Updates on COVID-19 internationally

ABC News’ Ian Pannell joins us to discuss the new measures in the U.K. and whether it’s true the coronavirus is seasonal like the flu and if cases will decrease in warmer weather.
3:30 | 03/24/20

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Transcript for Updates on COVID-19 internationally
In panel joins us now in first are just about those new measures in the UK I was just days ago it seemed that some were flown in the concept of herd immunity but not anymore. Yet us right what a difference just a few days makes when it comes to this virus Britain has completely transform. There was a very solemn address tonight from promise to Boris Johnson. He announced in effect the strictest measures to Britain has seen since the Second World War. I've never seen London like this is or was let the whole city has just been posted on hold it's really really quiet tonight to these new measures. Essentially a closing all nonessential stools to the anyone's that are really going to be allowed to remain open a gross says supermarkets those kinds of stalls at a selling food to the public. And also pharmacies every other business is now being ordered to closed. Meetings of any greater than two people. Is now banned so essentially you come regal friends anymore and only one form of exercise today. Is being Aladdin knowledge isn't total below Daryn in the sense that some be will still be able to go to work can be seen. It's really struggle with that scenario but nevertheless he's a really stringent measures and the police have powerless to enforce them. Stringent and DD and you are reporting several weeks ago from Hong Kong and at the time it appeared that officials had a firm handle on the situation there but now. New cases there and in Singapore are causing some concern. Yes a slice tube cutter warring development to one level because the calls we've been looking past. Past case histories to somewhat that would listen we should do in America and in person in terms of how we handle delays. But actually what we soul was that. When the whole called authorities on his Singapore and Taiwan started to relax some of the restrictions to win now old phrase saying. That's when the number of cases started to spike again so was partly down to people coming into the country. Foreigners people coming from Europe but it was also because of Lou. Acts eight at a loosening of some of those restrictions on social gathering tonight you have friends in Hong Kong has seen some of them pasting pictures on it is to ground you can say they're going out and about as the blood. Life is returning to normal I think is a real warning for all of us via wood may want this to be over where this quickly as possible. But there clearly dangerous in starting to loosen some of those restrictions. For sure now many are hoping that the corona virus is also come a lake and the seasonal. Like the flu and they cases could dramatically lessen with warmer weather but there's also been an uptick in cases in Thailand. Yes us rise of not having speaking to formal colleagues who are based in Thailand apparently there was one big national told a months. The kick boxing which is national sports in Thailand and people traveled from farm want to lumping the stadium in Bangkok attended fast and that's when. We sold the significance by soon as seen businesses restaurants starting to close in Bangkok a lot of restrictions on movement a lot of people going back to their villages which is necessarily a good thing. Because that's how the virus spreads. However is still worth saying I remember when I stunts are reporting in Hong Kong that Thailand had the biggest number of cases. Outside of China at a time is of the back of the end of January. Now nobody talks about the pigs in Thailand a still small and again if you look in Africa yes there is an uptick. But it still looks Lola and the question is unanswered but the question is is that weather related in some way with all clinging on to some form of hope right now right. Indeed we are in panel thank you for that report.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"ABC News’ Ian Pannell joins us to discuss the new measures in the U.K. and whether it’s true the coronavirus is seasonal like the flu and if cases will decrease in warmer weather.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"69761566","title":"Updates on COVID-19 internationally","url":"/International/video/updates-covid-19-internationally-69761566"}