Ukrainian Commander Seeks Deal as Russia Seizes Bases

Col. Andrey Matvienko and his troops are guarding 200 rockets at an anti-aircraft base in Crimea.
3:00 | 03/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ukrainian Commander Seeks Deal as Russia Seizes Bases
Base. -- -- Victoria here. We heard it was surrounded virus. Courses we just coincidence it. So there we got it's it's been an assistant. Attorney commander was -- -- this it looks like he's taking us through back roads. This is -- Miller -- -- assistant to the commander we clearly have. Are going to the back entrance. -- -- to avoid the Russians to get inside. Climb over. Ukrainian soldiers have parked his big -- right here at the front gate of the base in case the pro Russian forces. Try to re litigate and they have -- another base. As they say that they unknowns -- -- do you believe them. For person. Are you afraid that they will try to take -- space. And it's. -- -- -- And Alex Marquardt -- -- ABC news but it definitely. Are you afraid that -- the Russian forces the pro Russian forces. And militias will try to storm your base. -- -- -- -- Norway yet you know we didn't lose an engine number don't -- should loads of food to do we don't want them. Nevada. Those alleged there was enough -- of the -- it is his for the residents who lives in the north gulf war. But you have no intentions of leaving your base. Look at him onstage at the -- this is is seeking. My idea -- that that the red beetle which -- reasons of about the global gunship of the is. -- -- -- -- Are you afraid at one point there's gonna say it all right it's time to go in take this equipment. An arms forcefully. The other way -- that. Usually dignity you -- ability. None onions bananas don't include bringing us that -- -- Is your opinion my aid effectiveness is not simple and that the long overdue long as is would those that means that isn't both of them -- -- they've put put it. This -- -- and dozens of. That it that is. Yet visited the thought of this like that said yes I did not present the thing models but that's of that book of them yet -- -- -- the phone. Let's -- -- positive I don't but. Dozens within wish to see if you've got to deal to a new business and unions that -- Emanuel -- it is good is that it noted federalism. These Ukrainian soldiers are installing what's called low wire entanglement -- -- into that -- -- into the ground. Creating a web of barbed wire so that are pro Russian forces were to try to come over defense they get tangled up -- barbed wire and Ukrainian soldiers who would be a short distance away would build a pick them off. So if Crimea goes to Russia will you just let the Russians take over this base some viewers -- he was -- the bulls. We just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Percent of these tires -- there's -- little -- on the fires the Russian forces trying to come. --

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{"id":22860929,"title":"Ukrainian Commander Seeks Deal as Russia Seizes Bases","duration":"3:00","description":"Col. Andrey Matvienko and his troops are guarding 200 rockets at an anti-aircraft base in Crimea.","url":"/International/video/ukrainian-commander-seeks-deal-russia-seizes-bases-22860929","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}