The untold life of the Duchess of Windsor, the woman who changed the monarchy

ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews historical biographer Andrew Morton about his soon-to-be released book, "Wallis in Love."
3:00 | 02/12/18

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Transcript for The untold life of the Duchess of Windsor, the woman who changed the monarchy
Hi everyone nominee not here live in New York while them and behind perhaps the most famous book. About the late Princess Diana her true story in her own true words. Is act now with another book you are not going to want to me this is called wallets in the book is out. This week and is the untold story. Of wallets and said Andrew Morton biographer joins us here in the studio now thanks for being bear that indictment congratulations on the book. Lou must band some volume it's a very nice it's beautiful to look at an is the untold story. A woman named Wallace Simpson for anyone had been watching. The crown on Netflix about a little taste of Wallace but this is her full story that's really been told before turning to. But hundreds of local seventy income nations about the links between hit club and into the 82 marriage licences. And when that when I was researching. I'm had a hunch but Wallace. Me presumably somebody else chuckled want us Cha who was or was around. Wallace and and mediate who became the Jew who wins and and my hunch was prove correct because when he re marriage. She sets and she sent to the broad viewpoint he's the only man on the envelope just human gene some would say that you went in. We pulled out I found these hate us hit him in the vault and Boston. These titans these these entities and if and and hieroglyphics. In the in the language of no taking it said that. Wallace has often so. Stones baby. And he would be passed off as. And booed the a canceled due to twins and you want it was two days before the Jews to get married now. Because the notice a scratch he ends and you think rosy Tuesday no option but. The costs of affection for him because he was all the pigments and and life. They have. Definitely. A move love problem it is so dramatic and this and this I'm remember. The the abdication of entered the game he had with the 8191006. Was so that. For the because he couldn't rule the empire could ruling and without the help and support of the woman. He loved that bullet Simpson what she's doing fooling around with a moment. I mean this place a spot in a stunning returns that we should bring people up to speed for anyone who doesn't know the story of a life sentence and you that the sub title of the book here is that she changed the monarchy if you mention effort had abdicate after when he could no longer. He came because. Her to tell us about Wallace and why she how she viewed by the rest of the world the time. Well Wallace was let's watched people's mind and she's. Was born in Baltimore. You know one husband was he creates of the symptoms of us she PH and and Canada to Britain to to live. And she got into the princess of local people's than the prince of Wales and he had his mistresses. One mistress. Went and lose a job vacancy so and to pull you aside got that got the job that. But there's only one African. To go joblessness the king's mistress. Not consummate by the way as they both. Oh. On Q okay but nonetheless he fell madly in love with let's roll these loved us says and she would replies by saying. He should have more greens with fuel with fuel meals so she was very kind of prosaic. A practical he was wildly remnants of the and had to go I'm people to the at a he. He insisted that he mounted lawless. Both the wall family that government the empire. Show much or pose. He was Manning twice divorced woman with two husbands living. And that was back in the months and that is in nineteen six of course things have moved on since then. Wolf the wolf I'm it does not acceptable since in. So years lace and we have manner Marcum whose vehicle's city and an American an actress and dying. Windsor Castle in a few months on back in those days. You divorce was anathema who's very difficult news news them social stigma. And the idea that the the king who's headed to Church of England. Was good it matters to some of this nature who used to schools was just. And to fiscal everything. British at least. Leave it at credit achievement. In my personal not a million Americans of being being shoring up the British aristocracy. He is a mean united the whole. Churchill was sort of blind. Two Americans and say it wasn't that she was America he was the fact that Tuesday fools thought was that the killer. And so he abdicated in order to marry Wallis who bullets himself. Was not. In and the king. Doing what he did she was. Human offices the fans she went stands and watches. She did everything that house to stop the came from to case. Because she was going to be a social world she was going to be blamed who's that woman who ruined the moment he brought down the moment. And service she even considered heading off to China. On steamship. She she issued a statement saying that. In me she was withdrawing the suit. For the Q for the king but he would not he was relentless. He threatened to kill himself but to those brands at a gun. Some guns shoots himself. If this is fascinating because some people might look at this and see is the ultimate romantic gesture he gave up his throne. For this woman but their dynamic was very unique. You. I mean that there's no question Mitchell had 28 whose beasts hopes it totally in love with what was Simpson. About loaf was not. Reciprocate that he was whose affection she'll like a mother shows to a child but not the kind of grand passion. And let me give you. Apparel examples she hadn't of with an Argentinian and perhaps and a he was an interest in this is a few years before he was managed in. She was so furious that he was seeing other women that went ten to issuances upon them cuffed all the trials of sleaze. Took scissors to the thousand couldn't say. But and he was she was such a furious parents hurt he Stahl hood off to Buenos Aires to get out of the. To get away from her what people looks and sounds like a fascinating character in some parts in the book when you're describing him she went to talk to people whose family members had known her this is one quote. The duchess was a complicated her exit. Cold mean spirited a boldly and eat it not exactly the most complimentary of description. That's just the good point. She she with. Deeply unpleasant but she took house. The disappointment she found the business she felt bond being placed in this in this cage almost. Buying votes by circumstance. And he would say things like you could send me enough to two seconds and it was quite a thing. And he goes on second and people who knew him and sold him. They realized that he demeaned himself. It before this this woman but that this told that you some kind of sentiments masochistic relationship. He could well be. But nonetheless. Wallace always felt a sense of disappointment spilled out into. And its rooms. It. And at the same time there is as you mention it deep devotion and board feels towards her there is this one thing you shared in the air that step to meet as a little example. About how he refused every day to let her handle old frank all the money he insisted everything and giving her. A wider than newly minted. Money just because he didn't want her handling old money that is. There's such sort of like just in the ocean and an absolute reverence there why once. Well he was he was wildly in love with the below the one thing wheels haven't it would exit there was no kind of emotional flying them modest man. In this kind of rational. My personality about. They they stand back a little bit they don't just dies then. And when you look at all of his mistresses that he had a few days and he all wars film oddly enough with them. And he wrote who he's playing to leftist. Because he shuffled the lessons around and even single was this two related finesse or system Wallace but loses to. Somebody also was a so so that he he had a kind of that he had an inability just to be too soon to be bought drugs when it came to romance everything was heightened. And chat tool sets him. Why can you just be crowned king. Waits while. Introduced Wallis so the cold so the people so that they can gets in Jonathan Mann. You wouldn't that's exact to a Prince Charles of them on one with Camilla Parker Bowles he's blatant he's spent years waiting. When he finally come and mr. that I am happy together. But what. And put it he forced the situation but this the other side. He's never really wants to be kidding right he always felt that being king was not. And there's something that he's been designed because he just found it. We mundane boring job and often to an awful lot of it is. And he wants of the house. And so she was a useful excuses while that are using catch anything has changed and I found solidify us tonight. Is in these critical days before the amputation. She was saying don't do it he was saying and them do it. He would not even listen to the end that. The souls. Of conflict. Afterwards and they call it knew the route where amounts of the century. Nothing of the kind. We'll think it's a love story of one kind of several love stories really if you look at both of them and their relationships but it's also important to remember that this triggered. A constitutional crisis I'm. And was really of the utmost importance for the rest of the world to be watching as well I noted that one at that primary documents he went back to look through. We're actually from French Secret Service to this was something that everyone is paying very close attention to not just because of the lot story right now. Ups and India mean Wallace is telethon was was tapped by disputes the French intelligence that is when. A descent. I'm gonna do abdicate she said you gulp down food and I was taken to come by the by the French Secret Service some of them passed and you know Iraq the Americans blues about. Reeves about Stalin Mussolini Mussolini and Hitler hugged one thing in common. The old fool had that the date was bonkers you're stop stand mad to undertake for a woman. If this man who had the greatest empire the wolves of the CDK. It just hold up for a woman who had not even slept through it. So it was. I mean he even hit club. Fold it was a ridiculous thing. The one thing agreed on would lose about. While there is there is Hitler to talk to acknowledge this because there is if there's been obviously reporting on this before about some of that. Sympathies towards Nazis that Wallis and Edward both felt. And you've account. In fairy awkward and shocking details some of the things that they would say any and dinner parties and how. They viewed the Nazi regime Tommy a little bit more about. Yes I mean. Particularly the anti semitism that was quite apparent between both Wallace. And went in fat. During the invasion of friends by the novices they headed down to Beirut's. And they reported that they left because he was full of jeeves. It's in the in this event of a pejorative lives. And after the war and religion all of you who wins it would tell people to the policies that Hitler wasn't such about chapped. And I think many people would argue what agree with that and he used to put his hands together like this and say. All he can do was remove the tentacles apologies. From around the the body of Germany. So that was a basic anti semitism that won't. That. Supporting as well bond buys life. With something that wall is influenced Edward in terms of how they would see how they would feel or. They broke they both felt that way dependent. And I felt that way independently and let's face it in America the time. Those what you might call polite anti semitism. Jews one of those quotes assistant continues in very issue of us to is that and places where that apologize. All kinds of restrictions on being Jewish in America during the nineteen that is an twenty isn't so. Don't think for a moment. That. Wallace and a good who uniqueness. You mentioned and and you said that this is a woman single handedly changed the monarchy. How do you think she did that Powell would have been different had she not X. Well if you don't existent and admitted continue to. As a pro German friend of his plot. Into the sec rule pool is quite. Like that we would have it he festival people who wouldn't he would not have. Promotes and Churchill to be prime minister. He would've kept home with some news who's wanted. Peace and prawns. And so you would have had a situation. Possibly the Germans would have taken him for Britain the cult's. Of the weakness of tall and the weakness rose. The king and the eight this the same time there was a constitutional crisis when he left because. This man who dole was moved in the shadows that you could view. Still chewing stumbling. Ha highly an articulate. When he makes speeches people on tentative system with the bills that would send out info on his carnation. Summit described vividly how. The hands of ballot and they and they feel the nail going into the hands because but he is wanted to speak. I said Joe's to six takes over and people of very nervous that he will be able to because he's physically weak and his. Not the brightest. Bold in the and then this hill and I'm. But he is bolstered by the queen Marva and you've seen that the way they would Jameson will rule they bolster. The public's. All they visit to do Buckingham Palace itself is foam. And that's the queen mother famously said now likened the east and in the face such. Send away Wallis Simpson did Britton of faith it's critical moment in our history we have the right man. Doing the right job in the right place that he didn't just change the monitor accurately change throughout history. Yeah I mean that some people site does of this in in Britain Booth post gulf to follow the school with the big Nelson's column always in the the media shelves of the fourth Clinton is and take people said this should be used to choose who will listen to and a I love the let me tell you that it. She's fumble to mobile. Does not bombed plaque no evidence that she ever exist and I found out why they found it astonishing this plot to all kinds of of the peak yet. But nothing for Wallis Simpson possibly the most famous woman that's commendable. Well one of the moments but. There is another woman who could be making administrators and she joins the royal family Megan Moore whom and you announce that your going to be telling her story well. There are some interesting parallels here right. Well those two goals. Both man and woman actress blown. Idle nothings who didn't do nothing much. When those clothes and I'm. Moving socialist plus circles of mega mall Kohl stands. As a as a sign of how the moment he had changed. I was with the last page he has I mean. As far as I'm pumps and listen out on May the nineteenth when they get minute to counsel because Nippon he spoke more. For more he's glad that you condensed of wins about it and you'd listen carefully. Who declined will be singing but listen to the low humming humming with the sound that you conducive with the spinning their graves. Richard Norton the new book is wallet in it is out this week congratulations. And thank you human beings do you. Thanks all of you for watching as well you can check out that you thought Wallace in loud it's bookshelves tomorrow for now I'm on the you back in San.

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{"id":53025388,"title":"The untold life of the Duchess of Windsor, the woman who changed the monarchy","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews historical biographer Andrew Morton about his soon-to-be released book, \"Wallis in Love.\" ","url":"/International/video/untold-life-duchess-windsor-woman-changed-monarchy-53025388","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}