Usain Bolt Defends His Speed Status

The Jamaican runner wins the 100-meter while Yohan Blake takes silver.
3:00 | 08/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Usain Bolt Defends His Speed Status
Jamaica has won the epic battle for fastest man Hussein bolt successfully defended his Olympic gold medal of the 100 meters in nine point 64 seconds an Olympic record. Fellow Jamaican -- on Blake took the silver American Justin -- earned a bronze medal. -- Richards Ross powered through to win the Olympic 400 meter race Sunday for the first US gold in track and field at the London games American Deedee Trotter finished third. South -- Oscar -- stories failed to make the 400 meter final -- day after the double amputee made his Olympic debut with his controversial blades. Finally a British man wins and Wimbledon Andy Murray beat the world's number one Roger Federer for the Olympic tennis singles gold medal. The Williams sisters conquer the women of the Czech Republic for gold Serena and Venus so the first tennis team to win the same Olympic event three times. American Mikhailov -- -- a rare mistake cost -- gold medal on vault that was all but hers on her second vault -- -- slid out from under that she plopped on the -- but she says she still happy with silver Americans Kerri Walsh Jennings and misty may trainer beat Italy in straight sets at the beach volleyball quarterfinal remain on track for a third consecutive Olympic gold medal. Basketball the US women tie their own Olympic scoring record Sunday with a 114 to 63 rout of China up next Canada on Tuesday. -- at ABC news London.

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{"id":16936715,"title":"Usain Bolt Defends His Speed Status","duration":"3:00","description":"The Jamaican runner wins the 100-meter while Yohan Blake takes silver.","url":"/International/video/usain-bolt-defends-his-speed-status-at-london-olympics-16936715","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}