USA Hockey Teams Provide Fierce Competition at Sochi Games

Women's hockey team to play gold medal game, men advance to Quarterfinals.
3:00 | 02/17/14

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Transcript for USA Hockey Teams Provide Fierce Competition at Sochi Games
And -- company -- witnessed in those special report ABC news at the Olympics this is day ten of the 22 Winter Olympics and while there is fog up the mountains. To clear -- Americans are going for gold on the ice. Here's the Olympics in sixty. -- the latest mail -- now in the Dutch will not be denied they lead the way with seventeen trips to the podium. The Americans and host Russia are deadlocked in second position with sixteen each Norway Canada also -- with fourteen medals apiece. And then there is the gold medal count and a German search their hall of seven leads the way for now. The touched -- regions and Swiss -- three way tie for second place host Russia has four. Lot of focus on this year's Olympics has spent of course on the weather last week it was too warm today it is heavy fog forcing the two events to be postponed. Men's by Athlon and men's snowboard cross some athletes -- including US reporter nick Bom Gartner. Please. The bottom -- not -- obviously. There's kids -- eight. Thank you understand I'm glad I don't think it's gonna happen today. I -- -- I would stay up longer. They can Hollis now over the -- Holloway the fog obviously supermarket fog and if you're wanna bring in the Wall Street Journal's Matthew Waterman. From Sochi Matt thanks to -- -- as we appreciate it so how bad it is that there. -- He been about a higher. Might. About. Eat it up. -- -- Oh the -- completely understandable but it but it been held up for -- -- camp but it at -- by. Crop. That what are you find -- L. Yet not exactly how you wanna go for the gold so what are the gonna happen whether to do that those two canceled events. I -- their -- figure out what. -- -- the initial word yeah. -- what it. They heat -- it was going to be going anywhere this week was supposed to be warmer what are the athletes. Saying about all this I was -- heard from Bom Gartner there got a smile bit of a joke in his voice but still it's got to be frustrating for all those years of training. I think it's a little but trading estate. It is because you -- -- -- what are they they. But they like to be called it like it -- like. The global competition don't speak could be out of black uniform. Jovanovic. And they compete and there -- -- you -- -- Lot of excitement building now to talk about those events that haven't been postponed. Or delay on that both the men's and women's team I USA ice hockey teams a short time ago women's team. Beating Sweden six to one. Advancing the gold medal game at the Olympics and -- -- rematch with Canada how to if you're the first time around either going to be that the big underdogs in the final. I think all erratic ot he had -- -- candidate VOA. In the Canadian one. Couple -- we US and want -- But -- up -- -- it really really gave. And the US you know really was right there with them it's called that a good -- I expect the going to be -- it. What about the men though they undefeated so far team USA earned a number two seed -- -- -- before the quarterfinals begin on Wednesday. And on Saturday it was TJO she dismantling the Russians in -- shoot. Out to beat the host team. Yeah I would quite a moment enacted what -- -- -- -- she realized. -- war. Be international hockey when you go to shoot out. It's actually -- -- thing. What what what -- a group levels game used to. You know be okay. You want to side well that Brett -- alliance but they -- issued and you used the big epic verse there and keep you in. The -- -- over -- -- -- is that they what he let it that was that was the real shock. Other big here on the eyes -- castle Patrick against Slovenia. This is mostly the same team that took home the silver 2010. Losing to Canada in overtime so what does the American -- to gold look like. Are any way what the American I you know let us what it back. Yeah you know given about the bears got the same team in place which had -- 2010 what does it look like what -- the next going to be going up against the Russians. What. That is Jack. And -- exactly what it is important. And you know -- -- -- come debacle and Janet quickly played really well so all. But. It that you -- really been. Much it was well -- -- but shoot out the -- So it's going to be blues -- really well speaking. Also on the -- figure skating underway right now the mixed pairs competition out there -- free skate portion of their program. Americans Meryl Davis Charlie White in a position to become the first Americans. To win an ice dance gold medal. After took home silver in twenties and I mean really. How good are that obviously I've watched them and their performance I mean they are in -- They -- and think and act values -- -- two years. -- one -- yet been informed that they are grateful they about it and not an expert -- I don't yet that -- The area. Or -- be -- competition. Though. You know I'd get these guys. It is badger -- That it is just as -- as -- Unless -- Pulitzer go and ask you about an interview is getting some controversy here in the states and that was after -- race with Bode Miller. This was -- by NBC reporter Kristen Cooper. Some folks are outraged because this Miller had had just won a bronze in the super G race. Cooper began a lot of questions about the death. Of Miller's brother -- Miller snow -- And died in April suffering a seizure and Cooper I kept asking bode about this eventually. He broke down and sort of crime. You know the reaction here has been -- that the reporter went too far. Going going too much into personal into that what's been the reaction now in Sochi. You know has been the Soviet -- and -- brought it up the fact that there it is well I would yeah. You know you. I it right away. The and I haven't seen any complaint on them. About there -- forward and Oden really not very shot as he. So I -- -- yeah. -- you know board for the week without more yeah yeah. And -- -- -- said I think every else -- it. Did -- did difficult to watch obviously because of this the the emotion and that the justice the story that he's had to endure. But before we let you go though -- asked about the Jamaican -- fires the only team from that country to compete in Sochi. I want to take a look at their promotional bobsledding team video. Very archaic very digitize some of South Park feel to it so how's the team doing. Not -- so. A little bit. -- It is arguably it's about. You know gold the gold medal at -- that's just being yet. -- -- -- As -- -- -- with a -- their face Matt fodder for the Wall Street Journal but thank you so much appreciate your time. But the Olympics always plays for the first and these winter games no different for team USA for the first time ever in American athlete won -- -- in luge. When -- Hamlin took the bronze in this year's women's singles and she joins us now tell us all about it -- congratulations to you up. Think -- I can only imagine knowing that you've now written history. The excitement that you had up there -- the podium. Yeah -- the -- a couple of days. We had one -- -- -- individual race out. Things are crazy for probably about twelve hours and then he had to kind of refocus and go up for the team relay but. The at a medal ceremony as amazing as that moment you know every. You know Olympian nerve athlete dreams. And that actually happens it's pretty amazing. Are you able to do things that are you twelve hours to reset for that I mean I imagine -- You know that you've got the hardware sitting back in the hotel -- you've got to get back in the -- and refocus how do you do that. You now as. It's not that of Colleen offseason we've been having team relay races and they are generally the day are two days after my individual race so. It wasn't a completely new format and it was you know we always get excited for the -- and it's fun to come together as a team and -- together and have that kind of camaraderie and there was only one run -- -- have to. Come back and do a whole entire new race -- two runs over today's sell -- for a he's in four runs over today's so it was it was a lot of I was really looking forward to that sound it was easy to kind of recruitment and get back to that you get back to business. I can imagine so you've -- to Vancouver upended to Reno as well hottest Sochi stack up against those other two games. Such is cannot send me I have to say each -- has been very unique -- -- -- I obviously Vancouver is great it was kind of the closest thing to home Olympic seller have. But it's not as an rallying -- I think. -- they did a great job pulling things together here we -- here just in November and we are definitely questioning whether everything -- get that -- -- but. -- they've done a great job -- event went extremely well and picked the venue is great so far. I can't I have no complaints. Germany typically dominates the luge competition. Have you -- company secrets -- have you have you noticed anything from them obviously that took the gold and -- silver on this but. Does your team studied their movements study the way in which they they they continue to perform. -- -- -- -- That's there in. Amount of stuff that you know you try and take notes from everyone has to do the stuff that we can notice all the time like what they get a warm up sometimes they -- -- -- -- you can hadn't noticed that but everyone has do their own thing really like something that might work really -- for them. Won't necessarily work really -- for me as far as warming up for training but when it comes to equipment and everything like that. Obviously -- they have top of the line equipment and everything. It's all kept -- pretty get locked down so. Getting getting the secrets out about equipment is. As a pretty big task so it's just for -- Colin. You know we have to take it upon ourselves to really. And Chinese -- and try and come up with our own way to be fast. That's nearly part of without -- it's really come up with our our -- and top of the line equipment so hopefully we can continue. And he -- let me ask you this and you're speaking along you're going ninety miles an hour trying to obviously -- -- is flat and as aerodynamic as you possibly can be. Is it by feel is -- by site what's the secret. The biggest part infer the top athletes in the world we do a lot of stuff -- feel each track we have completely memorized top to bottom. And we do a lot of visualization staff to make sure we're completely ready before we got on the track. We do left obviously going down there are times that he did he fat the most aired an -- physician practices -- had as far back as possible. So to do that we don't always see anything so. -- it's a little bit of a mixture of both but definitely to have really deadlines -- have really get driving and you feel. -- I'd say 99% of the time you're -- now off the field. I can only imagine your -- you have probably more than a six pack. Being able to hold that position for such a long period -- that kind of intensity. I -- actually but -- It is more like. Complete -- -- -- -- is usually get pretty jacked because we have to build a hold her legs up under her ideas and and our next but because the word trying to get ourselves are really good base. It's really -- strong back. Just kind of overall overall strength. It will adds obviously it's a huge congratulations to you hold of the broad if you wouldn't mind -- -- it showed team USA exactly just. Everything that you've been fighting -- -- okay so your your -- are over that what are you looking forward to maybe chance to relax. I'm not yet you know this. Doing BO -- satisfy and it's been great our sport has nice get a ton of attention so it's really exciting to -- expose -- a little that Maher and hopefully. Making a little more popular but it will be great to go home and then celebrate with my friends and family and -- share. She had a moment of everybody. What we -- -- a celebrity for you back here stateside we appreciate your time congratulations again Aaron -- thank you so much we appreciated. So for all the latest from Sochi including Meryl Davis and Charlie White going for the gold in ice dancing long program today stay right here on Brought to the minute results. Also check out our live blog for now though I'm Dan Butler New York this has -- additional special ABC news -- the Olympics.

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