all sort of converging together so it'll be an even busier week. And fall as we go on. Hard dense stand by thanks for that some news coming out of the White House who can't come back to just a second I'll soar thanks to Katherine folders up on Capitol Hill. It. Catherine wasn't the only one on Capitol Hill today tracking those impeachment developments. Eight climate change is also in the spotlight today it's something that has bothered. One Hollywood actors so much that she brought her her cause to congress today this is 81 year old Jane Fonda the Oscar legend. She was up on Capitol Hill today pros to protest in Ireland the president. But Republicans policies on climate change easier there she says Greta Thornburgh and other young activists have inspired her to take action. Our deputy political director Mary Alice parks was there today as she got arrested and caught up with with with Jane Fonda and has had this conversation. I want to make a commitment to climate change that the student climate strikers have really inspired me. To do more than I've been doing and so why set I'm gonna get out of my conference on on the does something that. You know it's not easy for me right now but I'm moving here and I'm going to be here through Thanksgiving and Christmas and sleet rain whatever it is. Every Friday at 11 o'clock and from the capital. We're having an action. In our gratitude and heard the Swedish students she said we have to behave like our houses on fire this this is a crisis you've written had a lot campground has inspired. I was reading manager treats for you said. That get out your comfort zones like you just sad stop that like business as usual behave like for in a crisis. Are the kids really leading the adults on the slim yeah they are. They didn't have anything to do with getting us into this mix. And and they're saying come on you're you're taking our future away from us we need we needed to support us and so grant us an uptight. I want to stand with them and raise up their you know there. Their message. That this is this a serious. So this is a real. This is a crisis unlike anything that has ever. Faced humankind the reason I'm here every Friday with fire drills Friday is goes I think every single human being has to say what can I do. To put this in the front and technical know about in the mind to everything that's going on and whose what we have to fight our way through that and find ways to get climate change in people's minds I have to. He knows how many you won't miss O'Donnell there's only one there's one issue that will determine the survival of our species. This is not hyperbole this is real. Went there turning point for you on this issue mean your power and how humble I've I've been a climate scientists for decades and decades. But it was Greta to burn this little Swedish girl holding her signs every Friday affirmed the Swedish parliament that's one half dozen Friday to. And all the students strikers all over the world. Who have really risked a lot and given up a lot. In order to say wake up old people out on the you're not standing with us you've taken our future away we have to lead the way I mean our way of who we are we our the United States of America we have to lead the way and if we do now follow suit. It will obtain spotted your passion on this issue you're gonna be here in DC for the next few months through the holiday. We'll be tracking all of 11 o'clock every Friday morning coming at a rest of the lawyer. And Jane Fonda continuing her activism up on Capitol Hill our thanks to Mary Alice parks for that and thank you for joining us here on the briefing room on this Friday we're here every day at 3:30 eastern time 530. It's 630 on ABC news live download the ABC news app you can track. The latest in all the stories we talked about today of course watch as their commercial free the live buttons at the bottom we'll be right back here on Monday and Devin Dwyer Washington. Have a great weekend.

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