U.S. service members killed in explosion while on routine patrol in Syria

ISIS identifies alleged suicide bomber responsible for explosion in northern Syrian town Manbij.
3:01 | 01/16/19

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Transcript for U.S. service members killed in explosion while on routine patrol in Syria
We do though want to get right to some breaking news we're getting information about attack in Syria. And also learning some more information about who the casualties are involved in this attack let's go right to Louis Martinez who's joining us live from the Pentagon now. A Louie just walk us through what we know about what's happened so far today. Wait what we do know is that there was an explosion outside a restaurant and then northwest has Syrian talent man engaged. And that some American service members were killed that information coming from the US military spokesman in Baghdad. Confirming that there are US military troops among the fifteen wounded exceeding the fifteen killed. That are believed to have been result of this incident this is a suicide bomb attack. I sis is identifying the blue bomber they describe that this individual was wearing a suicide vests and that he exploded. The bomb outside of this facility and that it resulted. And casualties now there are local casualties and as we now know there are also American military service members but the US military staying away from identifying how many. At this point. What we do know is that they were tiny foot patrol through this town now most people don't know where manages or how important it is strategically in Syria. Man beach is a place in far western Syria. Where the US normally doesn't operate but it has essentially sent peacekeepers there American troops. That our buffer between Turkish forces that want to take over the town. Kurdish you have military that op art operates there. The Russians that are also nearby. As well as the Asad regime troops that are also close by it's a vitally strategic town it's the reason why US military troops are there. I'm David. And one reason why this is such a tragic incident because they are there essentially to be any peacekeeping role to keep the peace between these various groups. And in effect they have become some of the victims in this big deadly attack. And Louis B on this sad news or of the US casualties here the significance of this. The backdrop of this attack on the fact that the US is now planning its withdrawal from the region we know there's been a lot of back and forth this was supposed to happen. Quickly after an announcement came from the president and then it was scaled back a little bit just remind us where that troop withdrawal stands right now. It is in a holding pattern when. Because the president did make his announcement that he wanted all 3000 US troops to leave Syria. I'm and then we saw some adjustments made initially it was going to be Turkey taking on the fight against ices. The president has said that for the most part ice is had been defeated in Syria well wait turned out that may be Turkey wanted more US assistance in order to make that happen. Then you national security advisor John Bolton goes over to the region. And state south some conditions that the United States want to conditions or assurances from Turkey that they would not attack America's Kurdish partners who have been bearing the brunt. Of the fight against crisis. I in Syria but Turkish president heir to one rejected that outright and so it's been back and forth exactly where things are headed. And so essentially it's in a holding pattern right now. And it remains to be seen what if any impact this attack could have on all of that as well Louis Martinez at the Pentagon for us. Thank you so much we truly appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"ISIS identifies alleged suicide bomber responsible for explosion in northern Syrian town Manbij.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"60421764","title":"U.S. service members killed in explosion while on routine patrol in Syria","url":"/International/video/us-service-members-killed-explosion-routine-patrol-syria-60421764"}