US issues warning on Iran threat

An aircraft carrier was sent to the Middle East in response to the indication of an attack.
2:28 | 05/06/19

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Transcript for US issues warning on Iran threat
In a surprise announcement late last night the United States said it's deploying an aircraft carrier strike group in a bomber task force to the Middle East on short notice this comes in response to. Clear indications. That he Ron was planning an attack on US forces in the region I wanna go to Martha Raddatz is in our DC bureau with more around. Mark I just want you day explain what that clear indications the war. Well I it's hard to explain what that's clear indications were because they're not telling us exactly what those clear indications where they just say. It is because of a possible attack. By Iran or Iran Ian proxies either on land err on C and beyond that we do not have much information. But we heard secretary of state Mike Pompeo say last night this has been in the works for a while. Another US official told us it doesn't appear this threat. I is imminent but look at those pictures sound. The bombers the aircraft carrier that means about 7500. Military personnel will be in that region. This is basically show of force deterrents. If you will having Matt back carrier strike group there in the region. Yet obviously as you're saying it sends a message what do you think the the people OB Ryan think when they see all of these planes arriving. Well it as it you know I am I bitter Iran numerous times and they really do keep track of the news they keep track of what the United States is doing and how we move our forces in an out. I I think the people of Iran are oftentimes very difficult did a different than the Iranian leadership. So I I think there is some concern I think there's always concern that there will be a mistake that something will happen in the street apartments because there's been a lot of tension. Obviously between Iran and the US of late and and the biggest fear is that something will go wrong that they didn't intend to go wrong. Yeah and just curious. How long do. The the carrier stay in place. Well I add that all depends on what the US feels the threat level is there. If if that disappears if we learn more about. Whether this was an actual thread or some sort of urgent move into that region it'll stay there. Probably quite a while but I suspect not but not much more than a few months. I write Martha thank you so much for you and us we appreciate that.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"An aircraft carrier was sent to the Middle East in response to the indication of an attack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62855409","title":"US issues warning on Iran threat ","url":"/International/video/us-issues-warning-iran-threat-62855409"}