Trump's NATO summit as list of new tariffs unveiled on Chinese goods

Brett Kavanaugh spent some time on Capitol Hill and U.S. stocks fall amid escalating trade war.
18:22 | 07/11/18

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Transcript for Trump's NATO summit as list of new tariffs unveiled on Chinese goods
And. Welcome to the briefing remind Devin Dwyer and ABC news headquarters in Washington you're watching ABC news live on here with Catherine folders former White House. Producers and a big day. Overseas or president from that the NATO summit his second visit to NATO and who said. Summits had to be boring Catherine in this one we predicted would be a bit of the dramatic. And count our and it's certainly has him right off the. He adds a big day it's a contentious day he's chastising our allies which had seen before taking aim. Matt Germany in particular and firing off angry tweets while he's over there in between. And meetings with that with these leaders Zambia we decided VO rivals Germany seemed a bit records on the Arab but overall. A pretty contentious. That's right and the man in the middle of it our man on the front lines Terry Moran chief foreign correspondent for ABC news over in Brussels and Terry. Not a surprise that the president was making his demands of the of NATO member stepped up their financial contributions. But man I think many people are sort of stunned by the aggressive tone that he's taken. And sharp words for allies like Germany. It's incredible arriving just given the popcorn I mean I'm here to cattle watching. I'm thinking there's a very there's a very famous book written by. Harry Truman's secretary of state Dean Acheson called the president. At the creation. Because he was here in Europe after world war two and he was one of the architect of NATO. And of all kinds of all of the Marshall plan all kinds of efforts by the United States to rebuild Europe and consolidated. Around the values. And the practices of democracy well I feel over the com. I'm president the destruction. Today because you're absolutely right it's. Donald Trump came air man on a mission he just went off on on the allies of of the closest allies including Germany with a mission. Ostensibly. On the surface he wants them to pay more a lot more as many other presidents have since her Harry Truman. For their defense and right now they're paying most of them under 2% of their GDP may have a commitment to reach 2% by 20/20 four. He now says I wanted 4% or almost unmanageable. Demand perhaps a demand meant to be refuse and refused in the first place at any rate. The shocking thing began at breakfast. Just an ordinary pre summit breakfast with the head of NATO against Oldenburg and this is pro forma mostly. President trump went on a tirade. He he started by saying that that Germany is controlled totally controlled by Russia. And he was referring. To the about it natural gas and other energy sources that Germany gets Russia any recent twelve billion dollar piped up pipeline deal they did and that's just the start. I mean it was. It was a day that took your breath to a those pictures this nice pictures coming of hope you're showing. Where they are doing their best to make it look like a normal NATO summit they got that that the group photo. Yeah they got a little banter and chitchat everybody's got to. Walking around but did it and even Terry even the street are talking like even even the straight talking Donald Trump is still lavishing praise he called Merkel tremendous he's as a relationship is just. Absolutely great cheese but not smiles talking. To melodic yet but you're right let's stroll down on that Germany. As you noted is one of the country's one of the allies that is not meant that two. That's part they promised. Not to meet the president was sharp let's take a listen to what he said earlier today about Sherman's. It's ultimately Germany will have almost 70%. Of their country. Controlled by Russia with a natural gas and you tell me is that appropriate. Like complaining about this from the time I got. Never been allowed to happen. But Germany is totally controlled by Russian because they were getting from sixty to 70% of their energy. From Russia and a new pipeline. And you tell you that's appropriate because I think it's not and I think it's a very deadly for NATO and I don't think should happen. We have to talk to judgment about it. Out of Britain and an expert now all things you NATO and European affairs said Jeffrey Radke joins us. From the center for strategic and international studies Jeffrey thank you so much for being out what is your reaction right off the top. To these comments about Germany really. Quite something this morning. That it was quite something I'm but it's also preposterous. First of all the facts are wrong. Germany doesn't get 70% of its energy from Russia. We're talking about natural gas imports which is a small part of Germany's overall energy. Mix and Germany has been importing energy from the Soviet Union and from Russia. For me about four decades so the notion that somehow Germany is controlled by Russia. He is ridiculous. Ands and not the appropriate for this situation. That at this. He's a start there. Yeah this is sort of classic trump the businessman right I mean this is in as many people pointed out today. About the natural gas and gas business he and president trump I know is that the United States has vast reserves they're trying to sell. This liquefied natural gas to the Europeans and sort of edge out the Russians it's something that even Vice President Biden. Back when you remember the administration spoke about warned against this pipeline. Soap for perhaps or as a little bit of a business doing here even if he's he's using person pretty usual rhetoric. Well I think the business case is different though they what's what's really at stake with this pipeline. Is not the fact that Russia selling gas to Europe Russians been selling gas to Europe it will continue to do so that the problem is that this new route. Might isolate a country like Ukraine deprive it of transit revenues and make them more vulnerable to Russian pressure that's the real issue at stake. The issue was not Russia selling gas to Germany and as far as US exports of liquefied natural gas. They're simply not price competitive with with Russian supply gas so they are there is a role but whether it's not quite solve the problem. And and stand by for second Jeff roots go back to Terry Moran and bring him in in Brussels a peace deal with this Terry. As as the president is taking on on the low Merkel he's talking about this gas coming from Russia. You've got to imagine that Vladimir Putin aside from watching the World Cup semifinal that's out today in his home country is. Sort of getting ready. Pretty happy to meet with president trump on Monday. Well look it's pretty clear now although a lot of Republicans in in congress can't believe it and are criticizing it but it's pretty clear. That Donald Trump is embarked on a project. Moving the United States away. From our closest allies over the past several decades moving. To the Kremlin that that is in fact. Part of what he's doing why they're all kinds of speculation. Here he is he is saying that this is a rip off that NATO is a rip off Brussels is a lovely cities you can see behind me. And they have had decades of of peace and prosperity as has all of Western Europe under the American military and nuclear umbrella. They've been able to build their countries and their economies in their social welfare systems. And there's long been about. Feeling on the part of many Americans including American presidents. That the argument is that. Europeans have been freeloading on the American taxpayer not pulling their fair share the question. Here is given that vehement even the vitriol. That that Donald Trump is making this argument here is she got to reform this alliance or is he out. To end it there was a report recently in a that he had a conversation with Swedish prime minister. In which he was he was told it wasn't quite aware that Sweden's not a formal member of NATO. But participates. In some NATO operations and now on when they have common interest and he said that doesn't a good idea for the for the United States this is according to the Swedish press. He does not believe that these. Alliances. Both interest and security and values. Our relevance to the way he sees the United States needs at this point in the 21 century and and that is what we are witnessing its. I I think I make light of it because it so astonishing to watch. But this is history in the making. Tara grant our chief foreign correspondent on the front lines in Brussels Terry thank you so much for that and going back to a Jeffrey wrapped you one pick up where Terry left off he's talked about us perhaps being here. Him him being present at the destruction of NATO his V do you think the alliance is potentially at risk here with. The maneuvering by president trump. Well I think the way I would put it is today is. Yet another. You know chip taken out of fundamental basis of trust. And predictability. That the NATO alliance depends on and that the broader transatlantic alliance depends on. So eighties at the same time Donald Trump was attacking Germany and uncle a miracle personally today. The United States was agreeing to a NATO summit declaration that includes all sorts of steps to strengthen European security. So on the one hand the machine is moving forward but at the other on the other hand the president is expressing deep misgivings and over time that is having a real effect if you look at support right now among Republican. Supporters for NATO. It's five points lower than it was a year ago. Ands. And so each time the president picks a fight with America's closest friends. It has an effect not just in the United States but also in Europe where they have to wonder. If we're really in a pinch and our security is truly threatened. Will president trump decide to stand with us. Or not and that's why everyone is going to be looking so carefully at how the president's meeting with Vladimir Putin goes there's a saying that you know you catch more flies with honey. Then with vinegar will the president seems to save all of his vinegar for America's allies and he he's used the honey on our adversaries. Over time that has a real effect. And that affects as certainly will be measured closely in the months or weeks to come. Everybody as you say Jeffrey looking at that big summit. A money we'll have live coverage. Out of here at ABC news live but for now Jeffrey wrath he with the center for strategic and national studies think you so much. For joining us here today Catherine. You know we were watching the body language this afternoon which is a sort of hobby at these middle Cummins and speaks to you he is sort of symbolism in the tensions that exist right now. There's a very interest in moment I think we have some in the video but with the leaders were standing there watching. Which we called a piece of public art. Together piece of public art the pre dinner Sarah Mae Nan Bellini suspended there you see it right there I'm an acrobat suspended by. All of those balloons performing from the leaders and I think this accords and limited the sun resentments for a bizarre moments in sacks and that it's an -- particularly think there isn't. There is a metaphor there I'm not sure what it is that that is a real woman suspended and then saxophone players did come out and perform. This is prepared for vigilant with blue light as we said this is a very. Unusual. NATO summit here in Tony cane. Aaron while moving on. The other big story that's gripping Washington of course is president trumps a new nominee to the Supreme Court Brett Cavanaugh judge Kevin are now indeed to. Up on the hill and Catherine. Seems to be getting a pretty warm reaction from Republicans against not too much of a surprise there but. Potentially he is some trouble with Rand Paul me. And potentially some trouble with ram Polly's place act and act going to use him right there with has worn hats aren't attached. I'm potentially some trouble with Graham Paul but. F reception from Democrats who knew her from Republicans there's concern. I'm on the left obviously about abortion and gay rights and other social issues but. Another issue that and we were reading about Elena wild and it's and getting some attention especially from Democrats is. His previous writings on executive power and how that could have potentially have played into his views on little investigation if if anything involved in an investigation were to come before the Supreme Court CC. To invite Adam shift and such Schumer obviously sounding the alarm over that is well but so far. A common Kelly's been up there four meetings on day relatively warm reception from the White House told. Yesterday the view they think that Brett Cavanaugh sells himself they think he's a great product. But let's see what the senators had to same bring in our Alley Rogen who is or senate. Producer up on Capitol Hill Alley you've been tracking the reaction hearing date to including. Eye catching up with Rand Paul perhaps. Republicans skeptic. The judge what are you hearing. Yet Evan so there's a few key Republican senators that could present problems for Kavanagh. Nomination Rand Paul chief among them he has concerns over some of have an off opinions that he issued on. A landmark things such as the Affordable Care Act and government collection of surveillance information of Americans. But he's indicating so far that he's willing to sit down with Kavanagh talk to him get a sense of what he more deeply what he thinks about these issues as well as some of the core. Factors that Supreme Court jurisprudence like is he as strict construction homeless as it pertains to the interpretation of the constitution. In addition to Rand Paul there are two senate Republicans who support abortion rights. We're very nervous about. Voting for someone who they believe might. Threaten the Roe vs. Wade decision that enshrined. A woman's right to choose as senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. I caught up with Susan Collins yesterday and she indicated that she doesn't seem the sort of hostility. To rovers is weight from Kavanagh that she was concerned about. And I just spoke with senator mark housekeeping minutes ago who said that he's going to be doing her homework tonight though. Kavanagh has been up here as you mentioned today was date to. His charm offensive but he has yet to meet with any Democrats seven. An Alley a you also did some reporting earlier on the Senate's reaction to the big financial news of the day these the impact these tariffs. That the president has put on China. In the reciprocal tariff that China's per on the United States seem to be having on the markets the section take a live look right now the markets down about 200 points. Just before they close at the top of the hour here. You know a lot of this impact seems to be baked in the the market's view these tariffs for coming but Alley lot of lawmakers Republican lawmakers are. Happy with what they see going on would be with the trade policy here. DeVon there's a lot of hand wringing and it is something that is united both Democrats and Republicans. On this issue especially with regard to some of those tariffs the president comp has been imposing. That he has justified on the basis of national security he has said I'm imposing meets terrorist. Because. They a the prices of aluminum and steel coming from other countries is putting us at risk. What congress is saying is that the president should not be allowed to make those decisions by himself. That if he wants to impose tariffs and other countries he should get the approval. Of congress now a deal that would require the president to get congressional sign off has been stall. But this senate took a bit of an inch from staff and approved a measure that would. It's kinda complicated here in a little want to eat spoiler alert but it way to force negotiators where this upcoming different. Defense policy bill Q. Work out something that checks the president's authority. On his ability to impose tariffs on a national security basis so it's not going as far as saying. He can no longer do this and saying we're punting to these negotiators and hopefully they're going to figured out but DeVon. Lot of anxiety around here on the tariff issue. All right Alley Rogen in the US senate and Catherine. In you know it just seemed to be an end in sight here there were some senators say calling I'm president trump to use his personal relationship. With Chinese president cheat to get something done. As they put 200 potentially 200 billion dollars more terrorists on there you were over in China when the president was there. No trips on the horizon. No chance on the horizon as you know members of congress aren't. Chris Stanley questioning. His aggressive trade policies but you're right in a you know there's no and Nissen and we're going to continue business in China also retaliate against him haven't taught us. Exactly what that came out strong against this 200 so what's on tap for tomorrow with president over in Belgium day to. In Belgium dates hill and clearly he is expected more body language perhaps to commute with them Teresa name. And down in the queen you shortening his. A little bit at trip to London there are and then I'm also expected to be greeted with some parts Atlanta sentencing particularly worried about he may not see them. I'm but we're also likely to see some images. All right we're tracking all that here at ABC news and ABC new. He's alive you can follow the coverage into the weekend and next week as we said Monday. Big summit in Helsinki while editorialized early Monday morning here I'm for now on DeVon wiretap officer in the briefing room.

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