US troops come under fire at Syrian checkpoint

ABC News’ James Longman is in Syria with the latest developments on a possible peace deal between American and Taliban negotiators.
2:57 | 02/13/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for US troops come under fire at Syrian checkpoint
We move next to Syria where US troops assigned to fight against diocese have come under fire in a Syrian government checkpoint. Video shows local supporters of the regime surrounding the US convoy and opening fire several vehicles were disabled with the Americans leader returning fire. One Syrian was reportedly killed and listens James long man is in Syria with more. I didn't the oddity US base in northeast Syria whacked a US convoy has just returned up to being attacked. A Syrian government checkpoint let me say this is one of the vehicles that was cut time by gunmen you can see what remains a bunch of spoiled what was driving this Baikal. They tried defect to a life you could see actually the metal boxes still sitting up that. He could see. Put a hold in the balls the tar out left the gulf led destroyed much of the guns inside that tells. He had boiled down beside it is beautiful. And so this lets say a pretty serious attack. About ten gunmen went told surrounded. Their vehicles that this checkpoint off. Repeatedly to move away by US military they did it did they were firing their AK forty sevens in the act they then directed them. Dean trucks it was then that the United States and the troops decided to return plywood like. Light arms to begin with they killed one of the gunmen make ended another. And then there was something of a loan but because so you and a lot of these shots there was something of a lull. It was then that apparently one of the leaders of these these minutes and then decided to approach the convoy that was the conversation with a come on there this convoy. About. Moving back the United States tried to do that they discover that one of their calls us the broken down it was this one by the hair. May have taken a bullet to the end didn't they got stuck in the mud this is left to the recovery vehicle head. And as they try to move away yet again the gunman opened fire this time they is that fifty caliber. Machine guns on top that we've pushed gunman away with it was satisfied that the area was safe. US troops moved out luckily none of them weigh in did. That. Everyone is kind of trying to get on with business as he's away in northeast Syria but it is a very very delicate. Situation Nancy we didn't pay for the lost legal seller. Bring together a special report on the situation there because today's incident really underlines just how delicate things off since that decision in October by Donald Trump. To try to withdrawal all US troops it cools. Chaos the Turks invaded and meant that the cuts Hudson leave a large part of that territory they felt betrayed by the United States for its decision to tried to pull out. The US visit up remaining about a hole the truth they had originally hand did stay behind but. Since then it's been an uphill struggle to try to rebuild trust with the Kurdish population. And tomorrow night we'll have a special report on just that issue but for now than they. Back to you. And looking forward to that report thank you to James Longman.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"ABC News’ James Longman is in Syria with the latest developments on a possible peace deal between American and Taliban negotiators.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"68948524","title":"US troops come under fire at Syrian checkpoint","url":"/International/video/us-troops-fire-syrian-checkpoint-68948524"}